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ission: To be the most innovative universal crypto wallet. To facilitate global adoption of cryptocurrencies by providing innovative blockchain solution for storing, swapping and spending digital assets Vinex Exchanges is a dynamic and fast growing exchange that ofVinex is a dynamic and fast growing exchange that offers: High performance trading: capability to process 500,000 orders per second Extensive APIs: support 3rd-party trading platforms and algorithmic trading bot 24/7 support Mobile support Staking reward Airdrop center OTC support Leaderboard as Social Trading Functionality Vinex has been listed on: CoinMarketCap Coingecko Vinex Network exchange and Midas Protocol universal crypto wallet have developed various services to support the development of blockchain industry: Listing on Vinex Network Listing on Midas Protocol Mobile Wallet App (both iOs and Android) Airdrop Center on Vinex Network Staking to earn reward on Vinex Network Market Making Roadmap Q4/2018 Advanced Wallet (supports DASH, XZC, NEO and NEP-5 tokens, Tomochain and TRC-20 tokens, Monero, etc...) Advanced Portfolio Management Multi-exchanges integration MidasFoundation® voting starts (testnet) Reward engine implementation (testnet) Q1/2019 MidasFoundation® release (mainnet) Reward engine release (mainnet) APIs for 3rd party bots and apps ICO report & alert Atomic cross-chain transfers (testnet) Q2/2019 Atomic cross-chain trading release (mainnet) Support advanced trading Machine Learning & AI for advanced technical analysis Q3/2019 Coin staking Airdrop sharing program Support NFT tokens Advanced news Merchant mode Support more chains (BNB, XLM, ADA) Advanced trading mode OTC trading integration (QCP) Payment integration (Simplex, MoonPay) Mcashchain Mainnet Q4/2019 Advanced assets management Advanced Dapp browser features Optimize UI/UX Support more chains (MIOTA, ATOM, ETC, XEM) Support more exchanges (CryptoWolf, Huobi, Kucoin, Arwen, ...) Advanced Unidex Advanced coin staking Advanced notifications Gamification, badges, and social connection Mcashchain Sharding Q1/2020 Mcashpay integration Advanced airdrop sharing program Advanced merchant mode Wallet subscription Wallet for PCSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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Projects that are “VeriSafe Approved” in any one of our approval levels will be given an emblem to display on their website and whitepaper to show they are “VeriSafe Approved”. VeriSafe aims to offer an easier, safer, and more efficient way for customers and businesses to participate in their “Initial Exchange Offering” (IEO), a “Decentralized: Initial Exchange Offering” (D-IEO), or for new or existing projects to leverage the transparency and resources the VeriSafe platform will offer.  In addition, the VeriSafe platform will enable access to our rated, and VeriSafe-approved crowdsourced Human Resources, allowing companies ease of access to build a well-rounded team. DEX: Trade ERC20 Tokens against VeriSafe VSF. List your token on our platform, or refer your favourite project to VeriSafe to be listed. Trade for free – for a limited time, no ‘house fee’ is taken on the DEX. In 2019 token Cpollo rebranded into Verisafe. Verification + Safety  Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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Passive Income

Divi has several options to get passive income. 5 different Masternotes: Copper.......... 100.000 Divi Silver............. 300.000 Divi Gold............1.000.000 Divi Platinum.....3.000.000 Divi Diamond...10.000.000 Divi When a coin holder has enough coins for a masternode, he/she can send a specific amount of coins into a node's wallet, and they earn newly minted coins when blocks are produced. The system was developed to replace the 'proof of work' system invented by Satoshi Nakamoto as part of bitcoin. The Divi Project vastly improved the entire MN concept in many ways, such as: Mocci= a true one-click cloud based MN solution. Ordinary people are able to use intuitive interface to easely install it in the cloud. Layered System= see above the 5 types of tiers. Also possible to stake Divi. More info on their website diviprojectSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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