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The future is here

Projects like doccom I call the future of the blockchain industry. Already today they help people to receive qualified help from doctors and other specialists. I imagine how in the future, people from Latin America, Africa (ghetto areas) will be able to just take the phone and talk about their medical problems for free. The project has developed an app that already works in Latin America, Spain and the United States (Florida). Although I don’t understand the selection of countries, I believe that Africa is needed here. I am sure that in the future it will appear too. I like the fact that you can read any information about project on the website, get acquainted with it. The project team is represented there: these are serious and well-known people in the blockchain communitySiehe vollständige Bewertung

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Anonymity is evil

I always look with caution at projects that involve the complete anonymity of user actions. Now I will try to explain the real disadvantages of anonymity in the blockchain. First, with this approach, the blockchain industry will never be accepted by governments, which means that we will never get real-life and working projects because no one wants to get involved with an industry that is not regulated in any way. Government finance can help the blockchain in development when it doesn’t contradict the basic principles of society. With the help of such systems, international crimes, murders, terrorism, genocide or assistance to a totalitarian government can be financed without any control. Such systems work to finance international crimes, murders, terrorism, genocide or assistance to a totalitarian government without any control. Grin doesn’t contribute to the promotion of the blockchain, which means it gets a rating of 1 in my personal ratingSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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I registered on DragonEX a couple weeks ago and I was engaged in trading: sold and bought various assets and now I will tell my opinion about this exchange. I want to start talk about it from design: a nice color scheme, clear interface and good speed of loading pages on the website. In general, nothing distracted me from trading. The main trading pairs are represented on DragonEX and it’s enough for me. Commission fees correspond to other exchanges and It’s OK for me. Also I want to talk about own exchange token: DT. You can receive dividends if you are holding a DT token for a certain time. Various voting on token listing is also available to you. In conclusion, DragonEX is an excellent exchange for beginners and professional traders too The main pros of the exchange is DT token. If you deal with it, you can receive dividends, reduce commissions when you are trading, vote for listing coins etcSiehe vollständige Bewertung

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