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I really like how simple it Metamask is to use. I have completed many transactions through it and the installation was very straight forward. It works particularly well with UniSwap and has handled transactions thru there very well I feel confident using it and have referred it to friends to use also. Logging out is my only issue with it really. I also use it for test transactions while learning about ERC 20 Contracts so for anyone who is new to crypto and wants to learn this can be handy to build your knowledge and also make the process of buying and selling really simple. If you have google chrome, this is a great extension to have. Simply instal it and start to test it out. Also use Etherscan to check your activity.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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I have been using Tap for over four months now and find it to be brilliant. It is very user friendly and well laid out so navigating around is easy and quick. Having used other challenger bank apps before I find Tap to be the best so far. I have great confidence in using Tap because of their DLT license as its the best standard a company like Tap can have. I can also buy crypto with confidence knowing I am getting the best price from the market as their middleware program does that for me. This solved a big issue I have with the crypto market as all sites have different prices and sometimes lengthy login procedures but with Tap I can login and trade quickly and I have checked their prices against all the big players and Tap have beaten them on price every time. This save me so much time! The card works really well too and I have used it at ATMs, shops, online and not had any issue with it at all. Also withdrawing money to my main bank account takes a matter of minutes and if sending crypto to another Tap user its very fast. I also really like the fact I receive emails confirming transactions I have done which helps to keep a track of everything I have done. I have bought the Tap token too as I believe it will rise as the company gains more users, adds more features/coins, and starts to be used all of the world. I am really excited for the future of Tap.Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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