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Analytics-Software misst die aussagekräftige Leistung aller Arten von digitalen Inhalten. Analysesoftware wird auch häufig verwendet, um Geschäftsdaten in Berichte, Dashboards und andere Arten von visuellen Inhalten umzuwandeln. Unternehmen können viel von Analysesoftware profitieren, indem sie sich die Benutzeraktionen ansehen und Inhalte mit schlechter Leistung finden. Auf diese Weise können Unternehmen die Daten sammeln, die für die Optimierung von Websites und mobilen Anwendungen erforderlich sind. Rezensionen in dieser Kategorie bieten Informationen und Bewertungen zu allen gängigen Tools.

Alle Ergebnisse

analyttica treasurehunt precision Logo
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A Powerful Ecosystem for Business Integrated Analytics. Mehr sehen Logo
0 Bewertungen is conversational data-assistant. You have data but you don’t like the technical process to access the answers? Let search the information you need. Simply ask your question in plain english and our artificial intelligence will give you the answers: tab, graph, numbers, etc. It explores and gathers data from your databases to generate... Mehr sehen

bdbai Logo
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Discover the real power of Big Data Analytics with BDB Pipeline. Mehr sehen

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beagle Logo
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Beagle enables companies to drive adoption of data analytics by taking data to workspaces such as Microsoft teams, Whatsapp, [email protected] through a virtual analyst. Beagle integrates all your data sources, be it from Excel files, PowerBI dashboards, or an Azure Data Lake, to provide instant insights in the form of intuitive cards within the... Mehr sehen

bicxo Logo
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BiCXO is a completely automated business intelligence solution, by which you can track your finances, operational metrics, data visualization and do lots more at a click of a button. Mehr sehen

bipp business intelligence platform Logo
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BIPP, inc., is a business intelligence (BI) company that helps organizations use their data to make better and faster decisions. Our enterprise-grade, in-database cloud BI platform was developed to save data and BI analysts’ time and develop insights faster. It leverages SQL and is powered by the bippLang data modeling language, which supports... Mehr sehen

c8 cockpit Logo
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C8 Cockpit is a business intelligence software that supports daily tasks and meet a wide range of requirements. Mehr sehen

circonus Logo
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Circonus is the monitoring and analytics platform built for the modern-day enterprise. Circonus delivers crystal-clear, real-time visibility of the behavior, health, trends, and performance of traditional infrastructure and cloud-based technologies in one powerful, unified platform. Led by experts in large-scale distributed systems and data science... Mehr sehen

composable analytics Logo
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Composable Enterprise is the industry’s leading Intelligent DataOps platform that offers a full portfolio of capabilities for orchestration, automation and analytics, ensuring that analytics can be rapidly deployed into business workflows. Mehr sehen

coras Logo
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CorasWorks Idea & Innovation Management is an end-to-end solution that provides a rich, web experience for idea capture and collaboration, along with structured review, evaluation, and approval, and, the ability to integrate with activities that drive execution. Mehr sehen

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