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AR and VR software presents users with a new take on reality. AR (augmented reality) software creates new objects and features for the physical reality. VR (virtual reality) software creates a completely new reality, acessible via special hardware. This software is progressing quickly, producing more and more realistic products. Reviews in this category provide information and ratings about all the popular tools.

Alle Ergebnisse

eon 9 studio Logo
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EON Studio is our flagship 3D authoring software for developing interactive 3D applications. With EON Studio, users of all experience levels can build complex, high-quality interactive 3D content with little to no programming experience. Mehr sehen

face ar sdk Logo
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Augmented Reality SDK with 3D face tracking to bring face filters, 3D lens, AR beauty, avatars and virtual try-on apps in iOS, Android, Windows & Unity. The biggest face filter library and Effect Constructor & Viewer tools to create custom filters. Mehr sehen

layar sdk Logo
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The Layar SDK is a static library that implements the Layar Vision functionality and Geo location functionality of Layar into your own iPhone and/or Android app and presents the Augmented Reality view to the user. The biggest advantage of this solution is that publishers/developers can offer the engagement of interactive print to yours users within the... Mehr sehen

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maestro | ar Logo
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Behind award-winning films , videos, music recordings, TV shows, live concerts, and news broadcasts is Avid Everywhere, — the tools needed to create, manage, store, distribute, and monetize content. Mehr sehen

masters of pie Logo
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Radical is the collaboration SDK for Enterprise that brings people, data and immersive tools together to get work done. Mehr sehen

openspace3d Logo
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OpenSpace3D is “Free software” for Virtual and Augmented Reality projects development. Mehr sehen

viewar sdk Logo
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ViewAR SDK will let you utilize all available tracking systems like Wikitude, visionLib, Vuforia, Placenote,, and many more. You can either build apps with an app builder just by styling and filling the app, or you create your own apps using the viewar-api. Check it out at: Mehr sehen

wakingapp Logo
0 Bewertungen

Platform for augmented and virtual reality that enables anyone with the tools to create interactive and dynamic content. Mehr sehen

librestream Logo
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Leverage intelligence across an organization to accelerate decisions, reduce costs, increase productivity and improve worker safety. Mehr sehen

paleblue Logo
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PaleBlue solutions in digitization help clients to intensify training, streamline workflow, improve safety, and reduce costs, worldwide. Mehr sehen

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