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Other Digital Advertising Software

If a product cannot be accurately categorized in another established Digital Advertising category, it goes into this category. Products in the Other Digital Advertising software category can be in emerging spaces that are not yet well-defined and are often pioneers of new types of software. To learn more about them, read the reviews.

Alle Ergebnisse

creative insights by jove Logo
4 Bewertungen

Creative Insights by Jove is the first creative-centric advertising software that gets — and keeps — data people and creatives speaking the same language. See all your ads in a visually rich interface with broad, thematic creative elements and actual results. It's a powerful way to bring together the discipline of analysis with the spontaneity of... Mehr sehen Logo
4 Bewertungen

Optimon is an AI-powered SaaS platform that collects data from Google Ad Manager, Header Bidding, and other data points and provides advanced data visualization, real-time alerts, anomaly detection, smart insights, and actionable suggestions to optimize publishers' overall yield and save operational costs. Optimon monitors the ad inventory of more than... Mehr sehen

infectious media Logo
4 Bewertungen

Infectious Media is an international programmatic agency that partners with global brands to deliver effective and efficient media campaigns. Mehr sehen

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telmar Logo
3 Bewertungen

Media planning, audience targeting, and data analysis. Optimize advertising across platforms with Telmar's software for media planning and research. Mehr sehen

mylikes Logo
3 Bewertungen

MyLikes allows you to choose domain names and create social websites allowing you to create or share viral/social content on your websites. Mehr sehen

affiliatly Logo
3 Bewertungen

Affiliatly is an affiliate tracking software for ecommerce stores. Mehr sehen

dv pinnacle Logo
3 Bewertungen

DV is a leader in digital performance solutions, improving the impression quality and audience impact of digital advertising. Built on best practices, DV solutions create value for media buyers and sellers by bringing transparency and accountability to the market, ensuring ad viewability, brand safety, fraud protection, accurate impression delivery and... Mehr sehen

advids Logo
3 Bewertungen

An online platform with concierge service that allows to easily create videos. Mehr sehen

adsreport Logo
3 Bewertungen

Manage your professional reporting easily.Build insightful dashboards in minutes. Mehr sehen Logo
3 Bewertungen

Control where your display campaigns show online to protect your brand and improve campaign performance. We research unsavory sites and make it easy for you to build and maintain lengthy website exclusion lists for Google Ads, Adroll, and more. Mehr sehen

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