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Focus on your application with Mikroe's high-quality products

Let me introduce you to a new e-commerce website.
Company: The company is based in Slovenia, but there are also offices in Serbia and Croatia. Their products originate from China, Italy and other countries. They have been on the market for about 5 years now.

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What I liked: Ordering was simple and logical. Paying with PayPal even more so - just one click, then confirm payment later on the PayPal site where you can use your credit card if needed instead of having it linked to your PayPal account - very nice! There is a shipping calculator that takes into account not only the weight of your items, but also their dimensions which helps a lot when ordering more than 1 item at once because otherwise shipping costs might make your order more expensive than you thought. If there is no local post office near your place, the company will ship items by courier and gives you a tracking number as well.
What I didn't like: The only thing that bothered me a little was that when adding an item to cart, shipping costs were shown but it would be logical if they included shipping costs in the final price of the product instead because then we would know up front how much money we would be spending on our purchase.(for example 10 EUR shipping cost for an item priced at 20 EUR) You can see additional costs such as customs fees and taxes only after entering your address during the checkout process which makes sense, so it isn't really something bad about their business model.
Final thoughts: All in all this is a good e-commerce site that sells products of different categories including consumer electronics, automotive, home appliances etc so I do recommend it to anyone who might need something they sell. There are also items for children if you have some of those at your place because kids like technology too!
Mikroe is a good e-commerce website to buy items from, but you may want to take into account potential customs fees and taxes (which are not included in the cost of shipping) before proceeding with your order. This site sells products for all sorts of consumers - whether you need an iPhone or some children's toys, Mikroe has something for everyone! One thing I also liked about this company was that they offer PayPal as one method of payment which makes it super easy if you're already using them on other sites online. If there isn't a post office near where you live, then the company will ship by courier service instead at no extra charge.

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  • Get more done by building the foundation of your projects with Mikroe's expertise
  • Improve development time and avoid errors, thanks thigh quality components
  • Their products originate from China, Italy and other countries.