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Überprüfen Sie Allen Brothers von Kenny Moreno

Celebrating over 100 years of business!

Allen Brothers has been a mainstay in the convenience store and foodservice distribution industry for over 100 years. They distribute some of the most recognizable brands today:
- Bumble Bee Tuna
- Just Born Candy (Reeses, Mike & Ike)
- Del Monte Produce (Mott's, Sunkist Fruit Gems, etc.)
- Red Bull Energy Drinks
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My experience with Allen Brothers was nothing short of outstanding. When I went down to their office in Philadelphia to take an internship interview with them (I actually got the job! =D), they gave me a tour of their headquarters. It was very impressive. Very clean, organized, well kept up and everything seemed almost too spiffy for a distribution center. The offices were amazing. They have a large board room with an enormous table and separate rooms for the different department heads to meet and discuss things privately, as well as multiple conference rooms.
Allen Brothers also has over 30 delivery trucks (not counting consignment trucks) which are all equipped with semi-automated fully computerized tracking systems for every single order that they deliver out of their distribution center.
I am not familiar with the consignment truck business, but it is something I might want to look into in the future since Allen Brothers has built up such a great reputation because of their consignment program. Basically consigners can stock their own private label products onto Allen Brother's trucks so that they can deliver them to the consigner's customer. After which, Allen Brothers gets to keep a % of the profits (usually 20-25%) depending on how aggressive or passive the consigner would like to be with their consignment business.
My experience with consignment products was minimal when I worked for them as an intern, but it seems like there is plenty of room for expansion in that market for those who are knowledgeable and driven enough.

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Overall, my interview day at Allen Brothers was top notch and very impressive because they showcased their professionalism, friendliness, cleanliness, and cooperation so well during my one day visit outlining what being an employee at such a large company entailed from them:
1) Very well organized environment.
2) Very friendly and cooperative atmosphere.

3) Very strict but stellar work ethic.
I was very impressed by the person I interviewed with. In this industry, people work very long hours, deal with a great amount of stress for relatively low pay (compared to other professionals), have to travel around a lot, meet deadlines daily and still need to be every bit as professional as those working in accounting or law firms. It is important that employers treat their employees well and Allen Brothers seemed like a great place to start out one's career considering all of the benefits they provide such as:
1) Free onsite daycare center where children can stay until they are 14 years old while their parents work there (a huge plus for working mothers).
2) Healthy bonus program. (Your team gets the highest bonuses, your individual bonus goes up as well.)
3) The 8% consigner incentive (for those who consign products to be delivered out Allen Brothers truck).

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Overall I was very impressed with this company and I am happy to know that they were willing to offer me a position at their company because it shows that my work ethic is high enough for them to want me on board. If anyone would like more details about this company's consignment program or internship program please feel free to contact me!

Für und Wider

  • Honored for our commitment to excellence in customer service
  • They offer a diverse product line with the latest trends and fashions
  • Generous inventory and selection
  • Focused on fresh, high-quality food only