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Überprüfen Sie Blumen Gardens von Adrian Carvahlo

Believe in an eco-friendly lifestyle? They're here for you!

First of all, I would like to say that this is not a paid review. There was no one from the store contacted me and asked me to write about Blumen Gardens and place an affiliate link here or anything like that. Now, let's get started with the review!
I ordered 4 flowers for my sister who lives in Canada. These were tulips which are her favorite flowers. I wanted them to be delivered on her birthday so she could see them as soon as possible after waking up. Since it's third country shipping, they told me it might take 1-2 days more then usual but fortunately due to good weather conditions - there were no problems with customs or anything alike. My sister received the already on her birthday morning ! Delivery time was just amazing, it's a great thing when you don't have to worry about receiving the flowers on time.

img 1 angehängt an Blumen Gardens-Rezension von Adrian Carvahlo
Flowers were packed in a nice box and that's what surprised me a bit. It looked very presentable and professional. I didn't expect such good quality for this price, so at first I was shocked after opening it but immediately realized, there must be something wrong with the flowers if they look so good from the outside...
But everything was perfect ! They even included some chocolate sweets as a gift which she liked very much ! And thank God they didn't add any extra fees or taxes - there is no need for that since shipping is free worldwide :) My sister says they are alive if you can believe it. She takes care of them with water and sunlight - she is trying to keep them alive as long as possible.

img 2 angehängt an Blumen Gardens-Rezension von Adrian Carvahlo
What I really loved about the store was the fact that they have so many different kinds of flowers.. They are perfect for any occasion or just to show someones feelings ! You can even purchase a gift card if you don't know what kind of flowers someone likes most! How cool is that ?
Blumen Gardens is a store that specializes in flowers, plants and other gifts. They have a wide variety of options for any occasion or to show your feelings. I ordered tulips for my sister living in Canada who was able to receive them on her birthday morning due to the quick shipping time.

Für und Wider

  • Need your lawn to look like a golf course? Blumen Gardens is the place for you.
  • When the season changes, come see them to get beautiful flowers and plants.
  • Do you need help with landscaping or maintenance? Their expert designers are ready to take care of your yard
  • You need to pay a lot of attention when selecting flowers because they have a lot of different kinds and they are not marked anywhere
  • Flowers prices for this store can be quite expensive
  • They don't offer free shipping for orders less then $50