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Über Recotap

Recotap is a next-generation AI-powered ABM Platform that helps B2B Marketers run Targeted and Personalised Account-Based engagement campaigns, at scale. Recotap is best suited for growing startups and enterprises who are seeking to better their marketing performance. With Recotap Account-based Advertising solution reaches more decision-makers and stay engaged until they convert.

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Recotap:One stop Option For B2B and Business start-ups

The business words is always subject to innovative changes and everyday, various innovations, methods and strategies are continually redefined in a bid to achieve a standard of comfort relative to the business world. The proliferation of technology...Siehe vollständige Bewertung

My research about RECOTAP and its beneficial aspect

Today I will be talking about RECOTAP. I will start by explaining what RECOTAP is all about. RECOTAP is a next generation ABM platform which helps various marketers to be able to carry out targeted account based engagement. This RECOTAP is good...Siehe vollständige Bewertung

Solutions and intelligent data analysis for our company

Recotap really helped us find solutions in the sales area that we couldn't find in an efficient way, Recotap has the ability to analyze data with programming based on artificial intelligence. This form of analysis helped our company a lot since it...Siehe vollständige Bewertung

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