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Logotipo de coloured aluminum ergonomic arthritic large eye

Coloured Aluminum Ergonomic Arthritic Large Eye

I recently discovered crocheting. It would seem that the hobby does not require special costs. But in reality, everything turned out to be completely different. To create beautiful and interesting little things (and I knit sling beads and sling toys, or rather amigurumi - small toys crocheted or knitted), a little more cost will be required. The main thing in knitting is a convenient working tool. The hook, as it may seem at first glance, is the hook. But when I started knitting, I realized that the hook is different. Especially when I bought a new one in the store and discovered its not very good feature - when knitting, the new hook was tight in and out of the loops. Later it turned out that it was a golden coating. Why it was on the hook - I have no idea. But over time, it was erased, and the hook began to easily jump into loops. On the forums, I came across information that hooks come in various sizes. And from the number of the hook and the pattern (density) of knitting will be different. And how to determine the one that you need at this particular moment? Going to the store and buying all the numbers is expensive. I paid about 150 rubles for a new metal one, and a good hook with a comfortable handle costs even more, 200-250 rubles. But the costs will justify themselves only if you choose the right hook size. Problem? Problem. I suggest you solve it for only 300 rubles. This is an AliexpressPress hook set. I was lucky to choose such a seller who, somewhere within 1-2 weeks, already sent me what I wanted. Was pleasantly surprised. If you are interested - write to me in a personal, I will give the name and number of the store. The set of hooks is interesting in that you will find all the necessary hook numbers there. From the smallest to the largest. There are probably more, but these are exceptional cases. Hooks are packed into a bag from an imitation leather. A handbag of small size 17 by 12 cm. Its thickness is 2-2.5 cm. Inside the set consists of 2 parts: these are hooks up to 2 mm and hooks over 2 mm. Each hook lies in its place. It's comfortable. The numbers are visible and you can quickly find the one you need for this particular product. Numbers 0.6 ; 0.75; 0.85; 0.9; 1.0; 1.1; 1.25; 1.3; 1.5; 1.6; 1.75; 1.9. I have purchased 1mm and 1.5mm. Outwardly and in work, the hooks practically do not differ. (above aliexpress, below - purchased) (above aliexpress, below - purchased) And the hook itself: (on the left is purchased, on the right is aliexpress). 1mm hook purchased by me is used a lot. The bit is already bent. And the hook is already a little worn out. The new one is better, of course. In work, they practically do not differ from purchased ones from aliexpress. The material seems to be the same. This is aluminum. But the hooks are 1.5 mm. (top purchased, bottom - aliexpress) Chinese is a little defective, that is, not neatly made. Perhaps over time it will become smooth. And the second part of the set. Hooks 2; 2.5; 3; 3.5; four ; 4.5; 5 ; 5.5; 6. I have a 2mm Clover hook. (top - Clover, bottom - Aliexpress) Anyone who worked with Clover knows his features. I will talk about them in a separate review. It feels like Clover will not replace any hook. (Aliexpress hook 6mm) BENEFITS: - All numbers of hooks at hand for a reasonable price. You do not have to run around the shops and look for the right number; - there is no problem with choosing the right number; - the cost of high-quality hooks is reduced (now you don’t need to tremble over buying a good, expensive hook. Select the right number in the set and you will be sure that you need this particular hook size, which means that you should buy just such a tool at a higher price). - the material does not differ from purchased hooks. - a convenient storage place (there are even a few empty places, I have my 3 pieces of purchased hooks in there: Clover 2mm and 1.5 and 1mm regular ones). DISADVANTAGES: Only one can, and it can not always be - the hook is not well processed. If its tip is rough or uneven, then it will not be possible for them to work. But from the whole set I have only a couple of not very good, but quite suitable for work. I am very satisfied with the purchase. For only 300 rubles, I purchased all the hook numbers. When knitting, I can always change and select the right numbers right at work. And if you are a beginner and do not understand numbers, then this set is your economical solution to all problems))) And it will not matter if the yarn is suitable for one of your hooks. I recommend it to beginners and experienced ones who are looking for the right working hooks of the right numbers and are not ready to lay out 200-250 rubles for a new one, so that it then lies on the shelf. Ver reseña completa

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Jewelry Pliers Shynek Wrapping Supplies

Working with small parts often requires small round nose pliers, tweezers, pliers, wire cutters and much more. I could not find a suitable tool of this type that would be inexpensive, but at the same time, durable and reliable. In a tool store in a neighboring town, I came across a Professional Tools brand mini-tool (as it was written on the handles). It seemed to me, at first, flimsy, all due to the fact that the steel is not painted and shiny, but upon closer examination I I realized that this tool is quite high quality. At the same time, it costs much less than its counterparts, has rubberized handles, springs and a presentable appearance. Still not completely trusting this brand, and since I came for another product, I took only a couple of round nose pliers and pliers, which I later regretted a little. Because they are very useful to me in the household. Ver reseña completa

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The ability to create custom fields for each employee, which is very useful in tracking performance of employees during different projects or campaigns they have been involved with within my organization! I wish it supported more than just text data entry (eg., check boxes). It would be great if there were some way that you could track your progress towards goals/tasks assigned by other team members as well so we can keep our teams accountable throughout their work cycles / project life cycle phases!! This tool has allowed us at least one level above what was previously available from an HR perspective when managing POs' time off requests due to vacation days taken vs sick leave used up through COVID-19 pandemic related lockdowns "business closures&rdash;; this helps ensure continuity between departments where PO's are working remotely rather then having them travel back home every day after taking full paid vacations without any additional compensation being given.Ver reseña completa

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I liked that it was customizable to fit our business needs. The interface is intuitive and easy to use. It's easy to add/change fields, which we needed because we were dealing with different businesses. The reporting features are user friendly. I did not like how you have to log into another site to access your data. Try using it for free before committing! You can see how well it works in comparison to other software, and make changes if necessary. We are able to view a variety of KPIs and compare our metrics to others in our space. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de aveeno baby shampoo natural tear free

Aveeno Baby Shampoo Natural Tear Free

Since childhood, the skin is very dry and prone to dermatitis. I solved this problem with the help of creams and body milk. It was only once not to be smeared after the bath - immediately itching, red spots and peeling. I always took different shower gels - I didn’t see the point in digging into them, because I’ll smear my skin with cream anyway. Recently my daughter was born and it turned out that her skin is as sensitive as mine. The dermatologist advised me to buy Aveeno shower gel for the child, she said that I can use it too. The product turned out to be quite pleasant to the touch - such a greasy-creamy) Fragrance-free, which I love too. And most importantly, the skin after it really softens both for me and for the child. But still, ideally comfortable sensations cannot be achieved only with the help of a gel. I bought it in the children's world in the region of 300-400 rubles, which is not expensive with a volume of 300 ml. In addition to the gel, the dermatologist advised us to use emollients and this has already completely solved the problem of dryness, I will talk about them in another review. I put 4 stars for the fact that after all, only one gel cannot solve the problem of atopic skin. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de pampers complete scented pop top refill

Pampers Complete Scented Pop Top Refill

We used different wet wipes, one of the purchased ones was Pampers Cleean and play. A useful thing for any mother, they especially save us on the road, on a walk or when there is no water at home (this happens, unfortunately, not rarely). It is convenient to wipe the child's buttocks or dirty hands. The napkin is well saturated with lotion, contains a balm with chamomile, which has a calming effect on the skin. It didn't irritate us. The smell is pleasant, reminiscent of something floral and citrus ... I could not describe it in one word. Here, of course, there is a doubt whether they overdid it with flavors here, because the smell, although pleasant, remains on the body for some time. The price is also pleasant, when compared with all wet wipes, it is quite inexpensive. There are 72 pieces in the package, if you use it for the purposes that I wrote, it will last for a long time. We use ordinary water more often. Although I still can’t understand what is better for the skin: water or wipes? ... The manufacturer recommends using wipes at every diaper change (which is not surprising, the manufacturer’s goal is to sell, make a profit). The main thing is that all this does not harm our kids, but rather gives the promised good results from use. The size of the napkin is average, I will not say that it is very small, but there are larger ones. Well, in general, napkins came up to us. I won’t say that it’s very small, but there are more. Well, in general, napkins came up to us. I won’t say that it’s very small, but there are more. Well, in general, napkins came up to us. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de bosobo paintbrushes watercolor miniature detailing painting, drawing & art supplies for painting

BOSOBO Paintbrushes Watercolor Miniature Detailing Painting, Drawing & Art Supplies for Painting

Finally, I had the opportunity to finish the painting by numbers on the tree, which I started a long time ago, but there was sorely lacking time for it. For several months, while the picture lay unclaimed, some paints dried up, and the brushes disappeared forever. Of course, I perfectly understand who helped the brushes disappear, but this does not change things :-). I had to urgently look for a replacement. Since the stationery stores were closed for all known reasons, there was not much choice. I bought the brushes that I found on sale, namely the Kids Fantasy brush set from the Fix Price chain store. In a set worth only 55 rubles. five synthetic brushes of different sizes. Products are made in China. The stuffing of the brushes is dense, and the villi remain in place during the coloring process. Since the brushes are of different sizes, you can choose the right one for painting over a micro-section of the picture, as well as for larger strokes. I do not leave paint on the brushes, I wash them immediately after use. As a result, the brushes did not deform and I was able to complete my work. Of course, these are not professional brushes, but for those who like to relieve stress by coloring pictures by numbers and for children's creativity, they are quite suitable. Therefore, Kids Fantasy brushes can be recommended for purchase. Ver reseña completa

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I like that you can use your own barcode scanner to scan in codes so there's no need of using an actual store provided one! This is very useful when working with large companies who have many stores or locations across different states/countries where they may not be able to provide their employees access to all those scanners throughout each location at once times if needed. Sometimes it takes longer than expected before new items are added into my shopping list which sometimes causes me some confusion as well but overall this system has been great thus far since we started implementing our program last year!! Nothing really dislike about icn other then maybe more frequent updates would help us better understand what products will soon become outdated etc.. We've noticed increased sales from being part of this coupon matching service however due to lack of understanding regarding upcoming expiration dates by customers i think having additional information available could possibly increase customer satisfaction even further. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de winsor newton winton color paint

Winsor Newton Winton Color Paint

Bought some oil paints for painting. After ladoga, sonnets and master classes, I wanted to try imported ones, especially since many people say that foreign paints are much better than ours. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, after all, a pig in a poke. There are Dutch, Italian, English, French and American brands on sale. I decided to buy English Winsor&Newton. Relatively inexpensive and seemed to be of good quality. I took these colors: What can I say about them. Advantages. Paints are much better than semi-synthetic ladoga and sonnet. They are very pleasant to work with. The amount of pigment is much higher, the base on which the pigment is mixed is of better quality. Coverage is higher. The color palette is very rich, the colors are saturated. Flaws. If you dilute them with our tees, they become liquid and difficult to manage. They don't lay down evenly. Therefore, immediately take imported oils, they are better suited to these paints. Imported oils are expensive, I warn you right away. My series is in the middle price category, so you don’t need to expect super properties from these paints, but you can use them for paintings, due to the low price. I am attaching a small sketch to the review. Multi-layer technique, an intermediate stage of work. I recommend paints for beginners and beginners. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de portable detection perfect security battery

Portable Detection Perfect Security Battery

Good afternoon. I want to share my impressions of buying this miniature camcorder. It is really tiny, about 1.8 x1.8 x1.4 cm, but heavy. Comes with camera, manual, mounting hardware and cable. Curiously, the connector is not used by a standard micro, but from a Nikon camera. So if the cable fails, then finding a replacement for it will be a little more difficult than usual. The camera is also charged through the same connector. The battery lasts less than stated by the manufacturer. about forty minutes in recording mode, and about three hours in motion sensor mode. The sensor really works, sensitive. There is also infrared illumination, these are four eyes on the front panel, but it is very weak. Works about half a meter, no more. Management is very inconvenient and confusing. There are two buttons on top. Handheld shooting is very difficult, since there is no stabilizer in it. Yes, the white balance is neither automatic nor manual. Under lamp lighting, it gives very strong color distortions. And in low light it's practically useless. But the microphone is good, it can record a conversation several meters away. Of the features: if you connect not to a computer, but to a power supply, the camera automatically starts recording in the registrar mode. The coating is quickly scratched, as can be seen in the photo: Naturally, there is no display, all information about the settings and operation of the camera is reported by a diode on the rear panel. Thank you for your attention. If you have any questions, I will definitely answer. Ver reseña completa

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