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The best part of this app is that it has so many categories which makes ordering easy for people like me who are not good with reading menu or writing orders down. I don't think there's anything bad about using this application other than maybe its price but if u have enough money then go ahead because i'm sure they won’t charge as much later after their first year when more customers start downloading it. This was one my favourite apps ever used by myself before now since i realized how helpful it can actually get especially during times where we do not know whats cooking inside our home kitchen.Ver reseña completa

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Intelligent ABM

The ability to track performance, as well as identify opportunities not currently being pursued by our sales team is key in allowing us to make informed decisions about future campaigns or changes within existing ones. I would like for it be able to pull from other sources of intelligence (i.e., Salesforce) rather than just Google Analytics so that we can get additional insight into what's working vs. those areas where there may need improvement - but this has been helpful overall! It provides immediate feedback which allows me to adjust my approach quickly if needed. Ver reseña completa

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The best thing about this software was that it allowed me access from different devices so I could use my phone while in transit or away for work meetings etc., This made life much easier since most of these days people are using their phones instead going back home after office hours/meetings due to time zone differences! There were times when we wanted other features but they don't allow us as customers like adding more channels such things GPS tracking maps (which will be very helpful) & also want extra services at affordable rates rather than paying yearly subscriptions fees - there's nothing wrong really apart form not being able add those additional benefits yet still have paid up subscription service too!! It has definitely improved our productivity levels by allowing quick updates without having constant connections available all day long via internet connection unlike before where every second would cost money if i had an update during travel etc.;. Ver reseña completa

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The UpRival platform is very easy to set up, and allows you to easily manage your ads and campaigns. It also has a very easy to navigate dashboard, and lots of helpful features. I like having the ability to run campaigns in different locations, and UpRival makes that easy. I also love how easy it is to manage all of my campaigns. I dislike that some of the features are a little outdated. For example, I like that I can schedule my campaigns to be sent out at a certain time, but I can't do that with UpRival. I also dislike that some of the features are very outdated. For example, the reporting isn't as robust as it could be. I would recommend UpRival to anyone looking for an easy way to manage their campaigns. I like that UpRival allows me to manage my campaigns in different locations, and I like that it's easy to use. I also like. Ver reseña completa

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The ability for me as an influencer, I can engage with my audience where ever they are at any given point of time which is very helpful especially when i have multiple projects going live or am working remotely from another location! It's not easy to manage all these accounts but it doesn't mean that there should be something wrong about this tool because everything has its pros and cons! You need to work hard if u want results. Its really good platform to build relationships, engagements & collaborations between people who share similar interests/passions etc.Ver reseña completa

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Fuel CMS

It's easy to use, it has an intuitive interface that allows you to build complex websites without having any technical knowledge of website development or programming languages like HTML/CSS etc.. The support team are very friendly & helpful! I have no complaints about this product at all - everything works as expected from day 1 when setting up my first site using fuel cms. We've been able to create some pretty cool sites so far by building simple content management systems for our clients who don't want complicated interfaces but need something functional straight away (eg not WordPress).Ver reseña completa

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I like how easy it was to integrate the system with my existing site. It also has great tutorials in the documentation that made it more user friendly. The ability to create different types of page layouts were another feature I liked about it. I have not find anything that I dislike about this CMS. This CMS is very easy to use, and provides a rich content management user interface without requiring any coding or additional services from the developer. This CMS lets users easily add pages and post new content. With this CMS, adding posts and pages are also easy. I like the ease of use and the fact that it is so customizable. I also like that it is very easy to use. I dislike the fact that it is not as easy to use as other CMS's. I would recommend sNews to anyone who is looking for a content management system. I have been able to create a very professional and user friendly website. Ver reseña completa

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