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Ethereum lead by Vitalik Buterin own a technology able of building and positioning decentralized applications. Ether token quickly surged to a peak of its market cap totaling 133Bn US$, second to Bitcoin. The team of Etherium created a data structure that allows a swift adjustment and verification of the various states that are required to execute an ICO. ERC-20 they use is a series of guidelines that enable integration of multiple currencies, making Ethereum effective and easily adaptable.Ver reseña completa

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NEO appeals to me as it is a community driven venture (Blockchain backbone is rather a bonus). It’s focus lies in registering assets in its ledgers, and management of these with Smart Contracts. On a tech side, NEO made a good framework by enabling support of majority of coding languages, which gives them a huge upside when connection to outside providers/partners/users needs to be done quickly. The transaction speed of 10’000 tps is impressive as well.Ver reseña completa

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Still Number 1

Still Number 1Ver reseña completa

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