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Vibe Or Die

Vibe or Die is a blockchain game made for people who want to earn money while playing games. Vibe or Die is a first person shooting game like call of duty. In this game will enjoy every player who loves to play shooting action games and by playing this game you can earn funds. You can download game from official web site, and game is very big and download is slow but download will depend on how fast your internet connection is. When you download game you will be impressed how graphic can good be. For new players there is tutorial in game for easier start. There is no smartphone version of this game and that can be a problem for players who want to play this game when they are not at home or they doesn't have access to the computer.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de pathfinders


Pathfinders is another blockchain game made for all people who want to play games and earning funds in the same time. This game has a computer and smart phone version too. That is good for players who want to play when they are not at home or they doesn't have access to the computer. Game has a good graphics with a clear 3D display. This game is an online game based on action and shooting. This blockchain game is supported by Einjin wallet that makes transaction easy and fast. Players earns rewards in coin after defeating other players in a battle. Game requiers large storage for smooth download. In this game will enjoy all players who loves to play action and shooting games and earn money by playing it.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de nba top shot

NBA Top Shot

NBA Top Shot is another blockchaing game made for people who want to play games and earn funds. NBA Top Shot is game made for all people who enjoy playing nba games. Games like this are not often in blockchain network. This game allow you to own your collection of cards with the epic moments of Nba players. You can collect cards by participating in challenges and you can sell them for a very good price. Price depends on the type of card you want to sell. I am sure that every NBA fan would love to play this game and earn money by playing. This game is made by Dappers lab. Dappers lab is the creaot of the games like UFC, flow, etc.. and they have one of the best blockchain collection games.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de soccer manager elite

Soccer Manager Elite

Soccer Manager Elite is a blockchain game made for people who want to earn funds while playing games. This games has great desing and good graphics. This game is made for all people who loves to play football games. Games like this one is not often in blockchain network. Also this is a multiplayer game, and to start playing it you need a stable internet connection. Earning you get in this game are throught SMC and you can convert it to the crypto of your choice. This game has a wide range of languages too, which is great for players who doesn't understand english. This game is very similar to game called Football manager, but only difference is that you can earn funds in this game. In this game you can be the club president, coach or manager. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de cryptowars


CryptoWars is another blockchain game made for users who want to earn funds while playing it. This game is at the begging phase and there will be a lot of updates. Competitions in this game are hard to win because there is a good players who know to play this game. Getting stronger in this game will make you to earn more funds based on your strenght. In game there is a weekly and monthly prize pool, and best players in week or month shares the reward from pool. There is no tutorial for new players but i think they will make a tutorial in updates that are coming. Language options in game is poor. Players who doesn't understand english can find hard to play this game. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de ethermon


Ethermon is another blockchaing game made for people who want to earn funds while playing games. Ethermon is base on etherium network. In this game you need to catch, training and leveling your monsters. This game requires to make a etherium deposit to start playing, also you can start with free monsters but you will still need etherium to record transaction and that transaction is about a 0.25$. You can sell your monster at store and you will earn funds doing that. You can not have two same monsters at same time, you will need to sell one. Ethermon can be played on computer and smart phones which is great for players who want to play at smart phones when they are not at home or they haven't access to a pc.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de axie infinity

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is another blockchaing game made for people who want to earn funds while playing games. Game is based on etherium network. Axie Infinity has a mobile partner and that is samsung, this is not usually in blockchain game but it is great for me. Game is available on samsung store too. In case you want to play this game i recommend to you to use a trust wallet. This game has a great interface and good graphics and requires a good hardware to play it. This game has a mobile version too and i like it because you can play it when you are not at home or you don't have access to a computer. Interface is intuitively and easy to use. In game purchases and sales are carried out with crypto currenciesVer reseña completa

Logotipo de mlb champions

MLB Champions

MLB Champions is another blockchain game made for players who want to earn funds while playing games. Games like this one is very popular nowdays and played a lot. This game is working on the etherium trading network and it is card game. This game will be interesting to all people who loves playing baseball games and this game is made for people like this. Only bad thing about this game is that you can not play it for free. In order to play you need to deposit your real money. After doing that you can start playing this game. In game purchases is expensive here so i do not recommend to purchase things in this game.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de fmall exchange

Fmall Exchange

Fmall Exchange is developed and launched in 2017 in Singapure. On this platform you can trade a various cryptocurrencies such a Bitcoin, etherium, dash, litecoin, tether, etc.. Currently platform is not available, and i think they never be online again. Their official telegram chat is inactive too. There is no information about this trade online, i couldn't fidn anything. Developers didn't made any public annoucment in their twitter account about closing this exchange platform. Platform has been rated very good over the years, because they offers a lot of crypto currencies to trade, and it is safe reliable. Now i do not recommend to people who are trying to visit this platform to do that, because it is very risky and maybe clone site is made to scam traders. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de nix-e


Nix-e exchange is not in function anymore. There is no launch information about this platform. I only know this is platform made from Russian developers, and it's seem this is a one more scam platform. This platform is also unregulated because they didnt had a license for this exchange. Platform is currently not available, and it's marked as dead exchange, and i think it never be online again. There weren't any official annoucment from platform's twitter account that they will be closed. Also their telegram chat has poor membership. Obviously they tried to make a illegal platform to avoid tax. Future traders should to avoid platform like this one, and platforms like this are usually scam platforms, made only to make damage to people who are trying to earn funds.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de cfinex

Cfinex not available

Cfinex is a trading platform launched in March in 2018. This platform has been shut downed also in 2018 Cfinex is trading platform made by company called Blakee Holdings Limited, and it is based in Hong Kong. Cfinex exchange platform only support crypto-crypto trades, that means fiat currencies on this platform are not supported. Cfinex supported only six crypto currencies. Cfinex platform is no more available as it made a public annoucment via their official twiter account in the same year they launch this platform. Platform was working for only 7 months. You can see that company Blakee Holdings made a mistake by launching this platform. Because platform is not available anymore it is best to traders to stay away off this exchange Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de halodex


HaloDex is an exchanging platform made in Panama launched in 2018. This platform has no liquidity and trading volume is zero. HaloDex is supporting only six crypto currencies and fiat deposits on this platform are not acceptable. You can only deposit with cryptos and that is very hard for people who are new at trading. HaloDex social media is inactive. Last tweet from this company was in 2019. There is a lot of exchanging platforms like this one on the internet, and they are all usually scam sites made only to make damage to people. It doesn't have to mean this platform is scam too but everything says it is. Owners of this platform promised that platform will be again online, and we will see do they tell truth. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de bitfriends exchange

BitFriends Exchange

BitFriends Exchange is korean exchange platform launched in 2018. This exchange support only one fiat currency and that is KRW. The customer support on this platform is very poor, you are just wasting time if you want to contact them via telegram or e-mail. Exchange is not in function anymore. I advice to future traders to stay away from this platform and they will avoid unintended losses. Usually platforms like this are scam and made only to do damage to other people. This exchange doesn't have anything positive to offer to people. BitFriends social media account are shutdown like telegram account, twitter etc... This platform is not good invest so i recommend to avoid this exchange.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de cilkroad


CILKROAD is launched in 2019 and it is a Korean multicurrency exchange made for Korean traders. Unfortunately this exchange not exist anymore. You cannot access to CILKROAD website because it is closed too. Site is maybe closed by people who stand behind this project or maybe even from third party agents who realized this is a scam project. I recommend to future trades to be carefull about exchanges like this one. Exchanges like this one are usually scam sites made only to make damage to people. This exchange platform never worked in favour of traders. CILKROAD failed after few months after being released. Due to inactivity of this platform i recommend to people to stay away so they cannot be scamed and lose funds. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de bqb

BQB not available

BQB exchange is another exchanging platform in a sea of platforms like this one. BQB platform was developed and supported by BQ ecosystem. This platform is not available and platforms like this are usually scam platform. Today there a sea of platform like this one. The platform hasn't recorded crypto currencies in the exchange. The developers abonded this project because it has brought nothing to them. Their social media is inactivated too. I used to check their telegram group and twitter account. They are still recieving 1-2 followers but social media is not active. I will advice future traders to stay away from this platform as it has shown a very bad ways to make a good project.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de bitsoda

Bitsoda is platform to trade crypto-currencies and fiat-currencies established in 2018. in Seychelles. Bitsoda has not registered information on transactions and movements within the platform Currently on platform there is no trading activities is going on this exchange because is not available on the web even if you use a VPN connection. Platform like this are usually scam, so stay away from trading platforms like this one. Be carefull about providing your personal information to unknown sites, they can be used in a bad way. I recommend to all people who read this to stay away from Bitsoda and do not even try to google it. Maybe you will find a clone site and make damage to your privacy or even lose money.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de spero


Spero exchange was built in South America more precisely in Portugal. Spero exchange is still available as a trading platform, but the interface is hard for new users and website is outdated. Platform didnt get any updates. Responsive is very slow too, and if you dont have time and nervers, i recommend to stay away from this trading platform. Platform has very low trading fee which is almost zero. The support language is limited. Platform supports only English as the available language, so people who doesnot understand english cannot trade here. This exchange is still available but it's not trusted trading platform, because a most of information are hidden or false. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de skex


SKEX was founded in 2019 in Singapure. This platform was working for a few days and then the platform was shut down. A lot of users complained they lost their funds without possibility to withdraw funds even after deposit in platform. This project never had a stable platform with good interface. Design was outdated and hard for users who are new to trading. On platform were little financial activities. Security system on this platform is poor and cannot guarantee safety of your funds, so that is one more reason to avoid this exchanging platform. I recommend to future users to avoid this platform. Avoiding this platform will save your funds. Don't search for skex, otherwise you can be a victim of a clone website. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de bituan


Bituan is an Asian exchange platform from China. You can access to this platform in other parts of the world too. This platform was made for Chinese traders and website is in Chinese language. If you are not understanding Chinese this platform will be useless to you. Now you can not access to their website because it is down for some reason. This platform has not trading activities and also inactiveness making the trading volume be zero with the liqudity. Their telegram group is also inactivate, last time was activate in 2020. and has only 24 members. Bituain's twitter account was suspended for violating rulles. I recommend for future traders to avoid this platform. Avoiding this platform will save your money for sure. This platform is probably a scam.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de iqfinex


IQFinex is one more exchanging platform in a sea platforms like this. IQFinex is crypto-crypto and fiat crypto trading platform that provides access to trading services like spot trading. This platform is foundend in Saint Vincent 2018. When this platform start to exist, it didn't had enough users, and because of that trading fee on platform was low. This platform is probably a scam because a lot of users complain they can not withdraw their money even after invest money on this platform. Future traders should avoid this platform. If you decide to deposit in this platform you will be probably scammed, so i recommend to look for another trading platform. Ver reseña completa

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