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Logotipo de nem

Smart assets are delivered online as registration. This can be real estate such as cash, vehicle repairs, or exchangeable documents such as stocks. In this way, NEM's blockchain technology allows companies to optimize their accounting systems and ensure the security and integrity of their businesses. According to the computer protocol NEMNIS1; You can customize the API with any application code. It can be integrated into any existing network or application. There are many types of services and usage that can be added to the infrastructure of NEM organizations. For this reason, it is very important to ensure compliance with the law and to ensure the ideal and transparent functioning of all technological processes of the company.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de coinbase training

The task of the platform is to create an open financial system that takes it seriously and therefore protects all equal participation rights. This learning platform made learning very easy to understand and well summarized with detailed information about each course offered. The platform also enabled people to earn money while studying, although it took time to get there. The platform has earned the trust of users, making it a safe platform for removing tokens found in the training process. To make learning easier, Coinbase Education publishes videos in different languages ​​that are easy for different people around the world to understand. Coinbase training, storage and archiving of accepted currencies such as Bitcoin and EthereumVer reseña completa

Logotipo de slush pool

Slushpool founded Palatinus in the Czech Republic. This is one of Bitcoin's oldest mining pools. Signing up is a very simple process with only the first deposit. You can watch the mining diffusion rate and see if you are offline. This ensures that my security and data are protected at all times. You have a good website, the economic return is about 2%. Before you pay, you can check out a free demo account. It has excellent online maintenance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It can be downloaded from Play Store for Android and iOS. They offer a two-step verification process to ensure your privacy is not compromised. So you can rely on Slushpool as well as a manual to make registration easy. Very useful for masking Bitcoin and ZcashVer reseña completa

Logotipo de reserve rights

Backup is a large-scale project that aims to solve a real problem with an approved state using a blockchain. Because of the competition and the complexity it involves, it is too early to realize its potential, but it is a project that should definitely be considered, because if successful, it can have a huge and huge impact on the world. The protocol concept is new and complex. More testing and improvement is needed to prove it really works in the "real world". Currently, there is a lack of partnerships with companies with large customer bases in main target countries and this could be a key component of adoption.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de ampleforth

First, I had to write a comment to make sure I wasn't against it. Ampl is an experimental project like many cryptography projects. The mechanism tries to set the price of the currency at $ 1 per day. When the price exceeds $ 1, Ampl $ is paid to holders through a method known as positive returns, which increases the price somehow and tries to set the currency's price at $ 1 at a safe rate. Instead, it happens when the $ amp price drops below $ 1. Negative return. Moreover, this model does not seem to take "human greed" into account. Nothing prevents big investors from making money and damaging the system. This is a project based in part on the trust and sales preferences of other users of the ecosystem.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de synthetix network token

This blockchain has received a great free-flowing general offer on the platform waiting for good investments where there is an opportunity to make money through recognition. For some users, these numbers are fun to see because they are truly incredible and reliable. The company offers trust and security, at least in terms of content. What really matters now is to build another network in the field that you can follow, build and earn. As customers enter the financial world, the results are reflected in all valuable cryptographic images. The platform offers a perfect combination of different tokens, but all products have the same protocol. The problem with this platform is that although many companies combine services provided by the network, they are still unknown projects in the cryptocurrency world. In fact, most of them are still little known to users who sign up for the site, and it was the same for me because some of them are particularly new. I think this company needs a better marketing plan to change its status and gain greater recognition among other projects. It only has accessible content that needs improvement.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de airswap

AirSwap (AST) is a decentralized switching center that takes into account user privacy and security. Your property is protected and you can manage it. Private and secure point-to-point change is recommended to eliminate intermediaries. This exchange is based on the P2P protocol for Ethereum token exchange. The aim is to offer us an alternative to traditional shopping. AirSwap has developed its own protocol that allows non-negotiation. Through manufacturers, the AST brand is working to create a market for AirSwap. This makes liquidity possible to the stock market. AirSwap offers many positive and constantly updated interactions on social media. As AST is an ERC20 brand, we can store it in any ERC compliant wallet. Compatible wallets are Coinbase Wallet, Status, imToken, as well as mobile phones such as Opera, MetaMask, Vault and Ledger. Self-confidence. The platform certainly has great potential since 2017, but it has slowed in sales and growth since 2018. His idea is incredibly attractive, but it adds little to the operational task. You can use the AST brand to spice up this project and make it memorable.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de dai

This stable token is guaranteed by government contracts. So if you have digital assets that support your assets, anyone can provide the required amount of DAI. The main attraction of this project is the "algorithm" that maintains the fixed price of DAI. In theory, it will automatically start holding the brand value at $ 1, burning the property if necessary, or automatically releasing it. In general, this project has good decentralization capabilities, as any user can use DAI regardless of location, this project is valuable to everyone and can use DAI without connection to currencies that support Fiat. because it really depends on the government agencies that manage the restrictions. the same emission that allows. The main problem is that it is only published on the Ethereum chain and some decentralized exchanges are also available on other chains, and in some cases transfer rates are generally higher.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de eos knights

The game is fair game that is not fun, and neutral players do not receive a prize base for the levels they reach while playing. Items purchased during games can be sold on a blockchain or by other users for a higher price. A blockchain-based project operation such as deposits and withdrawals is easily carried out using a convenient wallet to perform transactions such as buying and selling items in a store. A user playing EOS Knights must first purchase a rider, train him, and win various tournaments to raise his horse by lifting his opponent. The item can be purchased during the mission, which can be sold in the shop.Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de cryptodozer

When I go into trying out these games, my partner Metamask Wallet likes to connect to the game address. However, he couldn’t keep playing because I had to invest in Ethereum and still refuel, but I didn’t have Ethereum at the time. This game is free until users reach level 4. To purchase coins and items, they must pay with Ethereum tokens. It’s not an expensive game, because anyone who trades Ethereum and engages in cryptocurrency gambling can afford it and have fun. This is a simple online game where users have to perform certain tasks to reach different levels until the power button is turned off. Below we have provided detailed screens showing the input process. You will see that I have connected my Metamask connection to the CryptoDozer Ethereum address, but I cannot connect because I have no money there. Many see this as a problem, but it is not. This works very well in preventing fraud. It’s all an investment and this game is just fun for a while. The best Dapp version of the game. It installs quickly and all processes are integrated. At the bottom of the mani platform is a section to observe any changes that have taken place before. The game has a kind of blockchain in which everything is perfectly executed. I recommend it to cryptocurrency players looking for fun and good information and reward support. CryptoDozer may seem to need a lot of new features and releases, but it’s a good game that supports the use of apps available over the Ethereum network.Ver reseña completa

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