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Maybe in future dev will make some changes to make this coin fit for regulatory policy. But this coin has more better features as compare with any other coin available in the market and future is looking more bright. Ver reseña completa

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Today’s figures represent a more than 5,000% increase from the earliest performance of Stellar lumens (XLM). Stellar sees the most gains on good news, such as the announcement of the IBM partnership as well as the Kin switch. The massive highs and new interest in cryptocurrency brought about in 2017 is unlikely to slow any, so news stories involving Stellar and its partners are likely to continue bumping interest, and therefore demand, for Stellar. Ver reseña completa

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dogecoin is awesome project which gives many benifits to their users.. its user friendly so may it will get great scope in market and will definetly get good in future. its the best coin which is good in transaction ,digita currency, and with low fees tranaction. awesome projectVer reseña completa

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Lisk is leading innovation in cryptocurrencies. It is the first cryptocurrency to introduce sidechains. Most cryptocurrency users say there is nothing as bad as a slow blockchain network. It is their worst nightmare. Most of this is brought on by the system becoming bloated.Ver reseña completa

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There is a large community that contributes to bitcoin growth and contributes to every code being well, so I want to believe that as technology evolves, bitcoin will also keep up with this technological evolution, this is clear to me. there are a lot of people using bitcoin and these people are always going to expect good things coming from bitcoin and the community will contribute to bitcoin growth. I do not see how bitcoin would be obsolete. Ver reseña completa

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