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Logotipo de uoony bracelet jewelry 2mmglass alphabet

UOONY Bracelet Jewelry 2MmGlass Alphabet

Last year I bought my daughters a set of "Queen of the bead", in which there are many different elements for creativity, you can make beads, bracelets, rings. My daughters really like this set, so for the eldest I wanted to buy something else similar, but for older children. I looked at various sets, but we didn’t need too many details and didn’t want to pay big money either, you never know if the set doesn’t interest you. Therefore, when I came across a set in the store for only 100 rubles, I took it without hesitation. The set was packed in a box, on which, apart from the price, there is absolutely no information in Russian. The set is made in China and is recommended for children over 6 years old. I bought when my daughter was 4 years old, but I always give it only under supervision, it is not in my interests to collect it around the house later. Inside the package is a small box with notches, which contains various beads of different shapes, colors and sizes. There were several elastic cords included. The main part of the parts has a small shape, so it is perfect for the development of fine motor skills. There are two main colors in the set - pink and purple, these are the colors my daughter likes the most. All beads are made with high quality, we did not come across broken ones. I didn’t find the quantity on the box, I didn’t count it, but I think that the quantity here is more than enough. As for the shapes, there are simple round beads, and two options for flowers, butterflies and shells. Shells are the most difficult to string on a string, so my daughter does not use them yet, she asks me to wear them. The rope is easy to use, but periodically you have to cut it, it shaggy pretty quickly. My daughter does not work with this set for long, she quickly gets bored, so I help her. I think that when he gets a little older, he will be more interested in this set. My daughter and I love the set. For its price, I consider it an excellent option for getting to know beads. Definitely recommend to buy! Ver reseña completa

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I like that it has great support for multiple languages such as English & Spanish! Also there are many templates available where you can customize your layout according to what suits best in each case (for example if you want an eCommerce site). It's very easy of use but sometimes when refreshing pages they get frozen so you have to refresh again - not sure why this happens maybe because we don't always restart all browsers after reloading? But overall everything works well. If someone wants something similar just go ahead and try using frontastic out! My business uses front astatic for our website since 2016 which was perfect at time until now i must say : nothing much more special about my work except being able to make changes myself without having any problem thanks to their amazing team who does excellent job everytime :). Ver reseña completa

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I like how easy it is to use this platform! It allows you all in one place for reporting/tracking goals & KPIs so no more emails or spreadsheets needed - just 1 dashboard where we are able see everything at once!! Sometimes when refreshing reports there's lag but other than minor hiccups nothing major has come up yet (and they're working hard day by days). We've been using these tools since early 2018 before being acquired from Salesforce which helped us keep track during those times without having any data outages / issues etc..Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de support breathable neoprene sleeve adjustable

Support Breathable Neoprene Sleeve Adjustable

Last summer, something bad happened to me - I managed to stumble out of the blue, fall and, as a result, a severe ankle sprain. After I rested for a week, the traumatologist recommended that I wear an orthosis for the next two to three weeks. What it is? This is an orthopedic fixing bandage, which allows you to fix the joint in a certain position with an adjustable degree of rigidity, as well as limit its movement. Indicated for use in injuries and injuries of the ankle joint, rehabilitation in the post-traumatic and postoperative period. Having learned about this, my colleague gave me a brand new orthosis, which she did not need, but it fit me perfectly in size. By the way, such a device costs more than 2000 rubles, so I am very grateful for such help. Orthosis was in the box. On the reverse side is a brief description and indications for use. Made in Germany. There was also a passport in the kit, and I found the instructions on the Internet. This is what the Orlett Lab-201 ankle brace looks like It looks like a sock with open toes and a heel. On the leg, fastening is made due to the high lacing, which allows you to adjust the pressure on the leg and position the orthosis on the leg with maximum comfort. The orthosis is reinforced on the sides with four metal stiffening ribs, they are very light and do not affect the weight of the product. Through special slots, the ribs can be removed if washing is required (by hand). The material from which the orthosis is made is elastic and breathable. The leg is very comfortable in it - the foot is firmly and securely fixed, it doesn’t rub anything anywhere, you can put it on both on the sock and on the bare foot, I put it on without a sock, because it was summer. And even went to work - she was able to put on light sneakers. Here is what the orthosis looks like on the leg. I took it off at night, but wore it during the day for two weeks, despite the heat, although I really wanted to get rid of it as soon as possible. Of course, the Orlett ankle brace is a necessary and useful thing, because thanks to him, during the rehabilitation period after an injury, my leg was able to fully recover. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de sakura pigma 30067 micron blister

Sakura Pigma 30067 Micron Blister

Greetings to all, today I will tell you about liners. And it so happens that when you just want to take an album and draw all sorts of nonsense. With Pigma liners, smooth and clear lines are obtained. Nice and easy to draw. All the same, I recommend buying original liners from the Pigma brand. Since the colors are not so bright on others. Original liners differ from fakes - caps are made very carefully, but fakes are not neat. These liners are waterproof. TOTAL - I still recommend buying liners from the Pigma brand. She can study and work. But beware of a lot of fakes of these liners in the shops, but you can easily distinguish the original from the fake. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de art1st watercolor paper 140 sheets

Art1St Watercolor Paper 140 Sheets

All the beaver time of the day! A month in isolation does not pass without a trace and does not affect in the best way. You can’t buy normal paper offline, on the Internet everything close to normal is either sold out quickly, or it costs incomparably more. This paper is from the "approximate normal" category. I'll tell you why as I go along. I bought it on wildberry - there these two folders go together as one product, which for me, who is in need of paper, is very, very good. Because even such paper is sold out very quickly. The paper is produced by Hatber - I already wrote a review on another of its papers, but of a lower density. Here the density is higher - as much as 220 g/m2. But the texture of the paper is different - there is graininess. All this is shown on the front cover. Each folder contains 20 sheets. Together for both - 240 rubles. Well ... tolerable, given the high density. About paper. She's really grainy. Feels so rough and rough to the touch. I do not like this kind of paper, it is unpleasant to touch it. But there was nothing better than this... For comparison: the rough texture of paper with grain and the coated smoothness of paper from the last review The sheets differ even in color: The paper from the last review is whiter. Density is also visually visible: The friability of the grained paper (on the left) is visible even through the "cut" - some shreds are visible. Well, in drawing it is not very convenient. I mainly paint with watercolors and when the color is washed out with water, the paper starts to roll. Bigger plan. If you look closely, you can see rolls of paper. And nothing can be done with them, only if you manually remove ... However, even if you apply paint thickly and do not particularly pour water, spools still form. But on dark, dense colors it is less noticeable. Yes, I have recently become very fond of drawing gas masks)) The atmosphere has such an effect. In general, the paper is not the worst - the best option among those available both in price and quality. Too bad they sell out so fast... Recommended if nothing else. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de staedtler sharpener prevents accidental work station

STAEDTLER Sharpener Prevents Accidental Work Station

I also bought a Noris Staedtler pencil sharpener based on reviews in the Labyrinth online bookstore. Yes, it is expensive, 300 rubles. Quite small in appearance, but what ... Which I only realized after I sharpened my pencils. And she didn't spare the money at all. Because from that time I got rid of problems with sharpening pencils. I already had one decent mechanical sharpener (I'll talk about it later), but it did not sharpen triangular pencils. And I just could not find how to sharpen them quickly and efficiently. This sharpener will sharpen everything! It looks like a small plastic barrel. Slightly larger than ordinary sharpeners, but it is quite possible to carry with you to school: Button, by pressing which the top is disconnected from the bottom and you can pour out the sawdust: This shows which pencils can be sharpened: The top is closed with a plastic cap, even if it breaks off over time, I think it's not scary: This is how it rises - and below are two types of holes for pencils: This sharpener fits all the pencils I have at home, and I'm happy! Now all pencils look like this in a matter of 1-2 seconds: And so far, not even a single one has broken in the process of the point. By the way, the pencils from this company are just as incomparable! And I also have oil pastels and a lot of different things from this brand. Ver reseña completa

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The interface is very easy with drag & drop functionality which makes it so much easier than using excel sheets or even google docs! It's great that you can also share reports via email when something isn't right in your dashboard without having access yourself (also good if someone else needs help). I wish there was an option of being able add more fields into filters but this would have been difficult as well since we are still learning how everything works together within our account settings.- Some people may not be familiar enough wth what they're doing yet because some things aren’t explained clearly at first glance - especially those who haven‘T used any kind of software like ours before will need time getting acquainted with all aspects involved until finally understanding fully where each field leads / points towards etc.. However once one gets accustomed quickly then its perfect!! Its really worth. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de lansinoh stay disposable nursing pads

Lansinoh Stay Disposable Nursing Pads

When the baby was born, of course, I decided that we would be breastfed. It is more useful, lighter and more reliable. But I got a problem. There was a lot of milk (although some will think on the contrary that there is no problem here, it's good) and when feeding it flowed out, the child did not have time to eat. I had to constantly change my clothes. But they had to go outside somehow. A friend told me and showed me pads for nursing mothers. Gave a few to try. And I was delighted. It is very comfortable. It is very well made and absorbs well. You put it in a bra and no problem, let whatever happens there. She absorbs everything, and there are no marks on the clothes, and no one feels discomfort. Then he just threw it away and that's it. This is how we got through this period of time. I am very grateful to my friend. And I strongly recommend to all mothers or future mothers to try to use these pads. It is very convenient and practical. Ver reseña completa

Logotipo de ijoy rechargeable wireless headphones bluetooth

IJoy Rechargeable Wireless Headphones Bluetooth

The subject of this review is Athlete series sport bluetooth headphones. Bluetooth headphones have long been in mass use and do not lose their popularity. My husband and I also have these headphones. True, we bought an economy option, but still no less good than expensive brands or brands. Bought headphones in January of this year. They just had a promotion. Why not buy? The price is affordable, even if they do not last long, although it will not be a pity for the money spent. When I bought the headphones, they were in the following packaging: On the front side, some information about the headphones is indicated, and there is also a transparent window through which the headphones can be viewed. Of course, when buying, the seller opened the pack for me in order to check the condition of the headphones. Manufacturer name: On the reverse side, as far as I understand, some characteristics of these bluetooth headphones are indicated: Country of origin - China. There was also such a small insert, where information is also indicated: on one side in Chinese. And on the other side in English: The headphones themselves are in this tray: This is how they look: Black color, connects them to each other with a black wire. The body of the headphones is metal, and there are also rubber tips: The headphones can be connected to each other using a magnet, which is in each headphone: There is also such a lever, on which there are volume control buttons, as well as a button for switching to free hands. Also, the middle button performs the on / off function: There is also such a small charging cable: But I do not use it, because I use charging from my smartphone. By the way, these headphones can be charged not only from the network, but also from a laptop or power bank. The share price at the time of purchase was only 65 hryvnia (175 rubles). It is not expensive. The sound quality is good, the charge holds well. And the headphones themselves are simple and easy to use. There are no complaints or complaints. Pros: + packing; + price; + quality; + appearance; + ease of use; + good sound quality. I didn't find any cons for myself. I think that Athlete series sport bluetooth headphones deserve 5 points. I recommend! Ver reseña completa

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