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Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising software helps companies and individuals to launch, track and manage digital ad campaigns online. These tools allow advertisers to employ different types of digital media and placement options for catching the eyes of potential customers. It also enables companies to research the preferences of their audience and to adjust their content accordingly. Reviews in this category provide information and ratings about all the popular tools.

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Logotipo de rewards21
3 reseñas

An employee benefit like no other, cash back and member-only savings on dining, entertainment, travel and retail. Enrolling is quick, simple and always free. Ver más

Logotipo de invisipon
3 reseñas

Invisipon is a consumer-focused, digital coupon distribution, redemption and reimbursement technology company that automates the distribution of retail and manufacturer coupons to the consumers that are most likely to benefit from them. Ver más

Logotipo de leads by cell
3 reseñas

Leads By Cell allows your company to advertise text promotion codes in display, traditional and online advertising. Ver más

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Logotipo de rads
3 reseñas

RADS is a single platform to create responsive HTML5, mobile and in-stream content... for FREE. Their studio is a drop-in Flash replacement with timelines, custom coding, and elegant tooling. Publish live ad tags, landing pages and more. Their realtime analytics scale with your creative and all data is yours at no extra cost. Ver más

Logotipo de tvision
3 reseñas

TVision is a TV marketing technology firm that delivers real-time performance metrics for advertising effectiveness and efficiency. Ver más

Logotipo de tvsquared advantage
3 reseñas

TVSquared ADvantage, a TV performance analytics and optimization platform, gives advertisers everything they need to measure, optimize and plan for TV campaigns that maximize media spend, generate the greatest response and drive sales and conversions. Ver más

Logotipo de
3 reseñas

MegaPush is the first advertising network for delivering advertisement to users through push notifications. The platform makes it possible to send notifications to both desktop and mobile devices. Push notifications are also a great way to remind existing customers about your product or services. Ver más

Logotipo de anstrex
3 reseñas

Anstrex offers a suite of products specifically created for online advertisers and performance marketers. We provide you with data on your competitors' online advertising and marketing campaigns. We have over 15 million ads from 50k+ advertisers spread in 92 countries. Our data analytics tools are second to none. In addition, we have a product for... Ver más

Logotipo de bionic advertising systems
3 reseñas

Brings more transparency, accountability, and control to advertising through powerful media investment management software for advertisers, advertising agencies, and ad sales teams. Ver más

Logotipo de midroll
3 reseñas

Midroll is the leading podcast advertising network, connecting companies and brands with some of the most beloved and respected names in podcasting. Ver más

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