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Revisión sobre Octus Bridge de Stephen Toluwani

It's time to Leave Ethereum and come to Free TON ecosystem by going through it's inexpensive Bridge.

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Considering the high cost of gas transactions on the Ethereum blockchain, many have choose to go along with Ethereum competitors in order to interact with smart contracts enabled platforms. Free Ton as a blockchain has enabled smart contracts and has a range of yield farms making it attractant to the Yield farmers out there. With Ethereum being the Grand Master having other people, traders or general users under it's shade, the need for a bridge to crossover those assets to Free TON became a Necessary Good The Free TON Bridge, powered by Brocus came into existence and has really been a frontier in the transition of assets from The Ethereum blockchain to Free TON Blockchain. The bridge also brought about the Bridge Token, an asset meant to democratize the Free TON Bridge services, secure the bridge protocol by assigning Relayers with a minimum Bridge Token holdings, Staking rewards and Bridge operation rewards. The token has been a major success following the Initial offering it had going for $2 and it currently sits at a tight value of $6 The existent use of the bridge comes up as simple as it goes by connecting both blockchains together on it's site and selecting the supported cryptocurrency to be transitioned. Gas fees are paid by the Users which is partly offset by the Bridge operation rewards so it's still cheap in a way. Tokens bridged can easily be swapped away on the DEX as there is quite a huge liquidity to use from. The Free TON Bridge has really been pivotal to the greater success and attraction of users to the Free TON Blockchain.

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Pros contras

  • Free Ton Bridge allows seamless transition of assets over from the expensive Ethereum blockchain to Free TON ecosystem thereby giving users exposure to the vast utilities of Free TON
  • There are farming rewards emanating from it's BRIDGE token which is also used to govern the protocol for security and decision makings
  • The Bridge service is only open to Ethereum. The bridge should be expanded to Binance Smart Chain as that is the biggest hub of cryptocurrencies

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