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CDN77 helps the world’s most demanded and widely accessed websites and apps deliver the best possible online experience to more than a billion users monthly. Every second we receive more than 4,000,000 HTTP requests. Every day, we register traffic peaks over 25 Tbps. And every month, we successfully mitigate around 8,000 DDoS attacks. With our 60+ Tbps (and growing) network spread across six continents, we are designed to handle high-volume traffic and unexpected peaks of all sizes. Our clients include live and on-demand video platforms such as Udemy and Sport1, security companies such as ESET, or high profile space agencies, including Hubble Space Telescope and the European Space Agency. We are continually working side-by-side with our clients, developing additional features and custom configurations based on their specific needs. Latency-based routing, multi-layered caching systems, origin shields, proprietary DDoS protection, and a client-centered approach are just a few reasons why customers rely on us.

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