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HBTC, exchange for everyone no matter your location

experienceExchanges and similar platform are constantly emerging everyday. With the attention crypto has drawn, a lot of getting into crypto investment, choices for exchange has been a major…See more

HBTC exchange!

HBTC is an exchange that has spot transactions, perpetual contracts and ETFs. It has several pairs of trades, and has several currencies and tokens listed. Founded by CEO James Ju, the former CTO of…See more

Centralized exchange with various trading models in cryptocurrencies

Developed as a centralized exchange, it was developed by one of the former Huobi Global CTOs, in addition to having a number of recognized partners and investors in the crypto space. What stands…See more

HBTC Exchange. A better place to trade

Intertwined between a choice of a better exchange service comes HBTC. The exchange which has been a choice of a few when it still went by the name BHEX, was not much of a popular option but…See more

hbtc review

Everything we expect from a cryptocurrency exchange can be seen at HBTC. High asset security at HBTC addresses concerns about asset hacking. The possibility of futures trading on this platform and…See more

HBTC exchange flairs and flavours.

experienceCrypto currency trading and investments has drawn a lot of attention lately and a lot of people are constantly getting into it. But the main challenge is a broker or an exchange and…See more

There are some problems, but very minor issues for such a useful stock exchange, so they can be ignored.

With the development of the crypto market, many cryptocurrency exchanges are available today. However, as these increase more and more every day, the competition also increases. I would like to…See more

The interface is simple and suitable for all categories of traders

The increase in the number of cryptocurrency projects has necesitated need for increase in exchange platforms. Particularly at a time when crypto ecosystem is getting popularity in underdeveloped…See more

HBTC the next generational innovative assets and financial service provider.

HBTC the next generational innovative assets financialy, is an exchange that was lunched in December 2018. Hbtc was previously know as BHEX, but was changed on the 13th of April 2 The trading…See more

HBTC is the best

Today I'm going to talk about an exchange platform that I used a few days ago, and I saw that it has a large circulation volume and has a lot of features. It's the HBTC platform, which has a large…See more