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This is a unique exchange. The fiat currency used is EUR, but do not worry, because it supports various stable currencies such as USDT, TUSD and USDC, and we can convert them to EUR and deposit them in our bank account. The design of the site is...See full review

Piixpay: Gives added value to digital money

I am a faithful follower of cryptocurrencies and in general everything related to blockchain technology, I like to research and meet new projects, in the case of piixpay I really liked its innovative concept, something well thought out and developed…See full review

PiixPay Exchange

This exchange has new ideas and the appearance of the website looks great. But from a practical point of view, I saw problems in this exchange. The first is that our side is always an exchange and we users no longer sell coins and tokens to each...See full review

Piixpay can be better.

Piixpay is doing something different and I commend that, though it's only available for use in select regions. It took a while to navigate through the exchange to understand how it works. Apparently you require a significant amount of kyc before...See full review

Pay your bills with cryptocurrencies.

Piixpay is a very useful platform that allows you to pay your daily expenses in cryptocurrency. Transferring cryptocurrency to a bank account is possible, simple and easy with piixpay. One of the major strengths of this platform is its desire to...See full review

Piixpay I like this Exchange

Piixpay was founded in 2014. It is a platform that came out of a need for co-creators to use their cryptocurrencies as fiat money is used, both the way to use these cryptocurrencies in real life; in some trade as well as to be able to make...See full review

An exchange suitable for those who do not have the patience to work with hard exchanges

I checked this exchange and everything seems easy and convenient. They support a large number of cryptocurrencies and people whose income is paid to cryptos can easily convert it to EURO through this platform. Everything is very simple, there is no...See full review

Piixpa exchange services

Piixpay is an exchange company since 2014 it has a very good system with Great Varieties of cryptocurrencies that you can easily change and send to your Bank account Without any problem It has the main currencies such as Bitcoin. Bitcoin Chas...See full review


This is a very attractive wallet more than anything for users in Europe. It gives you benefits such as changing your cryptocurrencies to Euros. They give you rewards for referring, they have 102 cryptocurrencies available for transfers in an...See full review

With Piixpay using Cryptos For Daily Activities Is Easier.

Piixpay came into lime light in 2014 when the present CEO Evald Hannes Kree and Raivo Malter founded it in Estonia. The idea of having such a project came as this duo was trying to solve their own personal problem of how to put cryptos into use...See full review