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Not round but works well

Love this because it's the perfect size for my closet. It came folded and I believe there are instructions for using a steam iron to make it round but I don't have one. Otherwise it works for what I need it for. For example, look at the photo how it looks without steam.Voir la critique complète

aqua della stone decoration rock fish & aquatic pets logo

This 15cm x 8cm x 8cm aquarium decoration is as described. I was happy with the quality, there were no paint chips, the weight was ok. It is very small, so only the smallest fish can swim in it. The attached video shows a 20 liter tank.Voir la critique complète

hurtta extreme warmer winter granite dogs logo

Great for my red healer

So far this extremely warmer dog winter jacket from Hurtta has kept my 10 month old healer warm in MN weather. My dog is about 40 pounds and I chose a size 20 which fits perfectly. The sizing was so confusing because her chest and neck measurements were far from it (much smaller) because it's recommended for a size 20. But after reading the reviews I decided to go with the back leg and I'm glad I did. It's not as thick as I thought it would be, but I can't say how it will withstand single digit temperatures as we just didn't go out when it was that cold. This is my first dog and my first dog jacket so I have nothing to compare. Features I love: adjustable around the neck, chest and back, easy to put your head through the front (I thought it would be difficult), bottom layer to cover the dog (didn't know how good it was, buttocks to keep it from getting wet)/dirty), generally water repellent, two slots in the back for a harness (one for me to rent and one for my harness handle) and a slVoir la critique complète

marvel spiderman slumber bag set kids' home store via nursery furniture logo

Washed several times in the washing machine and looks like new! Lightning works perfectly too! Very well made for a sleeping bag!Voir la critique complète

trixie homes litter enclosures white logo

I liked how it looked and how it fit well in the utility room (not in the way) in the new location. The cat took to it immediately, even though it's smaller than its original closed (ugly) box. The problem arose a few days later when I was washing - the noise startled the cat so much that it refused to enter that room, let alone a closed box. Fortunately, he only "fixed" his displeasure in two places that I was able to get rid of completely. Unfortunately, especially for a dog, there were two dog beds. So I had to go back to that ugly big box that's taking up space in the bathroom, and this little number is sitting in the closet awaiting spring distribution. Conclusion: Worked really well for a 12 lb cat used to an enclosed box and looks good. Just be smarter than me about where you put it.Voir la critique complète

rectangular storage baskets laundry blanket kids' home store , nursery furniture logo

Perfect! I've been searching Revain for a few days to find a basket big enough for my needs; I use this basket to store my quilts and pillows on my beds and it's perfect. The quality is excellent; he feels very strong; I couldn't be happier with my purchase.Voir la critique complète

blank tattoo skin practice microblading personal care at piercing & tattoo supplies logo

These skins mostly do the trick. You can practice on them. But I couldn't get him to hold the stencil, which was a big disappointment for me.Voir la critique complète

milmumu compatible compression puller(03943) fittings logo

Works as advertised

I have used this tool 4 times and each time it easily removed the compression sleeve. I spilled some oil on the threads to make it spin smoothly. Gently insert the silver tip into the 1/2 tube that connects to the nut, slowly and steadily twisting the knob to remove the sleeve each time. Do not worry!Voir la critique complète

laughing giraffe infant sleeve sleeper apparel & accessories baby boys logo

I bought 2 of these little mitten dresses for my new granddaughter and made sure they were solid as I designed them for her. They came out beautiful, creamy in memory of my daughter who I just lost and pink of course in honor of Harry Potter. Great looks and incredibly soft material. we loved herVoir la critique complète

soft vest harness pro red cats and collars, harnesses & leashes logo

I have a pile of sheep that weighs about 8 pounds. I ordered the big red one. It fits perfectly! The reflective strips are very good. Boo Boo (my dog) loves to dress up which sounds crazy for a dog. I put the harness on him as soon as it arrived. The belt is really great quality. I bought him because he kept pulling his head out of his collar and I needed something to protect him while walking. So far everything works great. Happy in Georgia This is an update of my review. The hole the dog's head goes through is too big. My dog can stretch his legs into this hole, which allows him to climb out of the harness. While I was taking him for a walk, he broke off his leash several times. That's very disappointing. I sent this strap back. Not very happy in GeorgiaVoir la critique complète

aimisin exfoliating scrubber cleansing exfoliate logo

She does what she has to do. 💃🏾😌 I was able to clean my back very well and there were no particular problems with it. By the way. I have a big back and baby T-Rex arms. so. Yes. Helped me🤷🏾‍♀️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Voir la critique complète

seednur clippers newborn silicone tweezer logo

This baby care set is very handy for our third child, as well as our two and four year olds. Today we tried the glowing stud earrings and wow! This close lighting really helped us see (and remove) some of the wax that was stuck in our four year old's ear. I imagine glowing tweezers would be just as useful. The other tools seem to be of good quality although we haven't had to use them yet (although they will come in very handy when we have a newborn again!). There weren't any instructions, but they were pretty easy to figure out. how the glowing instruments worked. The tapered piece in the middle of the set is the "base" into which either the tweezer head or the earbud head can be inserted. Unscrew the blue ring at the top and remove the small piece of paper blocking the connection to the battery to keep the battery from draining before use. NOTE. Be aware that internal parts can easily fall out, so be careful when removing the blue ring cap! After removing the paper, put the cap back oVoir la critique complète

nispira replacement portable compatible fht150w logo

Actually filter nothing

I bought this to replace the filter in a Febreeze device but I don't think it actually filters anything. Don't buy a Febreeze filter for this, it's unlikely to work.Voir la critique complète

mums kneeling neoprene non slip organizer logo

Size BIG for bathtubs

My bathtub design isn't the best, maybe it fits in a bathtub without railings but the railing doesn't let it balance properly. As they say, it's better than nothing! I'm an average tall/slim woman and I need to sit "just like that" to be comfortable enough. I used it on my knees and it's definitely more comfortable than expected! I like the material underneath, haven't had any problems with it so far, but I try to wipe it down with a dry cloth and a Lysol cloth after bathing. Overall useful to have! Better than folding towels or blankets!😂👌🏻Voir la critique complète

petzilla magnetic aquarium cleaning scrubber fish & aquatic pets logo

Great magnetic cleaner

I bought this magnetic cleaner for my mother in law's 29 gallon fish tank and it cleans great. It has great suction power and can't be beat for the price! The best she can do herself as a diabetic with hand problems, if the magnet is lost from her hands, she can easily get it out of the water because it floats! I am happy with this purchase! I'm an aquarium lover with over 10 years of experience and 4 different aquariums in my house! I would 100% buy it againVoir la critique complète

vichon waterproof shoes protection adjustable reflective dogs logo

I liked the boots but they were too big so I resize them to the right size. They feel durable, the material is thick and warm for the Pennsylvania mountains, and the sole is nice and durable.Voir la critique complète

kandoo brightfoam moisturizing colored foaming logo

This foaming soap is nice because it's SLS-free, paraben-free and non-drying. However, my sink is always a mess now because of the deep purple dye in this soap. When children rub their hands, some of the foam splatters onto the countertop (and sometimes onto the wall). When you consider how many times a day children have to wash their hands, that becomes a problem. I never wanted a purple polka dot bathroom. Decor.Voir la critique complète

sunfura jackets reflective adjustable ripstop dogs logo

My colleague is an escape artist. He escaped his escape teams ten times. He can't leave this vest. As a result, he now spends more time jogging outdoors.Voir la critique complète

oral b crossaction electric toothbrush powered oral care - toothbrushes & accessories logo

Very long charge time

I love how this toothbrush cleans, I love the timer function so you know when to go somewhere else and when two minutes is done. It takes a long time to charge and doesn't hold the charge for long. If you leave this toothbrush on the charger all the time, it might not be a problem. I'm not saying this is a definitive scam for this product. .Voir la critique complète

electric dog fence remote trainer dogs via training & behavior aids logo

My husband cut the line with a trimmer. (suggested in another comment) took about 1.5 hours making part of the plot with his own hands (near the rounded wiring box near the house). We routed the wire and found that it didn't fit in places. Service called immediately. They said to remove the line 5ft from the cable box as that could be a nuisance. It worked and it's great. But they did more. They said in case of the gearbox they would send a new box and 2 new collars just in case. Wonderful! My husband was on the phone for less than 5 minutes. So he was happy with that. We have a 160 lb Boerboel and a nearly 70 lb Cane Corso puppy. The puppy buzzed and cried once because it was scared. Now it doesn't approach the flags at all. The big guy is used to training collars, so he knows a lot. This helped him get used to his new principles. He likes going to the bathroom on the neighbor's tree, running on their porch, scratching the door and waiting for a bite to eat. lol. He quickly realized tVoir la critique complète

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