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I tried different filter materials for mounting the rear filter. This one worked best. Simply cut to size. It perfectly filters out those fine particles that coarser filter media often miss. When the time comes I will be ordering more from this company due to their great customer service and products.Voir la critique complète

sammart 10l 2 6 gallons collapsible logo

I love this product! I was skeptical, can a collapsible bathtub really work? YES, yes it can, and it does it perfectly. Best of all, you could roll up the tub and put it away. I need more of these things in my life!Voir la critique complète

manhattan toy under activity squeaker baby care logo

The squeaky fish is attached with a cord that the child can easily wrap around the wrist. It's a cute book, but a child can't use it alone, which was my goal.Voir la critique complète

kathson aquarium driftwood decoration assorted fish & aquatic pets logo

Very nice. It costs money. Fits well in my 20 grams. These are the small parts that are expected and are great for my setup.Voir la critique complète

waterproof mini crib portable protector logo

Works but… not perfect. Pros: Not as expensive as other options and very soft. The mattress folds in the corners as it doesn't fit.Voir la critique complète

childrens inspirational motivational teenagers typography nursery logo

Not worth $6. I was expecting at least something solid with some weight. It's literally a sheet of paper, slightly larger than a postcard. Fun. I feel cheated and will be more careful in the future. I can't post this without a star rating. It's not even one, but it's the lowest level I can go to.Voir la critique complète

dogcome waterproof breathable protectors reflective logo

Too tight for my pup

They appear to be very well made. However, we feel that we cannot be sure that our pup's paws will not be able to move properly in it. I'm not sure if it's because they're too tight or the way they're made. It's just impossible to say. Maybe we're a size too small, or it could be perfect. We can't tell because we can't ask him, and we can't tell by feeling his feet or walking him in them. So we decided to leave out the boots and just let him get his feet wet when it rained. Although they can be good for other puppies if properly fitted.Voir la critique complète

toddler kindermat pillow blue pink logo

Less than expected

Looks good for the price. Didn't have much time to determine strength with stitching etc. It was shorter than I expected but that might be my fault.Voir la critique complète

busy baby dishwasher food grade spearmint logo

Better than I expected.

I can honestly say I love her. I also ordered a rug and it comes in subtle shades of grey, but I had to order more than you can then on many other things.Voir la critique complète

rattles months teethers development newborn logo

A set of rattles that will keep 9 month old twins entertained. You are strong. Some are good for teething. they are all interesting in their own way, either because of the noise they make, or because of the beads falling, or because of some other feature. They don't fit into a large container as easily as I would like, but the rattles themselves are great!Voir la critique complète

princess cinderella toothbrush toothpaste mouthwash logo

The supplied toothbrush didn't work (the battery died and can't be replaced) and everything else is very cheap. Not worth the money at all.Voir la critique complète

element deodorant protection aluminum unscented logo

The product smelled good and I enjoyed using it. Everything was fine for the first week or two, but then my armpits started to burn! The skin is extremely mottled and black, like the midnight sky. Very discouraged.Voir la critique complète

colgate fluoride toothpaste strawberry liquid logo

My daughter loves this toothpaste. I've tasted it and it reminds me of Hubba Bubba Strawberry Gum from the 90's, but then comes this weird, nauseous minty taste. I don't know how to use it but the kids love it! Good price because you can't find it in stores anymore. Shipping was a bit slow, definitely a week before you need it!Voir la critique complète

graco affix backless booster davenport logo

Easy to get: car seats

This booster is ready for the unnatural and safe. It doesn't move like the other brand we have. Good thing there is a drink holder.Voir la critique complète

wiwpar headband adjustable hairbands childrens baby care : hair care logo

not the best quality.

I bought it for a photo shoot and it seemed cheap :( I didn't like the quality but the colors looked the same as the picture.Voir la critique complète

nacoco glasses sunglasses retriever samoyed logo

They are perfect for my Aussie who likes to stick his head out the window. The only reason it didn't get 5 stars is because the noses aren't adjustable so they're a bit too big for my 15lb Australian Shepherd. I think they probably work best on dogs with wider muzzles, while my dogs are narrower. At first I thought I could pull out the pins in the nose to pull out the middle, but no joy. I can say they hold up well when my dog sticks his head out the window of a moving car.Voir la critique complète

ceramic infrared reptile aquarium emitting logo

We used this product for the heat lamp in our bearded dragon cage. It works great and is exactly what we need. And you can't beat the grand prize!Voir la critique complète

abaowedding christening gowns baptism newborn apparel & accessories baby boys logo

This is just a stroke of luck. This dress can easily be sold in a boutique for $500. In fact, it's nicer than many dresses I've seen. The lacing is beautiful and regal. There are also nice little details in the chest area - embroidered beads and silk ribbons. Also functional as there is a simple dress underneath and the lace overlay is removable. I found this helpful when my child needed to be buckled into a car seat. We managed to hang a lace quilt on the way to church and she just drove off in a simple dress. I received sooooo many compliments on her big day and was SHOCKED (to the few I confided in) to find out I bought it from Revain at such an unbeatable price. Highly recommended!Voir la critique complète

saucony womens versafoam running medium logo

for the price they work quite well. They run small - order half a size larger. They have less cushioning than expected but are suitable for light walking. The tongue is attached to the shoe. So if you have arthritis in your hands or feet, you may find it difficult to put your shoes on.Voir la critique complète

adidas womens gamecourt white silver women's shoes for athletic logo

Sneakers great in shoes

95% Washington d time wearing 7th heels. Sneakers. Boots. These shoes are big and the heel cushioning makes your feet look big too.Voir la critique complète

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