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experienceexperienceexperienceexperiLooking for cheap ways to explore the world of cryptocurrency? I would recommend you to try dogecoin. Dogecoin started out as a meme, a harmless joke on cryptocurrency. But later had some value after it was made into an actual cryptocurrency. Dogecoin was launchVoir la critique complète

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experienceexperienceexperienceexperiWhen TRON was introduced three years ago, I believed it had great potential especially looking at the angle it was focusing on, global digital entertainment. The entertainment sector is becoming more digitalized and the project is concerned with content sharing anVoir la critique complète

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experienceexperienceexperienceexperiCryptokitties is one of the earliest attempt to use blockchain technology for recreational purpose. This way you can invest and have fun at it. I was skeptical about this concept at first. But I discovered you can make money by investing in it. This blockchain viVoir la critique complète

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Ok to invest

experienceexpeRipple is an open source, peer to peer decentralized platform that allows any form of money to be transferred without bottle necks. It claims to be a global network of which it's major customers are banks and financial institutions. It is a blockchain based digital payment network whicVoir la critique complète

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experienceexperienceexperienceexperiEthereum is the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization in the world after Bitcoin. This platform is a dwelling place to virtual currency and with just an internet connection, you can send, receive and earn interest anywhere in the world. It is acceVoir la critique complète

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About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a digital currency which is a type of cryptocurrency. It is a type of virtual currency that can be used to goods and services . Bitcoin was created in 2009, and ever since the value has fluctuating. Bitcoin is highly volatile and may be very risky for people to invest in. You can buy biVoir la critique complète

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Secure wallet

Coinbase wallet is a secure platform that makes it easy to trade, buy, sell, store and earn crypto. I refer to it as the crypto goody bag. It offers lots of services to its users and also information on different cypto to invest It is the world largest Bitcoin exchange and broker, therefore, allowsVoir la critique complète

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EOS Review

This is a smart contract platform for decentralized applications and protocols, which aims to solve speed, scalability, issues, flexibility and high fees issues that other crypto have. EOS blockchain protocol is the system architecture of the EOS (electro optical system token. It is a decentralized Voir la critique complète

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Personally I really think Bhex is a great trading platform. The transactions fees are really great, compared to other platforms, and no fees for OTC trading. BHEX has it own token called BHEX token (BHT). It is an ERC20 token that can be used to reduce trading fees on the platform. BHEX has apps fVoir la critique complète

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Accessible cryto

The major goal of Trust Wallet is making more crypto more accessible. It is a decentralized wallet that allows users have control over funds in the wallets. Trust Wallet is a mobile wallet for etherium and ERC20 tokens. I have been able to store different types of crypto coins and tokens and I canVoir la critique complète

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MOrit Orient project is a simple and ideal platform for cryptocurrency investment. This project allows you to invest on crypto and get up to 4% interest for holding them in your wallet, every month. This project was built on Etherum network, and the token called Orient (OFT) which allows investoVoir la critique complète

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Crypto curious. Exploring the cryptocurrency world and sharing my thoughts on them

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