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AR and VR software presents users with a new take on reality. AR (augmented reality) software creates new objects and features for the physical reality. VR (virtual reality) software creates a completely new reality, acessible via special hardware. This software is progressing quickly, producing more and more realistic products. Reviews in this category provide information and ratings about all the popular tools.

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xplorer logo
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Xplorer leverages robust and intuitive features to put the power to create interactive XR (AR,VR,3D) presentations into the hands of the subject matter experts - you. By allowing you to apply simple, drag-and-drop features to your own content, Xplorer enables you to build visually stunning and highly engaging XR presentations for any platform, simply... En savoir plus

mirra logo
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Mirra is a design tool that allows anyone to create professional quality AR and VR experiences, without 3D expertise and without code. En savoir plus

ar sdk logo
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Kudan AR SDK is chosen by professional developers looking for an all-in-one SDK that can support marker or markerless tracking and location requirements. Its fast and light and ready to be ported into any platforms with any peripherals as well. En savoir plus

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bluairspace logo
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BLUairspace is a production environment that enables the creation of Augmented Reality experiences to enhance your existing media, transforming your customer's device into a window opening to a new world. En savoir plus

maxst ar sdk logo
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MAXST AR SDK is an easily operated all-in-one solution with 5 key functions, Image Tracker, Instant Tracker, Visual SLAM, Object Tracker (3D Space Tracker) and QR/Barcode Scanner. En savoir plus

scapekit logo
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Scape‚ SDK, called ‚capeKit‚ recognizes the precise location of mobile devices outdoors, allowing AR content to be placed in exact geographic locations. En savoir plus

vossle logo
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Vossle is a No-Code WebAR development SaaS platform with which businesses can create augmented reality in under 1 minute. It requires No-app downloads to experience world target, image target-based campaigns, games or face detection-based tryons using Vossle’s core AR+AI engine. En savoir plus

apprentice logo
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Apprentice is developing a world in which multi-tech systems such as augmented reality, computer vision and machine learning are used to empower scientists, engineers and manufacturers who operate in various complex, compliance-driven environments. It creates a synergistic relationship between man and technology, in which meaningful research, lifesaving... En savoir plus

augmenteed logo
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Our platform is based on the proprietary Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) App Builder that allows industrials to digitize their workflows without coding. We offer pre-configured templates with a wide range of features that allow companies to optimize and automate their workflows. This greatly improves the productivity of technicians on the front line. En savoir plus

proximie logo
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Proximie enables the effective transfer of clinical and surgical expertise in a simple, scalable and compliant fashion. En savoir plus

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