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AR and VR software presents users with a new take on reality. AR (augmented reality) software creates new objects and features for the physical reality. VR (virtual reality) software creates a completely new reality, acessible via special hardware. This software is progressing quickly, producing more and more realistic products. Reviews in this category provide information and ratings about all the popular tools.

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open hybrid logo
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Open Hybrid is a platform for interaction with everyday objects. It combines physical objects with the benefits of a flexible augmented user interface. En savoir plus

hololink logo
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Hololink is an intuitive drag and drop platform that allows using Augmented Reality to its full potential. Create interactive AR experiences in a few hours, with no coding needed. With WebAR, we make every AR experience instantly accessible on any smartphone, with no need to develop or download an app. En savoir plus

inscapear logo
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Inscape AR streamlines the creation of interactive AR content for industrial operations .It offers unrivalled productivity gains by overlaying step-by-step instructions ,context specific documentation or assistance tools to the real environment. It provides the unique capability to display technical documentation content directly on work-site. En savoir plus

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wikitude studio logo
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Wikitude Studio is a web-based AR solution that allows you to create, manage and publish your AR project from an mobile application. En savoir plus

wynkar logo
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Arimac is Sri lanka's premier end-to-end digital solutions provider in Mobile and Enterprise Solutions, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Immersive Technologies, and Game Design and Development. En savoir plus

streem logo
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Streem is on a mission to make the world’s expertise accessible to all. Streem enables organizations to sell and service their customers without limits or assumptions, multiplying their expertise with valuable context. Streem works seamlessly into existing processes and channel strategies across the entire CX journey and can be initiated in your... En savoir plus

easyar sdk logo
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EasyAR SDK is an Augmented Reality Engine, making AR easier and possible everywhere! En savoir plus

argear sdk logo
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ARGear is the SaaS based Augmented Reality Software to help app developers to implement Snapchat like AR features and contents for their own apps. Different from other AR solutions, ARGEAR platform is providing not only all-in-one AR SDK, but over 6,000 AR contents varied from AR stickers to avatars. It will offer the basic AR selfie features such as... En savoir plus

triple logo
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When customers immerse themselves in your products they convert faster, and more often. Tell your brand story in your customer's home with a fully branded AR app. Tightly integrate an AR experience with your existing channels using our deep links. En savoir plus

viscopic pins logo
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VISCOPIC Pins allows you to create Augmented Reality Step-by-Step manuals in the areas of production, maintenance, installation or training. With Augmented Reality, the right information will be pinpointed at the right time onto the right position of the real object. En savoir plus

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