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Révision le Dash par Albert Smith

One of the oldest cryptocurrency projects - dash

As a purpose of creation, Dash intends to improve Bitcoin in cooperation with Litecoin by completing transactions in a secure manner in order to speed up transactions. As a result, it uses the same blockchain as bitcoin. Its properties continue to improve.
On large exchanges, such as OKEx, Dash Binance is listed. It also assists in rewarding its users.
Dash debuted in the year 2014. Founder Evan Duffield has gone by many other names, including XCoin, darkcoin, and dash.
Dash has a highly beautiful design that emphasizes the website and makes it simple to use. Instant sending is one of the features provided.
Dash has had a lot of success in areas like self-government and finance.
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In recent years, the Dash project has seen a decline in reputation and price compared to the BTC pair compared to the early years of the currency's entry into the cryptocurrency market. Project officials need to provide more features to improve this situation, as well as apply new upgrades to the blockchain network.

Avantages et inconvénients

  • Purchases made with a debit card are possible.
  • contains self-contained technology
  • Web design is simple and elegant.
  • no cons