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Get the tickets you want at a cheaper price

4tix is like the official ticket retailer where you can buy tickets for almost any event in Germany. You can not only reserve seats (seating) but also standing room. It's even possible to order several ticke ts for one event and print them out at home with your own paper printer or - as I like best - save them on your mobile phone to show it at the door. Most major events are listed on 4tix right now, starting with the national soccer league all the way to Rock am Rhein festival. This review will show how easy it is to order tickets online and finally what kind of service do you get when something goes wrong . Let's go!
First thing first: The homepage looks quite professional, but is far from being self-explanatory.

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The basic idea of 4tix isn't very complicated: You browse through the events and order your desired seats/standing room. That's it!  But there are several terms that are probably not familiar to you if you don't live in Germany or didn't go to another concert before. First thing first - how does seating work? There are several possibilities ranging from floor spots to skyboxes with walls separating them. But what's crucial here is the difference between 'Tribüne' (bleachers) and 'Estrade' (floor). I recommend taking a look at 4tix interactive seating maps which give you an impression of all pricing zones without making you click through all available seats! Although this is very helpful, in the end, you have to choose between floor spots and bleachers.
Let's look at an example: When ordering tickets for a soccer match in Frankfurt, you can either stand with your friends in front of the field or sit down in one of the sections with barriers. That means you are able to leave your seat during breaks but can't fall back on it if somebody takes it while you are gone - saying 'security reasons'.  Don't make me quote "The lord has given, The Lord has taken" because that would be too ironic...

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4tix is the perfect place to buy tickets for just about any event in Germany. They offer a wide variety of seating options and ticketing services, ranging from standing room only all the way up to skyboxes with walls separating them.

Avantages et inconvénients

  • Secure your seats before they sell out
  • You don't have to deal with scalpers or long lines
  • 're always available for customer service
  • Some details