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Canon Speedlite 580EX Digital Cameras
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Des détails
Model Name1946B002
Skill LevelProfessional
Lens TypeZoom

À propos de Canon Speedlite 580EX Digital Cameras

Compatible avec tous les appareils photo EOS, Powershot-G9/G7/G6/G5/G3/G2/G1/S5 IS/Pro1/Pro90IS/Pro70. Temps de recyclage 20 % plus rapide par rapport au 580EX. Qualité de construction supérieure, y compris un pied en métal pour une plus grande rigidité. Nombre guide maximum 58 à 105 mm de réglage. Conversion automatique de la couverture du flash avec les appareils photo reflex numériques compatibles.

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I am delighted, the product is really worthy.

In general, I ordered from an online store - it came out to me at 15,000 with delivery - in my opinion, writing the cost in the cons is utter nonsense - the same Metz costs 13,000! Some pros: Powerful Head spinning in all directions Automation works great The "card" does not need to be tied with an elastic band like on parts of flashes :) very energy efficient VERY quickly ready for the next flash if not carried away by full momentum dust and moisture protection Has cons: Well, there is no auxiliary light, such as on Nissin 866 or Metz 58 She doesn't know how to take pictures without a camera :)

A valuable purchase, some advantages!

It makes no sense to take the 580EXII when the improved, more powerful and convenient 600 came out. 580EXII reliable, Japanese, it has been working for me for the third year. I have both models - 600EX and 580EXII, I'm satisfied, I have no complaints. Has some pros - powerful, slightly inferior in power to 600EX, imperceptibly in practice - bag included - head rotates, comfortable lock - Made in Japan Has cons: Sometimes it starts to blunt in ETTL mode, selects power incorrectly, overexposes. Rarely, but it happens.

Matches the description completely, very satisfied.

I just wanted "the best" and yes, I'm happy with the flash. Even in automatic mode there is room for fantasy. Buy a reflector! Pros below: 1) Hits hard (you can hit the ceiling at competitions in the gym) 2) I like the glare in the eyes when you lift the white plastic (photos of children and a cat are on top) 3) For portraits: turns and hits the reflector, everything works out well! Different cons: instruction for a pro, otherwise we'll kill ourselves to read . and for a non-professional who simply inserts TTL mode, it's too confusing

Reliable purchase, guaranteed to be a good purchase.

Before her was the 420th without a display. Heaven and earth, of course. I especially liked the metal leg and the quick clamp. It charges very quickly, the strobe mode is cool, the exposure compensation is +/- 3 stops (from the menu of my camera it would be possible only +/- 2), there is only one button for turning the head in any direction (the 420 had a separate button for up / down and left/right button). In general, the top, there is no alternative.

Pros & cons

  • Top notch, what can I say. Charging speed, metal leg, convenient operation.
  • I wanted the user functions to be described on the flash display, and not just in the instructions. Of course, they are rarely needed, but still.

The perfect purchase for me, exactly what I was looking for!

My personal experience of using the product Canon Speedlite 580EX Digital Cameras. The head is slightly loose. Also, the shoe mount also sometimes staggers, generating false puffs at the same time - but here the problem is more likely in the camera itself. When the lamp degrades, the IGBT transistor may fail, as a result of which the flash will either not work at all, or will always shoot at full power. It is treated by replacing both.

Pros & cons

  • Powerful Head rotates to almost any angle Dust-moisture protection Good build quality Large user friendly display
  • Not seen

I like everything, the quality is good, the price is reasonable.

Today I will present you my review of the product Canon Speedlite 580EX Digital Cameras. This is not a flash - this is a whole spotlight!)) It is absolutely not suitable as an automatic non-straining flash - you must sit, study and adjust! But the result will exceed all expectations) The only gripe is that it dangles somehow strangely in the Canon 350d socket . It seems to hold up well, but staggers. Scary)

Pros & cons

  • In a word - top of the line!
  • I ate 4 batteries in 4 hours.

Everything about the purchase suits me, a very necessary product.

Good model, it's a pleasure to work with her, works great on auto. When special shooting conditions, you can switch to manual mode and set all the parameters for yourself. Feel free to take it - you won't be disappointed for sure. =================== in my copy, if you do not pull out the batteries - in the flash off - they sit down in a couple of three weeks. As a result, a constant flight - I grab the flash - and the bats turn out to be empty or half empty, which disrupts the shooting . I don't know - everyone is like this and IS IT NORMAL? or my copy with marriage? Haven't found any info on this one anywhere.

The right product for me, there were no problems.

Frightening behavior when discharging: the screen lights up, but the flash does not fire. The first time around, it can be shocking. And plus, it’s hard to understand that now the flash will sit down - it works normally almost to the end, and then it drops off sharply. Given that there is enough charge for three or four shots, this can really fail. Everything else is perfect.

Pros & cons

  • Power, charge speed, ease of removal and installation, ease of turning the head
  • Actually only three: 1) charge indication 2) not ignited built-in 3) I would very much like a button for quickly turning off the flash, but continuing to work with the focus backlight - otherwise it’s a long time to climb through the camera for this.

Good product at a good price, I recommend to try it.

In general, the top-end flash somehow does not pull on the status of "professional", but that's exactly what it is called. It is used with crops, and with different 1D and 1Ds . Because there is no other. It's all about the marketers. They (the bastards) do not allow to release a normal product, so that people do not change it for 10 years later. These are the laws of the market economy. The scoop is dead =(

Pros & cons

  • The best flash from Canon. Considering this, it is not at all expensive. Powerful. Comfortable. The head turns in any direction. Built-in flasher and diffuser. Protected body. A lot of settings, convenient buttons.
  • There is no battery level indicator. It's just ridiculous - well, WHAT prevented him from doing it? Idiocy. Reload time is THREE seconds. If my camera has a rate of fire of 6 frames per second, how many frames are lost? Horror.

No complaints, I recommend to buy.

The most important! In a strange way, immediately after the expiration of the warranty period, the flash died. In a strange way, immediately after the warranty period, the 40D camera and the EF-S 17-85 lens broke down . How so ? What is Canon's plan so that service centers do not stand idle !? The most annoying thing is that we are very pedantic people and have treated and treat technology in the most careful way. I somehow doubted the work of Canon. The lens broke while shooting a wedding, and the camera and flash broke during a studio shoot. The aperture lens was changed (3.5- repair), the shutter button was changed in the camera (1.5- replacement), while the camera mileage was small, 38-39 thousand frames. And the flash just refused to work the power board. Nothing burned, nothing came off, it just stopped working. And in the service center they have been fighting for 2 weeks and cannot understand what kind of part is out of order. and the new board costs like half a flash 8 So I'm

I'm very happy with the product, it's very satisfying.

Let me start by saying that the flash was really impressive. With a lowered reflector and a raised head, it shines through a room of 60 square meters. m. with ceilings of 6 m. Even the iso did not have to be bullied. What surprised me was that with its power it is very economical. Before that, I sat on Sony, so compared to them, the 580th generally feeds on air and at the same time eats away batteries to zero. It charges very quickly and is silent. If you like the whistling sound when charging the flash, then I do not recommend this device to you))) The head rotates 360 degrees, which is very convenient. When working in wireless mode, it clearly catches the impulse. Automation works fine, almost no need to use correction. The only minus found is the lack of a low battery indicator, Canon never made one. Inconvenient, more than once the batteries have run out at the most inopportune moment. The only way to determine that the batteries are dead is by the flash ready indicator that does…

The price/quality ratio is great, I will buy again.

Everything has already been said, for canon this is the best flash, I use it with canon EOS 5D Mark II. My photos can be viewed on the website www. Bfoto. Ru and on photos. I will write only how to use it correctly indoors, the most common mistake and the most frequently asked question (this does not apply to the pros). Set the camera to M mode, flash to the ceiling - aperture of your choice, shutter speed 1/200, iso 200 - the exposure slider on the camera will show -2 - underexposure - dark frame - do not look at it! Shoot boldly! and adjust the exposure with the power of the flash itself, as a rule it is +1 or +2 - this is enough in most cases. Good luck!

Pros & cons

  • power! automation is on top, it selects the ideal exposure itself, charge speed, ease of removal and installation
  • no low battery indicator.

Great product, best quality.

The flash head has a little play, so mine is nothing compared to how the "head" of the SB-900 dangles. Here, many write that there is no battery charge level . So, in theory, this level is not in more than one flash, even more than that, it is not in more than one amateur camera that runs on finger batteries. The battery starts blinking stupidly with some kind of icon . And after 5-10 minutes it dies . The manufacturer could, of course, intelligently insert branded batteries at 1500 apiece, if you had a battery charge =) Here, after all, the only thing that formed the basis was that these very finger-type batteries are available and cheap. for the same reason, they were stuck in bat. Blocks. There are certain sensors in the battery through which the camera determines the level of charge. And this is not the case with finger batteries. Do you think the manufacturer intentionally does not put a charge measurement sensor. It's not like that, they've been working on it for a long time…

Wonderful quality, one hundred percent satisfied!

Here is my real review after a considerable time of using the product Canon Speedlite 580EX Digital Cameras. Cool puff! Works flawlessly! the case is at the highest level (this is the smoothness of turning the head and pressing the buttons and the case which is not afraid of rain, it’s checked) Power is something. it’s better than 430th in everything, this is understandable . this is a top professional flash! a thing in a word.

Pros & cons

  • - 360 degree head rotation - recharge speed - case dust-moisture protected -master flash mode -display backlight - buttons are comfortable unlike 430 - autofocus illumination - Batteries last a long time
  • -I haven’t revealed it yet, except that I also want the battery level.