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Olympus OM D Mark Silver Body
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Des détails
Model NameOlympus OM-D E-M5 Mark II
Form FactorSLR-style mirrorless
Skill LevelAmateur
Lens TypeBody-only

À propos de Olympus OM D Mark Silver Body

Le puissant système de stabilisation d'image du moteur à bobine mobile 5 axes réduit considérablement le flou résultant du bougé de l'appareil photo. Température de fonctionnement : 32 104°F/0 40°C. Capteur Live MOS 16MP avec mode de prise de vue haute résolution 40MP. Prise de vue séquentielle à haute vitesse de 10 images par seconde. Full HD 1080 : 60p, 30p, 25p, 24p capacités vidéo avec mise au point maximale. Grand viseur électronique de 235 millions de points. Wi-Fi intégré, mode de mise au point : AF servo continu (C), mise au point manuelle (M), AF servo unique (S), points de mise au…

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High-quality product, the price corresponds to the quality.

For a long time I chose a replacement for my old Fujifilm X-T10. In shooting photos, he more than suited me, especially with the f1.4 bomb lens, but shooting a video with him was a pain…Voir la critique complète

The ratio of price and quality is very pleasing, I will repeat the purchase.

Before that, I shot on Sony cameras (even since Minolta). Sold the whole zoo of lenses and decided to try Olympus. Very happy with the purchase. I am pleased with the pattern of lenses, stylish look, the possibility of settings and built-in filters. For the last couple of years I have been shooting exclusively on the iPhone, but here I got a second wind and again happily took a great interest in photography.Voir la critique complète

Great quality, happy with it one hundred percent!

I have been using Olympus since mirror times. The brand produces sufficiently high-quality and tenacious cameras stuffed with various technologies.Voir la critique complète

Pros & cons

  • Quality / price / size ratio. One of the best stabilizers. Autofocus speed.
  • The trouble with all Olympus is a confusing menu and increased requirements for the level of a photographer. Not the most budget optics for crop

The best I ever used, recommend it to everybody.

Suitable for amateur photographers and tourism (which is 95%.99% of camera owners): not heavy, pleasant to wear, take pictures in any weather, show up with it, and the quality of photos is noticeably better than that of a smartphone. All this adds a lot of pleasure to the process of photographing. Has some pros Stylish retro design and workmanship: Compared to the Olympus M5iii and even the Olympus M10iv, the Nikon Z fc feels like a child's disposable plastic toy. Moisture dust protected, frost-resistant. Relatively small and light compared to full frames and even more so medium format - about the same as the old rangefinders (FED-3, Laika), a little lighter in weight. Functions: stabilizer (up to 1.2 seconds with a 90 mm equiv lens), livecomp for night shooting. Got cons: For this class of shortcomings I do not remember. For professional shooting of sports in the dark - devices of a different class, dimensions and weight are better sVoir la critique complète

It was a reasonable purchase, I will order more.

We decided to buy after renting the E-m1 mark ii a couple of times and realizing that this is a crazy camera. We started looking, but in our city they sell e-m5 m3 for 30k cheaper, and even with 45mm 1.8 (a fairy tale, not a lens) and a second battery as a gift. It's just a find. Considering that the "Brains" and the e-m5 sensor got from one, they did not see the point in overpaying for a more comfortable grip, increased burst speed and a couple more functions. Autofocus was compared head-on. Everything is absolutely identical to the unit. Tracking - excellent, continuous - excellent. We especially felt this in the video. Since tracking or continuous autofocus in 10k is simply impossible to use - it is slow and stupid. And here we were simply shocked by its speed and accuracy. Now there is no point in twisting manually. Shooting close-ups in dance breaks at a banquet on autofocus with 45 mm wide open and perfect focus - easy, perfectly woVoir la critique complète

I am satisfied, the product fully corresponds to the description.

I took the camera in tandem with the FF for several tasks: - write video - copes perfectly well - try different exotic lenses for me, such as fisheye, macro, telephoto lenses - excellent - to have a small camera that you are not too lazy to carry with you - similarly. I compared in parallel images with FF on "fifty dollars" - on basic ISO when converting RAV, the difference comes down to the depth of field, and if the FF is clamped, then only to the aspect ratio. Yes, the basic color reproduction is different, but everything is quickly reduced to one result in a couple of slider movements. So there is no mythical color rendition of either Kenon or Olympus, unless of course you shoot only in jeeps. Moreover, I did not find magic FF on basic ISOs. Wouldn't recommend for action or portraits. I wrote about autofocus above, the working ISO does not allow you to work with short shutter speeds in case of lack of light. Good portVoir la critique complète