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Sony Interchangeable Digital Camera SELP1650
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Model NameAlpha 6000 / ILCE-6000 16-50 / 3,5-5,6 PZ OSS (SELP-1650)
Form FactorMirrorless
Skill LevelProfessional
Special FeatureShutter Priority
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À propos de Sony Interchangeable Digital Camera SELP1650

Le tout dernier capteur CMOS Exmor® HD APS 24,3 mégapixels de Sony ; Mise au point automatique Fast Hybrid avancé ; SVGA Tru-Finder™. Objectif zoom 16-50 mm inclus.

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Lousy product, very low quality.

The camera is great, but not worth the money! All the charms of this camera are spoiled by a serial marriage, as with previous models! I bought a camera mainly for recording video, but there is a constant squeak in the sound track at intervals of a second. Googling a little, it turned out that the same problem exists on NEX 6 - 7. At first, Sony support told different tales, ranging from a super sensitive microphone to a revolutionary shutter and autofocus system, they talked about the squeak from the shutter, then they began to tell about the fact that the squeak causes autofocus. But, when the focus is completely switched to manual mode, in the complete rest of the camera, this squeak is also present on the audio track. The squeak is not at all like the sound caused by the camera mechanism, it is similar to the sound from the game Wait a minute, at the moment when the eggs fall into the basket, only more muffled, it can also be compared with the sound of an electronic timer. The…

The product is completely satisfied, performs its functions.

I bought this camera in the hope of replacing an outdated video camera, but as the first test video showed, the old camera will still serve. The camera gave an overheating message after about 25 minutes, and then after another 15 minutes it turned off and refused to turn on until it cooled down. Skipping a lecture at which I decided to check the duration of the video mode was about 20 minutes, which is quite a lot. There are no complaints about the quality of the photo for this camera. Complaints about the 16-50 lens, photos are blurred in autofocus, you can adjust the sharpness on the subject being shot with manual focus, but you have to tinker.

Pros & cons

  • Speed, photo quality.
  • overheating during long video shooting.

I recommend to buy, the product is of high quality.

I have an old 450D DSLR and a Canon S95 compact. Not a pro, just an amateur. I thought I needed a replacement for the S95, but its sensor is too small. Well, there is no video autofocus - these were probably the main complaints about it. Bought an A6000. Opinions are purely subjective based on a comparison of what is. S95 - with its 2.0 aperture at the short end, it does an excellent job with everything that the a6000 can do, of course the A6000 has less noise, but the sensor is larger. The speed of work is very debatable - I would give the S95. In the daytime, all cameras take the same photos, even when viewed on a monitor with magnification. I put Canon 50 through the adapter on the a6000, but it still works better on the SLR, the picture from the SLR is better with the same settings. There is, as they say, air in the frame. Sony is kind of screwed up. And vice versa - when you shoot in JPEG on Sonya, it seems to me that the camera itself lathers the background, in AV. On a DSLR…

Good value for money, I recommend it.

Chose for a long time. Now numerous retro-style mirrorless cameras are striking, if you are primarily interested in external shine, then this camera probably will not work. Everything here is modest and to the point. I took it as a second camera to a full-frame Nikon, I practically didn’t have to get used to it. The menu is convenient and logical, a bunch of programmable buttons and two wheels. Comfortable grip even with one hand. I solved the problem of expensive lenses with an adapter for one and a half thousand to Nikon's fixes, of which I have several. (with aperture ring) Manually focusing is easy - the viewfinder and zoom help. Sharpness, bokeh - everything is like the big ones. The machine is working correctly. In general, most of the time, the disk is set to "auto" - for a street it is quite enough, although the whale lens is a "C grade" compared to fixes. Disadvantages: slow-witted - turns on for a long time, pictures are deleted for a long time - every second 2. This is…

Reliable purchase, guaranteed to be a good purchase.

Great replacement for an entry-level DSLR like the Canon 1100D in my case. After reading a bunch of reviews, I took it!. Two lenses included 16-55 and 55-210, both with stubs (stabilizer). for 41000. After 2 weeks I took 50mm 1.8 and here is a complete buzz: fast, accurate, beautiful, expensive lenses but they are worth it: metal, glass. The video is totally awesome! Tracking auto focus works, keeps the target, the video quality is excellent, 60 frames, Full HD. There will be questions write.

Pros & cons

  • Fast, hybrid auto focus! Colors! Quality!
  • The battery and then after the SLR.

The best I ever used, recommend it to everybody.

Bought to replace my Sony A77 SLR camera. The reason for replacing with this camera was the weight of my DSLR: when hiking with a backpack, the weight of the load means a lot. In terms of all the technical characteristics, the A6000 was similar to my camera, something was improved and added (more focus points, 4D autofocus, zebra for detecting highlights). Unlike other mirrorless cameras - a very comfortable grip, comfortable to hold, all buttons and controls are accessible. I really liked the presence of Wi-Fi, it helps to use the phone as a remote control, much more convenient and better than the self-timer. It lags a little with increasing distance, but this can be put up with. My conclusion is this: the device is very worthy, convenient and a good alternative to a SLR camera.

Pros & cons

  • Size, weight, high quality shooting, fast focusing.
  • Expensive lenses, weak battery.

Great quality, did not expect at all for the price.

Thanks to the large CMOS sensor, the quality of photos and videos is not much worse than on CCD. I liked it works very fast, there is almost no noise. SLR on CCD is better when compared with digital, this is the best entry-level option. Who cares, the matrix here is five but not CCD The flash drive is suitable for SD XC and SD HC. I downloaded the official firmware, reflashed the camera. I took a spare branded battery, the charge holds well for 5 hours of video recording easily, 2 batteries last for a whole day. Not heated slightly warm. Sony screwed up with this model inside the matrix control processor is the same as on a cheap soap dish! Therefore, this device has nothing to do in manual mode. Takes off half its value.

A very high-quality product, I take it not for the first time.

In addition to the A6000, there is the A7, zeiss FE lenses make both of these cameras perform at their best. The camera is definitely not for professional photography, but for artistic and amateur photography. It is comfortable, nimble and small. For traveling people with enough money for batteries and good lenses, this is the best choice. I shoot it with pleasure, which I myself did not particularly expect. Previously, there were kenons 450, 5, 5mk2, a99 - I used it only when I needed it for work, I use the same camera almost every day.

The quality is at the level, I am satisfied with everything.

I got into mobile photography a couple of years ago. on Samsung S3, Note 3, Note 4. It turns out not bad, everyone likes it, but there has always been a desire to develop in the photo direction. SLR cameras were intimidating in size. Although a couple of years ago I was ready to buy a canon 1100d, they dissuaded me in time. And finally decided. I read forums and settled on Sony a6000 and Olympus OMD e10. in the store they gave me both cameras in my hands and in a direct comparison, Sony turned out to be much faster and gave higher detail, although I liked the Olympus a little more with the design. I was embarrassed that the screen does not turn on itself (Suddenly a video blogger wakes up in me?), but the consultant showed me how to install my phone on the camera and display the image from the camera on the screen of my phone. I ended up buying it and am very happy with my choice. To take good pictures, you still need to learn, but the video is always very cool. Two weeks later, I…

Not exactly the product I wanted, price and quality don't match.

I would like to see the price of the A6000 at the level of 20-22 sput. However, at the time of writing, the camera is even slightly more expensive than higher-end mirrorless cameras. So, if you just like Sony in all its manifestations, you can safely skip my review, take a camera and be glad that it takes pictures many times better than any phone. For everyone else - an objective assessment of the A6000 relative to its price. So, all Sony mirrorless cameras (and not only Sony ones) have a feature - they focus for a long time and smear in the dark. Previously, this could be attributed to the features of the contrast autofocus, but in the a6000, Sony claims the presence of a hybrid AF. At first I was excited when I heard about it, so I decided to immediately check how well it works. I put the turned-off Vita in front of me, I focus on the screen - the focus cannot be visited for a long time and, as a result, it is not induced. I take a Fujifilm camera (also with a hybrid focus), and it…

The best price for such a product, I will buy more!

The main disadvantage of Sony e-mount is the lack of choice of optics. Either expensive or not at all. Sony, wow! Do you still want to become industry leaders?! The telephoto had to be bought from kenon, a sigma adapter. And you should not always listen to what Sony consultants in Hong Kong say, most of them do not know their own equipment. I don't understand who is to blame. one told me that the video does not have a frame rate at all, but is simply filmed in a constant mode. Called many times, often incompetent.

The best purchase in my life, I will definitely buy it again.

I really liked the focus during video recording, not a single "reflex camera" could do that with me. I am not a professional, and not my first camera, but it is the best among SLR cameras that I know. The most compact and comfortable in the hand, fits in a bag (this is important for me, because I'm always traveling) I don't bother with the settings, because even on a car you get cool photos. There are practically no blurry pictures, because I use the 4D focus mode, this gives instant focus throughout the frame, which most of all influenced my choice. Of the minuses, as I wrote above, this is a touch screen. A similar 5100 model has touch autofocus, but unfortunately it is not here, but this is not such a significant minus, so I am very pleased with my choice. If you want to buy a DSLR because of quality - take your time, this is already the last century, such a system camera is in no way inferior to them, and even better than many in quality.

Exactly as promised by the manufacturer, high quality.

I bought a Canon 650 SLR to replace it, was suspicious of the declared characteristics, read a lot about it, but as soon as I picked it up, I immediately fell in love, and I won’t return to the SLR again))). It’s elementary simple, even for someone who holds the camera for the first time, it makes little noise at high ISOs, I photograph everything, but most often my little daughter, the pictures are always sharp, although the child is always on the move, gorgeous landscapes, portraits, color reproduction is perfect, I recommend it to everyone !

Feel free to buy, for such a price, the quality is simply amazing.

There was an idea to stop at Olympus E-M1, it is painfully praised. Convinced of the comparison, I chose 6000. More megapixels, more matrix, much less noise at high ISOs, more comfortable in my hand (the slippery Olympus just wanted to escape from my hands, and this camera is not intended for video shooting at all), the ability to hook lenses through the ring other manufacturers (including full-frame), and of course the price is much less!

Pros & cons

  • Compact lightweight size 24 MP Autofocus (179 focus points) Continuous shooting 11fps Convenient 2 control wheels WiFi
  • No microphone jack No touch display

A very high-quality product, I take it not for the first time.

I am not a professional photographer and I do not exhibit my work at exhibitions . but I love taking pictures. I bought myself a Sony NEX 5R with an 18-55 lens to start with. I trained and realized that such a lens, like a camera, is not enough for me. I sold and bought a Sony a6000 and a separately used 18-200 lens. With this lens, the camera is very heavy. The excitement knew no bounds. On the very first day, I clicked with my wife a couple of such photographs that my friends do not believe that we shot like this. The pictures are professional. The video hasn't been filmed yet. I don't think it shoots well. On issues of ergonomics and menus . if something does not suit you, then you have not used canon yet . You just have to get used to the menu. Pleased with the viewfinder. Of course, it is not optical, but it is very convenient when the sun is shining and the screen is getting blind. Whale lens . like a soap dish. Suitable as a stub for a carcass. Well, or if you want to take

The best purchase in my life, I will definitely buy it again.

I have been using the camera for three years. Very happy with the purchase. It allows you to take pictures of fairly high quality and at the same time fits in your pocket and has almost no weight. A great solution for travelers or a girl photographer (beginner). Quietly works practically in extreme conditions: in the Siberian cold, in sand, mud, high humidity. When I first bought it, it seemed that I would break it quickly. Already very small and flimsy, she seemed to me next to the MarkII. However, what she just did not survive during these years of joint travel: she fell under the downpour, dipped in tea, fell on the concrete floor, endured heat and cold. Recently, while running away from a dog, I stepped on the camera strap and it flew with excellent acceleration on the asphalt. They fought off the dog, picked up the camera and continued to shoot calmly. KIT 16-50 will be the envy of any average DSLR. Sharp and ultra-compact. But not too artistic and there is a vignette around…

Excellent quality, absolutely not expected for such a price.

In 2022 I bought nex-5, at that time the camera was gorgeous, and opened up great opportunities in terms of manual old optics from different systems. In 2022 I decided to upgrade the camera, the choice was between a6000 and a6500, but since 4k video was not particularly interesting, silent shooting was also not a panacea, and the matrix stub seemed to be something unnecessary, and the double overpayment completely outweighed the choice on the a6000. When switching from the old NEX-5 to the a6000, I was very pleasantly surprised by both the ergonomics and the presence of a viewfinder, and the quality and speed of autofocus was beyond praise. Now UPCs are on par with SLR cameras in terms of autofocus speed.

I like the product, the quality did not disappoint.

The most important plus for me is the compactness and low weight of the whale. Before that, I had an amateur DSLR, despite the excellent pictures, with its heaviness, it overshadowed more than one trip for me. It’s convenient to take Sonya with you not only for the sake of photographing some event, but also just for every fireman. It does not require a separate bag. I put it in a case and in my usual backpack. On the other hand, the kit does not provide a good focal range, so I have a 50-200mm zoom, its dimensions and weight are appropriate . Of my native budget lenses, I liked the 35-ka. Sharpness is good, beautiful bokeh, focusing speed is better than on a whale, compactness.

The product suited me, I will recommend it to my friends.

I am writing a review specifically about the Sony Alpha A6000 Kit, since in this configuration the price is equal to the cost of the carcass (even if you still have optics from previous nexes, like me, the new 16-50 will be useful, although it is no secret that it is only for unpretentious use, mediocre soap glass). Fifty dollars 1.8 OSS works faster than on nex'e, but it still takes a long time (for responsible shooting, I advise you to bring it manually), with a pancake, whale zooms, the camera scribbles until the buffer is clogged. In bad light, learn to shoot on manual settings: today I shot the Mercury Tower in Hong Kong City on a machine gun with a fifty dollars. Dark time of the day, dense fog (upper floors with the naked eye, as in milk) - the glass did not focus for 1.5 minutes. When opening the built-in flash, I advise you to hold it with your finger - it will last longer. Camera universal, add. the costs that it will require - a remote (24 megapixels, nevertheless, will

One of the best deals, glad I bought this.

I took it exclusively for shooting at home and for travel. It is comfortable to hold in your hands, you get used to the device quite quickly, I really liked that it is possible to tilt the display in different directions, which is undoubtedly convenient, especially when using a tripod. The quality of the pictures is quite decent, especially on a regular lens (I haven’t taken a replacement one yet). With the right settings of modes, light and other things, the photos are of very good quality. For those who are not very strong in all settings and take pictures exclusively for themselves and friends, there are modes with automatic settings, I really liked the panorama mode (although you need to get used to it at first).