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The app works perfectly, I love that it can be used anywhere with internet connection! It's also easy to use from different devices (tablet/phone). One thing we noticed was how slow some pages load sometimes but they have been working hard at making sure this gets fixed quickly in future updates :) As mentioned before everything worked fine when testing - no issues there whatsoever so all 5 stars!! Having one place where employees could send their documents electronically has reduced paper waste drastically as well. I like that it's easy to use - my only critique would be some issues with uploading documents in larger file formats, not being able upload large files via their website (which they are aware), which means you'll need another service such as Dropbox or Google Drive etc., but these other services have added advantages too! Secure storage & sharing information between colleagues. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Very light weight, great customer service! Lack of flexibility, hard time developing in the way you want to structure content or design sites, not as flexible as Wordpress at this point. Recommendations to others considering the product:It is pretty useful tool that can allow you quickly put together marketing collateral for your company, but just don't expect much from it. The more sophisticated the project (complex dynamic site build) the harder it becomes. Building static marketing pages with ease without needing technical knowledge. Prepr's concept is very solid and allows for full freedom and functionality from the software. Their focus on "product design" is much needed, but the actual system doesn't allow for truly good UI for end customers. The only problems Solved, are the immediate problems by offering the headless API (which doesn't have a ton of restrictions and is in-sync with the UI). Benefits include the ability to easily implement a CMS system for any project and to allow multiple teams to have access (even if they aren't web developers) in a single system. The benefits here is for our specific use case, the concept is fantastic to have one source of truth for our web pages, so we feel we can work more effectively. .देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Using Ascent Solutions was an easy task when researching small businesses, medium sized businesses, and large corporations. As a small business owner myself, when searching for online resources about a topic, I often turn to Google first. However, I've found many times over that the search returns me with blog posts relating to that exact same subject. This happens quite frequently with regards to small business marketing; hence why I think it's the perfect tool to utilize before you start planning your next ad campaign. By entering your keyword(s) into the tool, you're shown related blogs along with a few other articles to read to gain further insight. You're also presented with statistics such as average number of comments per post, domain age, and the most popular social media site used in regards to that particular article. If you'd prefer, you may also add categories to the search query, which will narrow down your options to ensure you don't miss any key pieces of information. With that said, while this is definitely a go-to option for those looking to improve their knowledge base, overall experience with the website isn't exactly flawless. For example, I noticed that occasionally there may be links that aren't functioning properly, and that I need to refresh the page after logging in. I love using Ascent Solutions as a research tool for small businesses. Their simple interface makes it easy to run quick searches across over 100 million US companies and discover interesting facts about each company within minutes. What I especially like about the site is that each company summary includes links to useful resources like Google Finance and Wikipedia about the company. Ascent Solutions isn’t perfect—the company info doesn’t include all relevant details and some keywords won’t produce many search results, but overall it’s a pretty solid resource.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Quilters Consignment

Quilters Consignment is a website where you can buy and sell quilting items. You can also contact other people in the same area if they have any quilting materials to give away! A simple search through the site provides an array of options for one to choose from, but if you want something very specific such as a certain colour or type, then Quilters Consignment has provided an option that allows you to type in exactly what it is that you're looking for. This site contains all kinds of quilt fabrics and patterns, including those not easily found at your local store. It includes those with up and coming designers who don't quite make it into mainstream stores yet (yay for independent artists!) which gives you a chance to buy their stuff before you can easily find it in your area! The homepage is very user friendly and categories are conveniently arranged. When you arrive at this site, all of the most recent quilting items that have been posted are on the front page for easy access. The prices are clearly listed above each item, giving you an idea of what you need for whatever your budget may be. Not only does Quilters Consignment provide new merchandise everyday, they also give away many great tips for beginners when it comes to making quilts with written tutorials or video demos which can be found on their 'Resource Center' . They have information about financial assistance if necessary, but unfortunately I could not locate anything about community support groups. Their blog has also been updated recently, so it's worth checking that out as well! It's nice to see that Quilters Consignment is dedicated to what they do and knows who their clientele are. Shopping here is easy-peasy with PayPal as an option for secure transactions. Of course, the site also accepts all major credit cards which provides convenience for many people. Categories are clearly marked which makes browsing a breeze. You can use the 'Site Search' or simply click on one of the categories listed at the top of the page to navigate through your results list. The search bar even remembers your last keyword(s) entered in case you're looking for something specific again—a great feature! Quilters Consignment is a site where you can buy and sell quilting items. It has all kinds of fabric, patterns, tutorials for beginners on how to make quilts with written or video demos that are available in the Resource Center. You can also contact other people near you if they have any material to give away! The blog posts are updated recently as well which provides great information about financial assistance and community support groups nearby Quilters Consignment.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Today, I'm going to share with you guys my review about one interesting e-commerce site from Philadelphia called RevZilla . I happened to find this site when I was searching for a motorcycle helmet. I've been into motorcycles long enough and fitting the right kind of motorcycle helmets is a must if you prefer riding safely. One thing that got me interested was their Helmet Fitting Guide video which offers step by step procedures on how to choose the right size of a motorcycle helmet for your head. Their guide includes videos too so it's easy for anyone to get an idea about what exactly should be done in order to get the perfect fit. Although, considering each individual might have different tastes and preferences, it still be best to try out the helmet first before purchasing. Riding motorcycles is fun especially if you can do it safely with the right gear. RevZilla offers a wide selection of motorcycle helmets that include the most popular brands like HJC , Shoei and more! If you're looking for motorcycle helmets for sale , check out their website now! They also offer free shipping, live chat or phone supportin case you need any help processing your order. As for me, I already found my perfect motorcycle helmet which is Shark Raw . Before buying this product at Amazon, I checked out RevZilla to compare prices and they actually offered a much lower price than what other shops are selling it. Plus points for that! Apart from the shop itself, what really caught my eyes were their blog and tech videos! How can anyone not like to watch those tech videos? I've been a tech geek for as long as I can remember so seeing such great tech reviews made me even more interested in trying out other cool stuff they have available. For example, this Gorilla Glass Test video shows how strong gorilla glass is compared to traditional glass! How it works is that they're going to take a pointy object and scratch a sample of both kinds of glass which will eventually show us whether Gorilla Glass really holds up or not. .देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Fabric Wholesale Direct is an online wholesale fabric store that offers over 20,000 cotton print fabrics at discount rates to both retail buyers and businesses. Originally created in 2001 by 4 dedicated textile professionals searching for beautiful fabrics at wholesale prices, FabricWholesaleDirect has grown to become the leading supplier of high-quality flower print fabric . With many years of experience in the silk fabric industry, The company has established very close business relationships with cotton print manufacturers all around the world to offer their customers a diverse range of products. From apparel prints to home decor & craft fabrics; Fabric Wholesale Direct's extensive collection includes florals, geometrics, vintage prints and modern art designs in bright colors or pastels. Over the years, FabricWholesaleDirect has rapidly grown to become one of the top sources for fabric wholesale in USA. However, not only do they provide their customers with high-quality cotton fabrics but also excellent customer service and fast delivery options… Let us take a closer look at this company's business model & current offers … First I will try to answer the following questions : What are Fabric Wholesale Direct goods sold at? What are Fabric Wholesale Direct prices? How can you order from Fabric Wholesale Direct ? How does your order ship ? Are any shipping restrictions applicable on orders ? Are there any discounts available on orders placed with them? Can I request samples before placing an order with them? Are there any Fabric Wholesale Direct coupon codes available? What are Fabric Wholesale Direct goods sold at ? To answer this question, I will take the example of their all-time best-selling (and gorgeous) 'tulip floral' cotton print fabric collection : This particular flower print fabric is available in three different colorways: Teal & Pink / Turquoise / Neon Orange; Brown & Blue / Navy & Aqua / Coral Pink; Peach colorway. Size options offered (for each colorway) are 1/2 yard to 5 yards+ . Fabric's wholesale price range starts from $4.95 per yard and goes up to $8.18 per yard . If you buy 3 or more yards for This company seems to offer some beautiful prints, but their prices are high for what you are getting. You can buy three yards of fabric at JoAnn Fabrics for the price they charge for one yard of the fabric. Fabric Wholesale Direct is a wholesale fabric store that offers over 20,000 cotton print fabrics at discount rates to both retail buyers and businesses. They have been in the textile industry for many years and offer customer's access to beautiful prints from all around the world.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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I had recently ordered some items from AlexAndAlexa store. This is a small shop managed by two sisters who are selling all kinds of cute things for kids at very low prices. Their store can be found here: So, first impression of the site was that it looks pretty neat and professional. After about 2 weeks I received my order, but then I needed to go on a business trip so I wasn’t able to open it till now (I am writing this article after returning back home). All the products were inside VERY nice gift bags with their brand logo on top! It felt like opening gifts prepared by Santa Lala :) Also there was a personal note included saying "Enjoy your purchase!" :) After opening the bags I was really pleased. My order consisted of 4 items - 2 felted balls, 2 sets of wooden beads and an elastic hair band for kids in a form of cute little ears (happy bunnies). The quality is great - the colors are bright and really pretty, everything looks very durable. Also I like that they included extra set of hair bands in case something happens to them (they don’t fit my daughter right now, but she will definitely grow into them soon;)). I liked one ball so much that I am planning to order it for myself because it feels very nice in hands :) All the items came packed individually with their brand logo on top which gave me an option to use it as a gift packaging :) I am very pleased with my order and I can definitely recommend AlexAndAlexa store to everyone ! Their products are great, the prices are even better - you can hardly find such beautiful items for this low price elsewhere! Note: The products mentioned above were provided by the company or their PR for unbiased review purposes.  However, we declare no association between our blog and companies we review.  This blog contains affiliate (referral) links which help support our work keeping it free for consumers. AlexAndAlexa is a small, family run business that sells beautiful items for kids at very low prices. They offer everything from handmade felt balls to wooden bead sets and even an adorable hair band in the form of cute little bunny ears! The quality of all their products are great - colors are bright and they're durable which makes them perfect for children who love to play hard. I loved one particular ball so much that I've ordered it for myself because it feels really nice in my hands :) All AlexAndAlexa's items come beautifully packaged with their logo on top which you can use as gift packaging if needed.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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I am a designer in various creative fields and I design for print, web and multimedia. I also have my own online shop from where you can buy hand drawn greeting cards. I got familiar with the FabAlley site when they contacted me about designing some designs for them (artwork was already made by another person). So we were negotiating back and forth trying to make both of us happy but unfortunately this never happened. My invoice is still unpaid since november 2011 despite numerous reminders sent through their communication channels which include emails, facebook messages, comments on their wall posts or tweets at them: My invoices are not paid even though my account has been closed in December last year (they did that after an email request from me) I have to say that this has been the worst experience with a company I've ever had. They ignore my emails, facebook messages, comments on their wall posts or tweets at them but they have plenty of time for making new adds and writing happy stories about their customers who supposedly love FabAlley and are very satisfied clients. Finally I asked for my money back since it was impossible to work together and they made an offer which would put me in losing position so I decided not to accept anymore excuses and solutions and just ask for my money back. Period . But even then.. nothing happened till now (June 2013). So there is no way for me except posting this article here explaining why you shouldn't your business with this company. To sum it up my experiences with them were: * They were extremely slow with replying to emails, wall posts and tweets (they take days if not weeks). I've noticed the same thing when other designers made complains about their invoices or money back issues which they can't solve due to lack of communication channels working properly on their site. # FabAlley response on that issue was : " We are always available 24x7 at [email protected] ". Here is link to original blog post where you can read for yourself what other people think about their communication channels not working properly: # FabAlley is extremely hard to reach, their live chat service does not work (the same as all other communication channels except the ticketing system and twitter). I've tried for a few months using different browsers and computers till I gave up on it and opened an invoice dispute through Paypal when they stopped replying to emails after several reminders. Their website says that you can contact them 24x7 but this obviously isn't true since I was unable to reach them at all despite my daily attempts (I left messages on their support facebook page with links to my invoices which were unpaid since november 2011). I can only assume that their live chat service is a fake one. And here is what other people also think about it: # FabAlley has just recently opened a new communication channel on facebook ( ) but there have been several complains from disappointed users who couldn't reach them through that channel either. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley - very rude people

We got switched out to a new advisor and wasn’t notified. New advisor never reached out like our previous one did. Wanted to take money out and that process took over 5 months. The FA specifically we don’t recommend is Kyle Kennelly. He’s not responsive at all and the 5 month delay caused our family heavy loses to our asset portfolio. DO NOT RECOMMEND.I received a sales call from Carter Smith to reach our COO so he could sell his services to our company. The COO is outside the country, so calls get routed to me. The standard procedure in our company is that all new vendors are vetted by me since I handle the business strategy related to operations, admin, and finances. I told him I would kindly review any information regarding his services, and he would be welcome to email me. His response: "No, I am not doing that, I'm too busy. " And he hung up on me. I have two problems with this. (1) He is too good for me because I am not the COO. (2) He calls to sell his services and proceeds to tell that he is too busy and hangs up on me. There are too many wrong things with this. Mr. Smith, you might want to change the way you approach business otherwise you won't get many satisfied clients.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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JP Morgan

JP Morgan - Beneficial crush room

JP Morgan Chase & Co. is an American investment bank and international financial services holding company based in New York. It is rated by S & amp; P Global Limited is the second largest bank in the United States and the third largest bank in the world by assets, with combined assets of US $ 2.9 trillion. Its regulatory body is the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The company has several lines of business, including foreign exchange transactions, commercial banking, investment banking, mortgage lending and home finance. He also manufactures and distributes his own banking equipment. Its branches in most major cities include Manhattan, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Miami, Minneapolis, Sacramento, San Diego, Phoenix, Sarasota, Tampa, Las Vegas, Washington, DC Columbia, Denver, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, Nashville, New York, Richmond and Phoenix. The company also serves customers outside the United States with points of sale in China, Panama, Tokyo and Hong Kong. A variety of products are offered through international franchises. A typical JP Morgan Chase checking bank account offers two to four different types of checking accounts: savings accounts, escrow accounts, and mortgage-like securities accounts. The bank also offers three types of consumer credit cards: Visa for shopping, MasterCard and Discovery for travel, and both prepaid credit cards for children. The savings account is for annual payments and is considered a high interest savings account. This type of account usually requires a minimum deposit of $ 1,000. Another option is a deposit account. From this account, borrowers must make regular deposits to the account. Borrowers can also open an account similar to a mortgage, which brings its benefits. The Citibank Home Equity Credit Line is a revolving account that allows borrowers to borrow money based on their income. It has an interest rate of 4% and is for ten years. The Citibank mortgage rate is variable and depends on the base rate plus the margin. This option can be used by borrowers wishing to borrow a large amount. Each Citibank account has a unique PIN. You can access the PIN at any Citibank branch, but you must stand in front of an ATM to obtain it. You can reset or add your PIN at any time at any Citibank branch, and it's very simple. Just find your PIN and enter your checking account number, and then you can immediately request a new one. Plus, you can transfer funds between your accounts at any time as long as you have access to a telephone line. Citibank loans are provided on terms consistent with the current financial situation of the borrowers. For example, a thirty-year-old bachelor with a salary of only two hundred dollars a month can get a loan for one thousand dollars. A student with a $ 50,000 bank account can get a $ 10,000 loan. You can visit various financial sites to find out more about the different types of loans and conditions. Citibank also offers several other services and it is worth noting that they do not offer personal loans.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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