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Xcalibra exchange was established in Switzerland in 2019. It is a centralized exchange that lays much emphasis on crypto trading and also fiat crypto trading. The liquidity of this exchange is very low. The exchange seems to be scared for users anywhere around the globe. I was unable to figure out information about the developers. The exchange makes use of DDOS mitigation and attacks, it also stores users funds in a cold wallet together with a two factor authentication to assure the safety of their funds. You shouldn't have to worry about the trading fee in this platform because the exchange has a minimal trading fee of 0.25%. The customer support team is too poor as they delay my message severally. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

kipu world लोगो

Kipu World

Kipu world exchange is among the exchanges I haven't understood up till date. Kibu world exchange seems to have sold it domain and have been hacked previously. Whenever I want to access the website all I have always seen is a drug list and some negative trend that is not a related content. This exchange has embarked on the failure of it project. All I have to say about kipu exchange will just have to revolve round the unsuccessful project. This exchange doesn't have any verified information about the number of crypto currencies supported nor the address or location of the webpage also the same thing goes to the trading fees. On a serious note, users should be careful to trade on such suspicious exchange like kipu world exchange. Be wise when choosing trading platforms!!देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Stealth Ex is a swapping exchange or crypto currency platform where trading and exchange of crypto currencies are done effectively. No form of registration is observed on starting up with this exchange. Originally, the exchange aids the swapping if assets. Bitcoin, etherurem, and many other coins over 250 are supported by the exchange. The platform has the combination of primary colors including white, yellow and black colors thus making this exchange interface to look low. Since no registration is required in starting up the exchange, hence KYC is not required also. Traders can swap variety of assets as their funds are secured tightly on another technology but not the exchange server. Transaction process in this exchange is very slow, my transaction processes are always delayed while others are not successful. Stealth Ex social media presence are telegram, reddit, twitter. This medium are very responsive provided an active online chat is available. I have severally made suggestions which I think will be taken into order. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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this exchange is a scam exchange

I have taken my time on several occasions, to observe and study most scam exchange and I noticed that 80% of these scam exchanges, hide information about themselves from users and they struggle to behave like a true exchange as possible by giving false identity in other to squander or run away with people funds. Bitibu is also one of the scam exchanges that displays such similarities of negative trend. No priority was recognized by traders as the exchange closed very quickly after establishment. The exchange has no benefit any longer, hence I advise users to look for better exchanges with appropriate information to trade on and also to avoid been scammed. It will be of great benefits for traders who make Or conduct their research before making their own choice on the exchange to make use of. Keep making research before you use any exchanges for the avoidance of risk. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

infibtc लोगो


Inability to withdraw funds 🙆

I have come to the support team direct message most time to know about their state of emergency, but no response has been received from them. Many users have complained about the inability to withdraw their money even when the recommended steps Is been taken. The irresponsibility of this exchange is most likely to be a scam exchange, Because of the poor ability of the customer support team to respond to messages. The social media presence of Infibtc exchange is not too comfortable to users. I could figure out the exchange last post on twitter which is about more than a year from the time this review was been written. You can imagine infibtc has just 26 followers on LinkedIn. This shows that this exchange might not even come to existence again. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

bittop लोगो


Another centralised exchange called bittop exchange which has no exact date of establishment. The exchange comes with an unmarketable or an unattractive interface. The security in this exchange is quite assured, because it seems to make use of ISO/IEC 27001 security document. The native token of bittop exchange is most likely frogcoin. Although, there are few known recommendation of this exchange. Button exchange is noted to be closed for now, why? Because from my own personal view, the activities on telegram is observed that the exchange was last online since 2019, the same thing goes to the copyright of the exchange, thus showing no trading services going on this exchange. Investment on this platform is basically going to be a nuke or big risk. All I have to say will just have to revolve round the interest of traders, to find other functional exchanges to trade on. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Be very careful

Zebitex exchange is unregulated centralized exchange established in France. The exchange supports to assure security against DDoS mitigation with the aid of two factor authentication, the use of cold wallet for the storage of funds and the level of high encryption. The trading fee in this platform is not a big deal as for both makers and takers fee is charged 0.15%. Zebitex exchange gives room for deposit through direct bank transfer, crypyocurrencies and through credit card. On the telegram group, it was something made impossible for me to interact through, because it was totally French language. The trading background of this exchange is so impressive that makes it kept very marketable. The trading volume is recorded to be at $0 for a long period, base on the report from coinpaprake. The exchange have no data input any longer. Trade with caution! देखें पूरी समीक्षा

social send project लोगो

Social Send Project

Be careful with this exchange

Here is another digital trading asset called social send project. It is a centralized crypto master that gives room for the purchase, sales, and most importantly trading of many other crypto currenies like vitae, Electra, litecoin etc. And other coins which are not yet famous. The last order of trade that was placed on this assest was since on 10th of April 2021. I have nothing much to say about the liquidity of this platform, because of the nature of low or very small deepness. The trading volume on the other hand is as well very minimal and low which has directly or indirectly affected the liquid of the exchange. The trading background of this exchange is too poor, thus making it unattractive or unmarkatable in anyway. To be at a safer part do not make any form of deposits without cautious or adequate researches. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

bqb लोगो


Trade with caution

The world leading digital asset and exchange of cryptocurrency format for all traders around the globe. BQB exchange was built and supported by the BQ ecosystem. According to the link I followed on revain, this exchange has been shutdown. I have take my time to follow up the exchange up to it telegram group and on twitter, verily I observed that this exchange has few followers on social medias. In fact this exchange is not accessible any longer. The exchange doesn't have a cleared trading volume nor information about the developers. Therefore I will advice traders to make very good and make very sure of their research before any form of investment. I haven't trade here due to high risk factors देखें पूरी समीक्षा

zzex digital asset trading platform लोगो

ZZEX Digital Asset Trading Platform

Donot trade in this platform

This is another Asian centralized crypto currency exchange with no date of establishment. ZZEX digital asset trading format is now closed. I personally classify exchanges of this kind which posses some negative or bad characteristics as a numerous scam exchange. Imagine, even the person who own the telegram group has been offline for about a month, this shows the sense of irresponsibility of this exchange. In your own interest, I will advice traders to make research carefully before making any form of deposits in an exchange that looks very suspicious. This exchange is no longer be always make proper or adequate researches before any form of investment!! देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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