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Litecoin is one of the biggest cryptocurrency under bitcoin and ethereum coin this price now value per coin 45-47 $ .when this coin launched then this time this coin value had not many it is increased day by day and listed many different exchange for trading or this cause this coin buy sell going high this cause this coin price goes too high . You can convert this coin within btc so intesting things when you want to hold it you can and when you want to sell it easily you can too. This Ltc network process by the ethereum network or blockchain network when you send and receive this coin this time .When you withdrawals this coin in any exchange then this coins withdrawals fee is so low that's the plus point for us .देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Bitfinex is a popular exchange on cryptocurrency market this exchange is listed on coinmarket cap and there are many crypto coin listed in here so this cause this exchange daily volume millions dollar on bitfinex . So if you are beginner and want you to do trading in here so this review also helpful for you. Bitfinex support team gives us many types of helps but it is too slow for give us mail reply . So mind it if you have any problems then mail there support team and wait for their reply. And I also appreciate that this exchange has not many withdrawals fee or withdrawals minimum amount is big few so this cause it will hustle new users who wants to trading in here . And buy sell features are really cool and websites look like do descent I appreciate that so if you want to fo trading then don't think that this website is bad because I tell you many reasons for give this website 4 star review so if you know more than this topic pls comment here for know other people..देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Etherium(Eth) is a popular cryptocurrency under the Bitcoin and this coin coin is maintenance by etherium network and this coin address has many other things that we take help from it such as we all know the trust wallet this is etherium platform base and also metamask this also too . We received any other tokens or coins from airdrop or exchange so this is a very helpful things and if anyone want to make a token or cryptocurrency so then he need to etherium network for publishing this coin or token so etherium platform is also important from Bitcoin it will stay under the Bitcoin always and this coin already listed all exchange which exchange trade cryptocurrency so you can easily hold and buy and also sell this coin easily and instantly when you want to do this. So if you send any etherium any other reciver so then it will process etherium network platform for send this properly and when you send it then you must need gas fee for transection this eth so if you want to send it quickly then you need to give many gas fee for process this eth transection . Thats all from etherium platform.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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nWelcomeI want to tell now what is Bitcoin and how this coin works. Bitcoin is one of the popular cryptocurrency in the world .This is the mother coin from all cryptocurrency so that cause when this coin price increase then this time all other cryptocurrency price going so high .This Bitcoin price increase day by day and it is real and best payment mathod for cryptocurrency and this coin is liggal also many country and illigal also many country so this cause which country is not permitted to use this coin these country people don't use this coin facility. Bitcoin is a online transaction coin so it is only valuable on online so it can not be touchable or feelable you can transfer it any people without any bank account and only you use reciver address for send this coin instantly and securely. And this transaction is maintenance by block chain network this is the most popular way for send this coin so where people buy this coin from big or any other exchange then this coin price increase and when people sell this coin then it price going down this is all the information from Bitcoin this is for which people they are want s to use this coin so read my review and think about this coin it usable or not.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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I tell that real and negative things for New user who want to know that how good btc alpha excange. I give you guys real review becuse i am a btc- alpha excange users long time ago. So this cause i give my opinion firstly my populer and attractive things that btc alpha excange New launch transfer system on there excange becuse if you don't have my amount so if you want to withdwal it when you goes for withdwal then you saw minimum amount for withdwal is large from your balance then don't be upset becuse this New upgrade system is you can send to your Friend btc alpha excange account where your Friend has Many amount for withdwal this easily you can trasfer you fund any amount without fee easily and instantly . And also this website or excange gives you Many airdrop thats you can percipate there and earn more money easily. There are not Many withdwal minimum amount or not very much for withdwal fee so if you want to use this btc alpha excange so don't think go hurry and open a account and use this excange for trading i hope you all guys will lobe this excange so much ..देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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