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Matches Fashion

Hey everyone! I've received my first order at Matches Fashion. When I saw this shop for the first time, I immediately fell in love with it. They sell high end fashion brands for great prices (especially compared to other UK shops) and they offer free standard shipping within the UK. Of course, you can also choose express or next day delivery if you want something faster. Also, there is free returns which is always good news since you cannot try items on before buying them. And the best thing: the whole site is now available for everyone - including international shoppers like me 😉 To order something from Matches Fashion, just click here . You'll find all the links to shop their clothing and right below this paragraph. When I shopped at Matches Fashion for the first time, I only bought one item. But the good news is that two-day shipping is free with orders over 25£ (or even for everyone if your order costs more than 100£). So you don't have to pay extra money to shop faster. After about two days, my items arrived safely into my home. It was very well packed and nothing got broken or damaged during transit (which already surprised me because it's always a risk when shopping online). The sunglasses came in their original packaging which looked pretty much like the picture on their site - only difference was that they didn't come with a case so I had to buy one later myself. But honestly? The sunglasses are sooo worth it and I don't regret buying them. Let's talk about the quality of their clothing: honestly, you can tell they only sell high end products. The size guide also proved to be very helpful and accurate. It's really easy to order the right size for yourself! If there is something I do not like, then that would be all those extra discount codes on every product page - that just makes it harder to navigate through their site! And some items were already discounted at first (for example, my sunglasses). But still: if you look carefully enough, you can find some pretty great deals hidden on this site! In conclusion, this is a great shop with high quality clothing and the free shipping makes it so easy to order from them.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Romantic Scents

Romantic Scents says that they are a unique natural, handmade perfume company by offering luxurious personalized scented products. In addition to this, they also claim to be the only online store in USA where you can buy 100% undiluted concentrated perfume oil from exclusive brands such as Creed, Amouage and Lush. I was interested into trying out their perfumes after reading great reviews about them on Makeupalley . So I headed over to their site and browsed for a while before making my selection because I had no idea which scent would suit me best. They have a crazy amount of fragrances available so I decided it would be smart guess to go with the brand names instead of guessing by myself. First thing first, I had to choose the type of scent I wanted because once you select the brand, you can only see their fragrance options. The choices are Estee Lauder (only Feminine), Barbara Bixby (Feminine, Soft and Sensual, Oriental, Floral Green Grass), Creed -Green Valley (Woody Spicy Scent, Fresh Citrus Scent) and Amouage (Aramaic Scripture-Oriental Floral, Beach Hut Woman-Ambery Musk). Once I selected my preferred fragrance type which was Oriental for me, next thing to do was selecting one out of 14 different perfumes by Creed or 12 different fragrances by Amouage . Furthermore I also needed pick up 3 samples if I wanted perfume oils of other fragrances not listed on my shopping cart. This would be the tricky part because their list of samples was huge. I had no clue which scent to order for this purpose so decided to go with 2 Creed samples that are less known by customers and 1 Amouage . Now it was time for me to complete my transaction but they also offer Priority Shipping ($15) for perfumes so added one more item along with free shipping because if anything goes wrong, at least you have extra layer of security. Unfortunately there is no available coupon at the moment but since I placed an expensive order, I got a bunch of freebies including 4 different samples , hand written thank you card, stylish black pouch and finally my package was wrapped in a velvet bag . As I've noticed, people who like strong and heavy scents love Romantic Scents because the perfumes are extremely concentrated. However fans of light/simple fragrances should avoid this site as their perfumes tend to be overwhelming and way too intense for them. Romantic Scents is a great place to buy perfumes and fragrance oils, if you know exactly what type of scent that you want. If not, then this website might overwhelm you with the number of options they offer. They have over 100 different scents available on their site which can be overwhelming for those who don't like strong or heavy scents.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Alsip Home & Nursery

Alsip Home & Nursery is a site that offers you the possibilities of buying furniture and other accessories for your decorated house. And if you're not an experienced web shopper and don't know where to start, Alsip Home can help you out by offering some good advice about buying. What kind of qualities do we look for in a site like this? Well, first of all it must be user-friendly (that's why I'm writing this review) and easy to navigate. The products must be well presented and there should be enough information about them to make me feel sure that I'm buying the right thing – even if I'm doing it online. Besides that, because there's such a wide range of products here, I definitely want to see different categories that I can browse through. And of course the prices have got to be good, so it's nice if there are some special offers too . At first sight, this is not exactly an e-commerce site – meaning that you don't put your items into your basket and pay for them at checkout – but more like online shop . Yes, you can visit this place either as a guest or registered user , but even then you'll never get to paying point where you input your card details etc., because here they offer layaway plans instead of credit cards . If you're wondering what layaway is, it's pretty much like paying for your order in small parts. You choose your items and then pay them off gradually over time (between one and six months). Of course that makes the total price of your purchase bigger than if you had chosen to pay with debit or credit card. But it's good for those who can't afford paying all at once or would prefer not to use their cards online. And Alsip Home offers this service for free so there are no hidden charges. Another interesting thing here is that Alsip Home also offers custom furniture . So if you're looking for something special, they can create it for you – as long as you know what you want. They'll work with your ideas and preferences to make a beautiful customized piece. Also, there's an A-Z guarantee which means that if for any reason you're not satisfied with the purchase you made from Alsip Home, they'll help you out to solve the problem. If they can't, they'll refund your money back. Just make sure to contact them within 24 hours after receiving the product . It was nice reading about all these additional services from Alsip Home & Nursery because I know some other companies will never offer something like that. But it didn't change my mind about their online shop being a bit hard to use at times . For example, when looking through different categories I found a lot of products that were categorized under more than one letter of the alphabet. And that's really confusing. I also think their website design could be improved because it's kind of dated (e.g. the graphics are not very attractive). Alsip Home & Nursery is a site that offers you the possibilities of buying furniture and other accessories for your decorated house. And if you're not an experienced web shopper and don't know where to start, Alsip Home can help you out by offering some good advice about buying. What kind of qualities do we look for in a site like this? Well, first of all it must be user-friendly (that's why I'm writing this review) and easy to navigate. The products must be well presented and there should be enough information about them to make me feel sure that I'm buying the right thing – even if I'm doing it online. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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3i Group

3i Group is a British multi-national private equity and venture capital firm based in London, United Kingdom. The name is derived from the fact that the company is majority owned by the founder, Nick Cahn, who also acts as a director of the business. 3i is ranked on the London Stock Exchange and has a member of the FTSE 100. This investment firm was founded by Cahn in 1985 and until recently, it has been advancing a number of technologies that can improve the efficiency of the banking system. The system was designed and developed by Cahn and his team, which have resulted in the successful completion of this project. The system has made use of the latest technological advances such as a highly advanced computer network which is able to track all transactions and determine the difference between what is owed to the bank and what is due to the client. This has significantly reduced the number of disputes that arise due to mismatches between the amount of money that a customer owes and the amount that he or she has actually received. 3i Group is also well-known for its fund development and is well-known for having handled projects that have increased the liquidity of commercial lines and have helped improve the efficiency with which credit is granted in many parts of the world. 3i manages its funds through a series of investment tools that have enabled it to accumulate a large cash amount and acquire a good market position. The company uses a special financing method called the London mutual funds concept. Under this method, investors who contribute to the fund are protected even if their investment does not succeed. As a result, they are able to maintain a steady cash flow that enables them to carry out other projects related to developing the company's business. देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Wells Fargo

Worst place to bank to go to. I live in Nashville and every Wells Fargo in Nashville that I have been to was professional and nice. Very welcoming but soon I get to Memphis at this location on appling, teller laying at customers and unprofessional with attitude. Branch manager asswholes.The wait was so long that I had to leave. I literally waited 25 minutes in line before I decided to leaveThe drive thru is the slowest I’ve ever been in. Waiting now for 20 minutes. The person in front of me is sending the tube for the 3rd time now. This is crazy!Slowest bank I've ever been to. I understand it's a lot going on, but it should never take over 30 minutes just to get a cashier's check. That time is from being first in line too at that.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Fair concern

FMO bank is an international financial association designed as a private, bilateral Dutch association established in the Netherlands. FMO is managed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Local Government of the Dutch nation to improve the economic development impact of domestic financial investments. FMO is represented by twenty-nine banks throughout the Netherlands that are totally or partially owned by international commercial banks that are listed with the Amsterdam stock exchange. There are two types of services that the association offers to customers; namely direct refinancing and indirect refinancing. These two services have different refinancing options under which customers can choose their suitable refinancing scheme. A fixed rate refinancing means that the amount which the customer will be provided by the bank depends completely on the prevailing interest rates. For example, when the fixed rate refinance is offered to a customer who wishes to convert a seventy thousand Krone bank deposit into five hundred thousand Krone, then this transaction will be providing the customer with a fixed rate for a period of one year up to thirty years. The interest rates are usually fixed over this period and are subject to fluctuation at the end of this period. However, some banks may agree to lower the interest rates during this period if they believe that the market conditions are likely to change during the first year of the fixed rate refinancing scheme. An indirect refinancing scheme involves the transfer of a loan from one bank to another, with the aim of lowering the rate that would otherwise be charged to the customer. For example, if a customer wishes to convert his twenty-year old car loan into a fifteen-year fixed rate car loan, then he can do this by approaching any number of dealers and lenders who offer such services. After selecting a lender, the customer should compare the annual percentage rates of various lenders before deciding on which lender to approach for the refinancing scheme. However, there are instances where the fixed rate refinance does not include any service charges. The customer may also pay fees for such services as early payment or handling charges. The variable rate refinancing scheme is the opposite of the fixed rate. In this case, a customer decides upon a different interest rate. This decision is based upon the expected interest rates over a period of time and the present value of money at the point of closing. In addition, the rate may be determined by taking into consideration the actual amount that the customer will save if he decides to switch over to the higher interest rate. The FMOs differ in the amount they charge their customers. Some companies charge the full interest on the entire loan at the same time. Other companies charge the client only once a month and require him to make a repayment according to this figure. There are other companies that require the client to make interest rate payments only on certain months of the loan. Again, there are other kinds of variables to that may affect the payment structure of these loans. The fixed rate refinancing program allows the customer to get a fixed rate for a specified duration. This means that the customer can budget his loan repayments based on the current interest rates and this can help him plan out his monthly expenses. It would be beneficial if you could find a company that offers both adjustable and fixed rate loans so that you can compare the terms of each type of loan before you actually apply for one.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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i invested in so many coins recently i dont remember all the details. looks like price is climbing, i missed the lowest prices for buying more. i think the cheap MNX are about to be gone. of total supply has been traded since listing. not many (inlcuding myself) want to sell this low...देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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