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Guiding Care

I like that it is patient-centered and offers a variety of tools to create and deliver patient-centered care. The software does not have a great user interface. It requires a lot of learning and training time to utilize all of the potential benefits of the software. I wish that we had much faster access to patient-centered messaging. I like the ability to connect to providers and make sure I'm getting the right care for my patients. It is a little clunky to navigate sometimes and the UI could use an update. I think it will be a great tool to use in the future. I'm able to make sure my patients are getting the right care and I get the right care for my patients.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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"{'object': 'value','document': {'object': 'document','data': {},'nodes': [{'object': 'block','type': 'paragraph','data': {},'nodes': [{'object': 'text','leaves': [{'object': 'leaf','text':'This software is very user friendly and makes it easy to capture notes from patient visits. The ability to create macros is great and I would recommend this program to any chiropractor looking to improve their practice workflow. It has been very helpful in capturing information during patient visits.\n The Macros are quite customizable. The note taking is easy to use. I like that I can add notes to a patient with the same format as the patient I am taking notes for. I like the ability to customize the Macros. It's easy to add a new note to a patient.','marks': []}]}]}]}}"देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Tally - my review about this company

Tally is an excellent program and I feel it saves me lots of time on keeping track of everything. Especially since I keep changing accounts and don't have any problem with remembering things. With the ability to import files into Tally Accounting Software and to create multiple accounts for each client, many small businesses don’t even realize just how much valuable information about the business operations they are already keeping within the file cabinets of their office manager. I needed help completing some taxes for our company. One day, I searched online for professional accountants and found exactly what I needed. I contacted them and received prompt service. Once I made payment, a couple weeks later I submitted my tax return via email request; the accountant reviewed it thoroughly and confirmed everything was correct. This service was much easier than doing paperwork myself. After submitting my return I called again to discuss various things that came across the screen and answered additional questions about the return. What makes Tally software special? First of all, when it comes to taxes, Tally helps taxpayers keep track of receipts and expenses easily, in a hassle free manner. Moreover, its features also include inventory management, payroll processing, accounts payable and receivable reports. This software also enables user to import external files into various financial instruments as well as manage multiple bookkeeping records. Tally is easy to implement due to user intuitive interface. Therefore, everyone can understand without any issue even after using this software. Overall, Tally software is a trusted platform among entrepreneurs of all age groups.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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A Flea Antique

Have you ever got this? I just want to do a review, but don't know where to start from. It is very hard! I have been looking for a good toy for my children and my friends' children. Then I found this website. They sell vintage toys made in the 50s, 60s and 70s many years ago. Many of them were considered as collectibles back then, they are still very popular now! So I decided to play with this site by writing reviews about some vintage toys that I bought from them not long ago. The first toy that I am going to review is Fisher-Price's "Nursery Time" Chatter Telephone, which I bought for one dollar. It is a very old telephone, and I really like the design of it! When it rings, there will be three xylophone sounds. It can allow you to do some funny things! Then you take off its handset and press number-2 button to hear dog barking! Or take off the handset and press number-1 button to listen to rooster crowing! You can teach your children how to recognize animals' voices just by pressing this toy's buttons. My children learned all kinds of animals' voices through this toy and now they know many animal's names. The last function that this toy has is: when you want the phone calls ends, there will be a short melody. You can also press number-3 to hear the melody! This toy is made of plastic and therefore it is very lightweight. Therefore, it looks old but in actuality it isn't! I was just surprised when I received the parcel because my order was so light so I thought that I got nothing at all! But when I opened the package, there was my Nursery Time Chatter Telephone inside, in perfect condition. The color of this product is white with red buttons, which makes it even more attractive than other vintage toys made in 70s. Another interesting thing about this item is that not only do they sell four Fisher-Price's toys, but also many other types of vintage items for example: Barbie doll, GI Joe miniature soldiers, teddy bears, vintage electronics and so on. I have found brilliant toys that are hard to find nowadays among all the vintage stuffs. Price is really suitable for me because I am a student with no job at all! For example, Fisher-Price's "Nursery Time" Chatter Telephone has only one dollar for its price. This toy can give my children much fun and make them learn something new at the same time. Therefore it is really worth every penny spent on it! There are many reasons why I love this toy store. Firstly, they have a wide variety of vintage toys - from Barbie dolls to GI Joe miniature soldiers and more! They also offer free international shipping for orders over $75 which is great because it allows me to spend less money on the items that I buy. The service is really fast too, so there's no need to worry about waiting around for your purchase when you order online with them. Lastly, their prices are very affordable considering how much quality product they sell in return. This company offers high-quality products at low rates which means that everyone can afford these items without breaking the bank or going into debt! If you're looking for some new toys then go ahead and check out www.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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I just wanted to write about my experience with MarineMax after receiving an email from them. I searched for this product on Google search and their site was #2 - . It's ranked pretty high in the organic results but I didn't like the fact that they had a popup upon entering the page (awesome SEO, bad user experience). Since it was something I might be buying, I went ahead an entered my information to remove the popup. The next day, I received two emails (one saying thank you for visiting their website and another one letting me know that they will be contacting me within 1-3 business days). That was nice of them because there are times when companies don't even bother letting you know that they received your order. A few days later, I receive an email letting me know that they will be sending me a $25 gift card to shop at their store and all I had to do is go on Facebook and like their page (which I did) . The next day, I was credited with two coupons for the site! So in total so far 4 coupons for MarineMax use within 90 days. I decided to give it a shot since they have pretty good prices on some of the things I need so I went onto the website because this review wasn't about how great or crappy their site was, but after looking around for a bit, nothing really stood out to me except for maybe one product that I wanted - . In fact, their site is pretty much the same as every other online retailer out there except maybe a bit more expensive due to shipping costs and such (keep in mind that some retailers offer free shipping while others don't). I decided to try West Marine next because it was ranked #1 for my search on Google - MarineMax is a website that offers products for boaters of all types. I was excited to see what they had in store, but found the site itself to be pretty standard and not very flashy. They offer lots of discounts on their site which can save you some money if you're looking for new gear or replacement parts. The only downside is that it seems like most orders come with an added shipping charge unless there's free shipping available - so keep this in mind when ordering your items! Overall, MarineMax has some good prices on quality products; however, I didn't find anything too unique about this e-commerce site aside from the fact that they have more coupons than other sites out there.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Discount Electronics

This is the first time I write a review about this store, Discount Electronics.  I have to admit that this store has impressive prices.  However, it took me several months to realize that they are really scamming people into purchasing items that are far under their actual value. Today one of my friends brought an iPhone he purchased from there and asked if I could help him unlock it.  I said yes so I checked what was inside in hope it wasn't locked or something like that... And well.. It's factory unlocked! First of all, let me introduce what kind of store this is.  This store has many departments such as: refurbished electronics department, new electronics department and other goods such as clothes etc.. etc... Almost everything in the refubished electronic department is unlocked or factory carrier free but NOTHING from the new electronic department is unlocked because there's no carrier that will give them contract phones for free so they sell them at their cost price or slightly more to make a profit. One time I checked the prices of brand-new HTC ONE and Samsung Galaxy S4 on several websites, eBay, Amazon etc.. and their prices were around $400-$500... But at this store they costed only $180! It was the same phone but unlocked. Also I noticed that almost everything sold in this store is unlocked. So I started to wonder how come these brand-new products are unlocked because the usual price of them should be much more than this?  I knew that NO carrier will give away contract phones for free so these must've been stolen ones, refurbished ones or something like that.. And bingo! That's what it is!!! I hope this review helps you make a more informed decision when shopping for electronics.  I know it can be hard to tell if an online store is reputable or not, but I'll assure you that Discount Electronics has been in business for many years and has a great reputation. They offer high-quality products at reasonable prices - just don't forget to read the fine print before you purchase anything! If your friend does end up needing help unlocking his phone after purchasing from them, please let me know so we can get him squared away with another carrier who will unlock it without any additional charges. And one last thing: always check their reviews on Yelp and other sites before making a final decision about whether they're right for your needs.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Party City

This is an e-commerce site specialized in party supplies, decorations and costumes. The products are sorted by categories (i.e. children's parties, Halloween Parties, etc.). When you click on the category you want to shop for items, there is a drop-down menu where you can select between different themes or occasions. What I liked about it: It has a nice layout that makes browsing easy. You can find almost any type of party decoration or material that you need to organize your fiesta - including always hard to find items like pinatas! Prices are relatively cheap if compared to other sites offering similar stuff (i.e Amazon), but make sure you check out shipping costs before finalizing your order since they can be quite high. Orders over $39 are offered free shipping. From the navigation bar, you can access to sections that sell products for kids parties (including invitations, balloons, cake supplies), adult parties (cocktail party favors and supplies), costumes for men, women and children, Halloween costumes and accessories…etc. You can also choose the category of items you want by using the "theme" section on top of the page - which is especially useful if you know what theme your party will have like a specific color or occasion (i.e. baby shower). When browsing any product's page there are different tab options at the bottom of each item - i.e Compare Prices; Product Reviews; New Product Notifications; Video Clip. The pictures and videos are clear and large enough to see all the details about a product. Check out their Specials section where you can find discount codes that will help you save money on your party supplies! You can also sign up for their email list if you want to receive coupons, news and updates! What I didn't like: Although there is a search box, it has limited capabilities - meaning that you need to know what specific item or category name before using it. It will not give you related suggestions depending on what keyword(s) you type in. In other words, this web site requires consumers to browse through everything to make sure they don't miss anything. Also, shipping costs can be high (i.e $ This is a great place to find party supplies and decorations for your next event. Whether you need balloons, cake supplies or even costumes, Party City has it all! Their products are sorted by categories (i.e. children's parties, Halloween Parties) which makes browsing easy and fast - but make sure you check out shipping costs before finalizing your order since they can be quite high ($39). Orders over $39 ship free of charge with the exception of some items that only offer ground service such as large inflatables like pinatas (which will cost around $69+ in shipping fees).देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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Monster Pet Supplies

This review is about Monster Pet Supplies. I subscribed for their newsletter and got a 5% off coupon code as well as I made my first order. Their physical store is located in San Francisco, California, United States (USA). On the website of Monster Pet Supplies, you can see varieties of pet toys, accessories, supplies or treats that are available for dogs, cats or snakes. They have more than 1'000 products listed on their web site which includes brands like Outward Hound Dog Toys , Snoozer Pet Beds , Super Chewer BarkBoxes , Kaytee Small Animal Products or Reptile Basics .  You can also find costumized jerseys. How use the Coupon Code? To claim the 5% off coupon code all you need is to subscribe for their newsletter and they will give you a discount on your next order. You can visit Monster Pet Supplies, see their selection of products, use their website features like wishlist or compare prices with other online stores on more than 1 million pet supplies. You can also find coupons from them as well as from other stores that sell similar products. Visit Monster Pet Supplies at See their selection of products, make use of website features like wishlist or compare prices with other online stores on more than 1 million pet supplies. You can also find coupons from them as well as from other stores that sell similar products. Subscribe for their newsletter and get a 5% off coupon code. Hope you found this review helpful! Best wishes! Visit Monster Pet Supplies at See their selection of products, make use of website features like wishlist or compare prices with other online stores on more than 1 million pet supplies. You can also find coupons from them as well as from other stores that sell similar products. Subscribe for their newsletter and get a 5% off coupon code. Hope you found this review helpful! If you are looking for pet supplies, this Monster Pet Supplies review should have provided some insight on what they offer. You'll find that their products range from dog toys to cat beds or even snake accessories. Whether you're buying a gift or just need something new for your own pets, there is sure to be an item in the store that will suit any budget. A free 5% coupon code can also be claimed when signing up for their newsletter so don't hesitate!देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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A couple of days ago I started talking with a friend about appliances and the conversation drifted towards shopping online. He told me he knows of an Australian e-commerce site that has good prices for their products, so I decided to take a look at it. A little later in the day I was browsing Facebook, suddenly my desktop computer's internet connection stopped working properly (internet would run slow from time to time and sometimes just stop working completely). Everytime this happens my first action is to restart my router by turning the power off and back on again (I do it without even thinking about it now), but the same thing happened as before: after powering on I tried opening up Firefox and Chrome... And guess what? The browser didn't load! I realised that the problem was not with my home internet connection so decided to make myself a nice coffee, while I did this I thought about my friend and what he told me about Appliances Online , since I had nothing better to do at that time, I started looking into them. After reading some information about AppliancesONline (AO) in their FAQ section, and watching reviews on YouTube, I finally decided to place an order with them. And because it's this blog's policy that every review should be honest and as detailed as possible, here is a list of pros and cons for buying from AO: PROS:   - great prices; - delivery is free (for most items); CONS:   - items are dispatched after 1-2 weeks; - delivery has a fee for certain locations (as per AO, this is due to the long distance). Besides this there were some other minor issues like web browsers not working properly and my order being cancelled 2 days after placing it (I was notified about that by email), we'll get to those further on in this article. So, what else can you expect from an e-commerce site review? For me personally I think most people want to know about 3 things when they read a review: how easy was it to find the product I wanted (search engine); did I have any problems with anything during checkout/ordering process; and last not least, if and when I get my product is it going to work as expected (most people probably wouldn't care about my opinion on the quality of the product itself). After filling out all the details required while ordering (shipping address, payment type etc.), we finally come to the "checkout" stage. I say checkout but in actual fact what you're doing here is more like creating an account along with your order. You could, of course, continue without registering but that would mean that from now on you'd have to fill out all those details every time you want to make a new purchase. And let's be honest: no one wants that. At least AO should consider adding some other options which would speed up buying process (for example, 1-click checkout if you've registered and signed in before). After clicking on "place order and continue", you're redirected to a page with payment options (Visa, Mastercard, PayPal etc.) so that you can choose the one you prefer. During my order they were offering free delivery for orders over $100, but because I had selected standard shipping which cost me only $3.95 anyway, this offer didn't apply in my case. However it might be worth mentioning that AO also offers 'express' delivery option for some products (but not all of them) at extra cost; plus there is a special section where you can search for products eligible for free shipping. All in all, I think AO does very well in this area - especially given how many different brands/models they have in their stock. The last thing I want to mention is that AO has one of the most generous refund policies you will ever see on a computer-related website (or any online store, for that matter). If you change your mind about product or decide it just doesn't suit you after all, they let you return it within 30 days and even provide option to pay for postage only if you live somewhere in Australia where returning items using post service isn't as expensive as elsewhere.देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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In the past, I was a very pleased with UBS Bank services and phone service agents. This afternoon, I had to call for service as my online account access was blocked due to no contact for "quite a while". It took two calls to get the access unlocked. Both service agents were courteous. However, during the conversation, the first rep called mentioned that each of my accounts was FDIC insured for the $250 k amount. I have several accounts with UBS including CDs, checking and savings accounts. The total for all accounts is more than $250 k. All accounts have identical account ownership. I mentioned to rep one that I thought that he was in error and that I was partially uninsured. No, rep one was very certain. The dialog continued and then he reread a "Guide" he had, out loud to me, and then when parsing the words and more dialog, he recanted his prior statements that all of my six accounts had $250 k each for a total of 1.5 million dollars. Later, still working on the lockout, I had to call UBS again to resolve the problem. Rep 2 did accomplish the unlock, and I asked rep 2 how much FDIC insurance coverage did I have, and he came back with the same initial response as rep 1 - $250 k for each of my six identically registered accounts. I suggested a different interpretation, but unlike rep 1, rep 2 stayed firm and mentioned that the FDIC had a worksheet I could run. End if UBS contacts. I ran the FDIC tool and yes, I was uninsured for all amounts greater than $250 k. Just to make sure, I called the FDIC and that rep confirmed that the worksheet was correct. Bottom Line for readers with accounts at UBS with amounts greater than $250 total - I recommend that you confirm your FDIC insurance coverage with the FDIC worksheet and a call to the FDIC if necessary. Granted a sample of two account reps at UBS this afternoon is just two, but there is a problem there at UBS - 2 for 2 misstatements re: FDIC coverage. Be aware!देखें पूरी समीक्षा

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