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Vertical Industry

The term "Verttical Industries" refers to the companies that focus its busiiness on a shared niche or highlt specialized area that spanns across different industries. Also known as vertical markets, vertical industries include different areas from esports to 3D printing. Vertical industries also have special software that helps them Many of these vertical tools can be integrated with a company's existing software, such as CRM software. Reviews in this category provide information and ratings about all the popular tools.

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toolhound लोगो
2 समीक्षा

In its most basic form, the ToolHound inventory management system operates similar to a library to facilitate the quick and accurate check out and return of tools, equipment and consumables from your tool room. ToolHound’s powerful equipment and tool management software delivers the performance and usability needed to help you gain complete control of... और देखें

ularas लोगो
1 समीक्षा

Ularas is a wedding and event software solution specifically designed for Floral Designers. और देखें

direct-to-store लोगो
1 समीक्षा

Advanced Growers Solutions breakthrough browser-based software, Direct-to-Store, has been created to help growers that sell directly to large national or regional retailers. और देखें

clickto लोगो
1 समीक्षा

clickto is a Virtual Program Management and Operation Platform with a fully integrated Virtual Classroom. It was created to help you easily manage your online program. We've also eliminated the biggest headache for After School, Youth Movement, Summer Camps, Schools, Colleges, Universities that are looking to go virtual: one link for each student that... और देखें

sunrise reservations and property management software लोगो
1 समीक्षा

Sunrise is the go to campground and rv park management software suite. We handle the online reservations as well as the recurring billing of your seasonal guests. और देखें

toornament लोगो
1 समीक्षा

The Esports Technology to Engage Your Players with Competitions From communities to game publishers, thousands of organizers trust Toornament to organize their esports tournaments. Why use Toornament to organize, manage & share your competitions? State-of-the-art Tournament Engine From brackets to battle royale rankings, pick and combine our formats... और देखें

senet लोगो
1 समीक्षा

Senet's simple yet powerful cloud platform empowers ESports centers of all sizes in 33 countries. Designed to meet your gamers' needs and help you open new revenue streams. Offering flexible pricing, easy-to-scale as you grow. और देखें

netcamps लोगो
1 समीक्षा

NetCamps makes camp registration simple by allowing it all to happen online and have fees flow directly and immediately to your bank account. और देखें

tentaroo लोगो
1 समीक्षा

Tentaroo is a Boy Scout Summer Camp and Event Management System for Boy Scout Councils. It takes the day-to-day requests of its clients and applies cutting edge technology to find creative solutions to meet their needs. और देखें

montage लोगो
1 समीक्षा

MONTAGE offers a sleek clean interface built using modern cloud technologies. MONTAGE creates a delightful user interface both for patrons and staff. To address today's fast-paced society, MONTAGE is totally responsive to mobile devices, from tablets to smartphones. Auto-Graphics assembled the best discovery tools and made them available out of the box... और देखें

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