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Bullish Bears Video Courses पर Jelena Tosic द्वारा समीक्षा करें

I recommend - Easy for beginners, free membership and video lessons!

I have been searching courses with a focus to find some training that teaches courses on blockchain technologies. I have been curious to find some which is oriented to the development part. Most of academies which I found strive to explain cryptocurrencies and the most effective way to make money

This is not what I was trying to find, but I think it is important to share my opinion about this training.

Registration is so easy, you just need an email, name and you can start. When you once make a registration you have 7 days of free membership.
Remember, this is for 7 days.

It is very good for beginners, because, all of courses are available in video format, but I notice their prices are different.

If you decide to take this course , you will start learning from lessons how to get started trading stocks, and you will learn about basics of day trading. There are also advanced strategies, and lectures how to profit in an up or down market.
Also, the lessons about fundamental and technical analysis. You will learn about most popular online trading indicators and much more.
A nice and easy web design is one big plus.

A course allow user to make membership by collaborating in live sections, where they can able to talk with professionals.

The only negative fact is that the content of courses contain to much advertising.

At the end, I recommend this platform for all beginners in crypto.
Good luck 👍

फायदे नुकसान

  • Registration is so easy.
  • You have 7 days of free membership.
  • It is very good for beginners.
  • All of courses are available in video format.
  • A nice and easy web design
  • Content of courses contain to much advertising.
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