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My research on TON Swap has shown me that the future of this exchange will be very bright.

Friends, today I prepared a review about TON Swap, a exchange that I am new to. TON Swap is an exchange developed and supported by the Free TON project and has just been created. The features of the exchange are quite a lot, first of all, I will present you my experience about this exchange. Then I will finish my review with my personal thoughts about the exchange. Now we can start our review.

TON Swap is a new decentralized exchange as I just mentioned. I think the creation and development of such an exchange is quite the right decision, thanks to the recent increase in people's interest in decentralized exchanges. Also, in terms of security, I think decentralized exchanges are ahead of centralized exchanges. Because such exchanges do not hold the assets of their users, so the possibility of any cyber danger is very low. TON Swap has features such as swap, pool, farming. Also, one of my favorite features of this exchange is that you can easily create your own token. As you know, this feature is available on very few exchanges, and I think it's a good thing that it's available on a fairly new exchange like TON Swap.

TON Swap has 2 websites. One of them is rich with interesting and important information such as information about the exchange, user guides of the exchange, videos. It is possible to use this exchange on the other website. I think this is a very nice and smart idea, so that people can both access information about the exchange without difficulty and use this exchange easily. Also, the exchange is very easy to use. You download the TON Crystal Wallet application developed by Free TON to your browser and you can start transactions by connecting this wallet to the exchange. The commissions on the exchange are also quite low, so you don't have to pay a lot of commissions like some other exchanges. We can understand from such great features that user satisfaction is also quite high.

As you can see, TON Swap has a lot of good features and I hope the number of such features will increase with the updates. But there are some features that are not suitable for everyone. One of them is that the asset type in the exchange is quite low. I don't see this feature as a bad feature, because the project is quite new and needs a lot of innovation. Therefore, I am sure that new cryptocurrencies will be added by the developers as soon as possible. But of course, this exchange may not be for you since you will not find all kinds of cryptocurrencies you are looking for, but if the unit you are looking for is available on this exchange, I think you should use TON Swap without hesitation.

My own personal opinion of TON Swap is quite positive. Because no matter how hard I searched, I couldn't find a serious and notable bad feature of the exchange. It is quite difficult to find such a great and successful exchange, despite having little experience. I wish TON Swap great success in its future, but I don't think it needs it at all.

फायदे नुकसान

  • It has 2 websites, on one of these sites you can learn as much as you want about the exchange, and on the other you can use the exchange quite comfortably and easily.
  • I don't think TON Swap has any security issues
  • In addition to features such as swap, pool, farming, you can also create tokens in the exchange.
  • I did not encounter any serious problems
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