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Abandoned by creators, Not an exchange

Today, the crypto world is covered in a variety of stages, activities, and wallets, and new ones are constantly being created. This has made trading and trading easier and more accessible. They are available in all corners of the globe. After all, there is a phase that is not useful for exchange. This, in fact, is not considered a viable trading step. I tried to close the website, but it didn't open, and the trade seemed to be unrelated to its employee at the moment. Without any convincing information about the trade, I continued to trade the official news team. From the wired block, I came to the conclusion that trade is not dynamic at the moment, as there has been no movement in trade for a long time, with only 60 people in the meeting. the presence of the trade in the online press was very low. I have not been able to get this trade even with a reset link, if it is not possible to access the authorization interface, it has made it clear that this trade is not available at the moment, so the exchange rate, exchange rates are bad, and the liquidity is bad. The Twitter account was also hacked, indicating that the trade could be dead or really dead. The FMex series is not considered a real high-quality scam due to its refusal by the authors and the progress team. Of course, there is no proper way to bring something great to this issue, but to create a clear negative view that the stage is not available, that the value of the enterprise is lost, and that trade should not enter other markets. has been abandoned by the creators and the development team, the FMex series is not seen as a guaranteed high stunt. There is actually no proper strategy to leave something extraordinary for this task, but the stage is not available, the trial value is lost, and one exchange should not be subscribed to different business directions. These include their UIs, reasonable fees (free shops, average costs and exchange costs) and surprisingly ideal security.

Being a merchant who pays special attention to the best phase of use, I immediately went out to look at their base, but saw that the trading process was no longer working. FMex was introduced in Coinmarket Cap as an unmanaged project, leaving no record of the amount of trade exchanged for traders to see. Trade was dead, and traders were nothing more than swindlers, despite the fact that they did not have a problem with maintaining a reserve fund, and were once one of those who neglected trade with huge possibilities and equipment to deal with brokers. I have not been able to make this exchange even with the power unit, if the position interface cannot be reached, it indicates that one exchange does not exist at the moment, thus increasing the volume of trade. , threatens trade costs and liquidity. In addition, the twitter account has been hacked, indicating that an exchange could be dead or really dead. The trade stopped working a few months ago. I do not fully understand the reason for this. After all, when I look at what customers have to say about this online business, I have seen several groups guarantee that this trade is fraudulent. My inability to follow up with an authoritative explanation of the result broadened my confidence in these words. The trade, which is likely to be deceptive, is currently closed.

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  • There is no good side
  • It’s as if a Thea is out of service.
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