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Gives parents one-stop shop for children's fashion

I had recently ordered some items from AlexAndAlexa store. This is a small shop managed by two sisters who are selling all kinds of cute things for kids at very low prices.

Their store can be found here:

img 1 AlexAndAlexa के साथ Phil Mehta की समीक्षा से जुड़ा है

So, first impression of the site was that it looks pretty neat and professional. After about 2 weeks I received my order, but then I needed to go on a business trip so I wasn’t able to open it till now (I am writing this article after returning back home). All the products were inside VERY nice gift bags with their brand logo on top! It felt like opening gifts prepared by Santa Lala :) Also there was a personal note included saying "Enjoy your purchase!" :)

After opening the bags I was really pleased. My order consisted of 4 items - 2 felted balls, 2 sets of wooden beads and an elastic hair band for kids in a form of cute little ears (happy bunnies). The quality is great - the colors are bright and really pretty, everything looks very durable. Also I like that they included extra set of hair bands in case something happens to them (they don’t fit my daughter right now, but she will definitely grow into them soon;)). I liked one ball so much that I am planning to order it for myself because it feels very nice in hands :) All the items came packed individually with their brand logo on top which gave me an option to use it as a gift packaging :)

I am very pleased with my order and I can definitely recommend AlexAndAlexa store to everyone ! Their products are great, the prices are even better - you can hardly find such beautiful items for this low price elsewhere!

img 2 AlexAndAlexa के साथ Phil Mehta की समीक्षा से जुड़ा है

Note: The products mentioned above were provided by the company or their PR for unbiased review purposes.  However, we declare no association between our blog and companies we review.  This blog contains affiliate (referral) links which help support our work keeping it free for consumers.

AlexAndAlexa is a small, family run business that sells beautiful items for kids at very low prices. They offer everything from handmade felt balls to wooden bead sets and even an adorable hair band in the form of cute little bunny ears! The quality of all their products are great - colors are bright and they're durable which makes them perfect for children who love to play hard. I loved one particular ball so much that I've ordered it for myself because it feels really nice in my hands :) All AlexAndAlexa's items come beautifully packaged with their logo on top which you can use as gift packaging if needed.

फायदे नुकसान

  • The leading e-tailer specialized in kid’s fashion, toys, school and homeware.
  • Boutique brands available to browse on site
  • Worldwide shipping with delivery partners
  • The site looks unprofessional.
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