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Do you feel like your asset trading platform is routine and not pushing your business to the next level? Want to boost your investments in non-custodial finance? For those who are not satisfied with simply trading assets on a conventional exchange platform; State-of-the-art blockchain machinery has arrived, which also enjoys the backing of more than 50 venture capital companies of recognized solvency and financial strength in the world, such as OKEx and Huobi, to name a few. And it is that with this support from important investors in the world financial market; BHEX not only generates trust and tranquility among the users of the platform; Rather, it offers them the opportunity to verify all the qualities that their infrastructure has to take the cryptographic protocol trade to another level. Why prefer BHEX? In addition to the valuable qualities that we have already mentioned, BHEX offers you:  Autonomy to create and trade assets in an open and non-custodial market  Fluidity in the liquidation of assets  Security in payment processing  Speed in protocol management Hand in hand with BHEX, investment management is carried out in a more fluid, secure and simple way, by using a digital instrument that is solid and efficient in the finance market without intermediaries. Vedi recensione completa

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Our economies are permanently exposed to fluctuations in situations external to our daily lives; however, everything that influences economic variables affects us, because it has effects on our personal finances and at the level of our businesses and companies. Motivated by this, we must make the intelligent decision to try to protect our assets mainly from the volatility of the stock market. How can we do it? One of the alternatives we have at our disposal is to generate additional income from our base capital, that is, to place our assets in investment products. For this, there is a wide range of options in the market both from the traditional banking sector and from decentralized finance platforms. Among the options of the crypto market, we find ROOBEE. ROOBEE is a digital gateway that connects equity holders and investment service providers; In other words, it creates a link between future investors and the platform that consolidates the modalities and options in which investors can deposit their capital and generate income from it. What makes this platform attractive to investors? ROOBEE's basic characteristic is that its investment threshold is adjusted to investors of any economic level, allowing anyone with $ 10 to access their investment protocols. In this way, ROOBEE practices the massive inclusion of investors within its ecosystem, without requiring that they have a prominent economic capacity. Where can investors in the ROOBEE ecosystem put their money? ROOBEE is a well-structured ecosystem in terms of equipment and virtual machine; which is why it has the technological capacity and valuable human resources to offer a prominent basket of investment products that include: placements in venture capital funds, purchase of shares in real estate, cryptocurrency trading, IPO, staking, among others. To further your blockchain goals; ROOBEE has the HyperledgerFabric chain, which allows it to create cryptographic solutions in a secure and transparent way, such as asset tokenization, an integrated wallet and an ID security system to protect user data, among others. It also has the support of valuable developers, auditors, investment service providers and a community of users who place their trust in its sustained growth. Vedi recensione completa

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One of the most important things when choosing a financial platform to safeguard our assets is to critically and in detail evaluate the options available in the crypto market; evaluating security, access facilities, compatibility with other platforms, multifunctionality, among other important characteristics. Thinking about this situation the cryptors developed Coinomi; a technological solution based on security offered by the accounting book of an immutable nature, to make available to investors and users a wallet with a high level of security to safeguard the funds of its users. Why choose Coinomi as your trusted wallet? • Because it has an alliance with Changelly and Shapeshift; Coinomi allows currency conversion within its platform. This represents a great advantage for its users that provides security and comfort when they need to exchange cryptocurrencies. • It has a security mechanism to access your funds based on the use of private key and recovery phrase; which are only known to their users; since the wallet does not store keys. This guarantees protection against malicious online attacks. • Coinomi is a completely free wallet option accessible to anyone from anywhere in the world. Only fees are paid for asset shipping transactions. • Allows you to prioritize transactions to determine commission payments based on them All of the above; there are plenty of reasons to choose Coinomi when considering a secure and multifunctional wallet to store and manage our assets. Vedi recensione completa

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Trust Wallet

When deciding on a secure platform where to invest or store our cryptocurrencies, we must carefully and critically evaluate the portfolio options offered by the crypto market; since both the security of our savings and the possibility of obtaining better returns is at risk. Security: TRUST Wallet has a robust and secure structure that facilitates the management of digital assets by backing up all the cryptocurrencies stored in its universal platform in backup copies. Technology: Its powerful mechanism based on web 3.0 is compatible with demanding decentralized applications on the market with high levels of security and efficiency. Due to its armored security and innovative technology; there are many benefits that Trust Wallet offers to its users, such as: • It is an easily accessible mobile application to manage multiple crypto assets • Allows the user to manage their private keys safely • It is functional to manage exchanges without third party intermediation • It has a direct link with the Binance platform that opens new business opportunities to its users without having to resort to other options In short, for these and more reasons that are added every day to the Trust Wallet platform; there are plenty of reasons to prefer it as a secure portfolio for the storage of our digital assets. Vedi recensione completa

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KuCoin Shares

Kucoin Shares is a digital asset that works as a driving mechanism for the exchange of the Kucoin ecosystem. Kucoin Shares is identified by the acronym KCS. It is an ERC-20 token because it is hosted on the Ethereum network. Why choose KCS as a cryptocurrency? Users of digital commerce are often looking for a digital currency that provides security, multifunctionality and the necessary instruments within a single ecosystem. This is one of the premises of the KCS token. KCS serves to securely boost exchange operations on the Kucoin exchange house; It also offers within the same ecosystem a wallet to store the tokens obtained and carry out business combinations with other assets without leaving the ecosystem. This helps to save transaction fees in trading and staking. For investors, KCS is a viable option that offers three decentralized applications under one platform. But nevertheless; it is not viable for those who only seek to use currency as a form of payment for goods and services; since it does not fulfill this function. Another point to consider is that the KCS coin cannot be mined. Regarding security; the chain has the solid Ethereum infrastructure that guarantees reliability in its operations Vedi recensione completa

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Scalability of digital asset transactions has always been one of the common challenges of all crypto platforms. Stellar is a project that is based precisely on providing revolutionary technology to guarantee high speed in the operations carried out on its network. Besides offering speed in your transactions; Stellar uses its native currency lumen (XLM) to execute transfers from digital currency to FIAT money and vice versa. An important reason for investors to acquire cryptocurrency and can instantly convert it to fiat money. This guarantees a reduction in the risk of volatility to which digital currencies may be subjected. The most important utilities that lumens have are to guarantee the security of the chain and to monetize the exchanges of assets in a safe and fast way. Regarding consensus; Stellar employs an exclusive protocol called SCP (Stellar Consensus Protocol) that contributes to the decentralized maintenance of the network. One of the elements to consider when operating with this cryptoactive; is that it does not have functionality as a payment currency; since so far it only pursues intermediation purposes between conversion of digital money and FIAT money. If this is the mission of the user, Stellar is the ideal cryptocurrency for exchanges. Vedi recensione completa

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When investing in cryptocurrencies; e-commerce users evaluate several variables that guarantee the security and comfortable experience of the digital market. In this sense, the cryptographic market offers its users a blockchain alternative that guarantees private, immutable and anonymous transactions. This alternative is called Monero. Monero is a digital asset whose origins date back to 2014. What makes Monero (XMR) stand out from the rest of the digital currencies? • It is a currency not subject to regulation by any entity • It is an open source platform visible to the public. • It can be run by using the most popular operating systems: Linux, Windows, Mac, BSD and Android devices. • Has a robust technological infrastructure; that allows integrating various security, privacy and anonymity protocols within the same blockchain. • Its mining works under the Proof of Stake working algorithm, which allows simple computer equipment to be integrated into the network or without such a high level of technological demand. • Employs a multi-signature mechanism that guarantees that transactions cannot be traced; by hiding their addresses. This is also due to the fungibility of the currency. All these qualities put the cryptocurrency Monero (XMR) in the preferential place with respect to many blockchains; as it meets the most demanding user expectations. Vedi recensione completa

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Due to the power that social networks have taken and their influence on the public; crypto entrepreneurs have focused their projects on these masses. Mithril is a digital gateway that links social media users with blockchain technology to create a content exchange system in exchange for payment in its native MITH cryptocurrency. The MITH token is the fuel of the Mithril platform to give back to users who contribute content to its platform. Mithril is a network of decentralized operation; In other words, it is not regulated by any entity or body; which represents a great advantage for its users. Why choose Mithril? More than a social platform, Mithril is an ecosystem that offers multiple benefits to users and investors, such as: • It has a wallet within its ecosystem that allows the user to convert cryptocurrencies. • Allows investors to place bets on cryptocurrencies • MITH digital currency is traded in the most popular crypto markets • MITH can be exchanged with various cryptocurrencies and subsequently converted into FIAT money. • Serves as a form of payment to purchase goods and services • Social network users can earn income by sharing useful information on the network. What consensus mechanism does the network employ? The Mithril chain employs the Proof of Stake consensus protocol. Through this system; the participation of the miners is contingent on the amount of MITH they possess. Vedi recensione completa

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ABCC is part of the conglomerate of crypto projects of Asian origin. It arises in the year 2018 in Singapore. ABCC originates as a decentralized digital asset market platform using blockchain technology. The operation of the exchange is very attractive due to its easy and fast interface. How to trade on this exchange? To start trading assets in ABCC, simply register on its official website. It also makes an easy-to-exchange solution such as ABCC CLOUD available to the user, offers a comparative cryptographic information system and provides the fundamental tools to execute the purchase and sale of digital assets. What characteristics can we highlight from ABCC? • It has an application for mobile devices. • Offers a reward system to holders of its native AT currency. • Has a community of users massively organized on social networks • Offer promotions to followers • Allows the user to create their own wallet • Offers reduced rates • Allows fast operations • It is available 24 hours throughout the year • Has experience in financial services management • It has a team of experts at your service • Provides OTC options Vedi recensione completa

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Within the digital market few have been the projects that remain in the first places of the cryptographic billboard; This is clearly influenced by two main characteristics that a cryptocurrency must have: privacy and speed. Dash was created with the objective of solving these two great aspects of cryptography; becoming a decentralized digital currency that allows the exchange of assets through the execution of private and fast transactions. The speed and privacy of the operations monetized by DASH is due to the use of the InstantSend and PrivateSend protocols used in the transfer of assets. Another outstanding and attractive feature of this digital asset is its ability to generate blocks in a short time; approximately 2.6 minutes to create a block. This in turn influences the decrease in the annual reward miners receive for each block. DASH operation is contingent on the use of full nodes in the chain (master nodes). Being a master node requires a payment. To be admitted as a master node you must have 1000 DASH. In return, the owner of the master node gets dividends as part of the return on invested funds. Masternodes play a vital role in transaction validation by being randomly chosen to make up the “Trustless Quorum”. Through this approval mechanism, the time and cost of transactions is reduced. Also the full nodes or master nodes constitute DAO, the DASH Treasury, responsible for the distribution of funds among the experts of the chain. Vedi recensione completa

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