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I like how easy it was once we started using this software - there were not many things about hash done i disliked at first but as soonas someone else joined our team they picked up very quickly (even if my english isn't perfect). The only thing which took some time getting used too when starting out would be having multiple people editing one file/document etc so sometimes other peoples changes didn’t show until later due tot he way its designed or whatever reason.. however after talking through these issues over an email back n forth between us both hashing made sense much more easily than previously thought possible before trying them!! Vedi recensione completa

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Fiskars 01 004761J Softgrip Scissors Stainless

I think many will agree with me that scissors in the kitchen are an irreplaceable thing. I prefer to open a box or package with them, I don’t like to tear or pick with a knife. Of course, I always had scissors. But ordinary. I hunted for orange scissors for my orange kitchen for a long time, watching for a discount on them in Ozone. Finally, the price was reduced from almost a thousand to 650 rubles. The toad, of course, suffocated, but for a high-quality product, I decided to pay the required amount anyway. The description on the packaging was pleasing to the eye: "Superior comfort and performance, ideal for cutting packages and handling food." Judging by the barcode, the product is really "not ours". And another interesting designation can be seen - these scissors are for right-handed people. The scissors successfully attached to my magnetic bar. What to say about properties: - the scissors fit super comfortably in the hand, - wonderful sharpening with unusual "toothiness" allows you not to experience problems with cutting anything, - the scissors are pleasing to the eye, fitting perfectly into my black and orange kitchen. There are no disadvantages. If you find fault, then we can say that they are magnetized only in a certain position. But it doesn't upset me. Would recommend, especially with the discount. Vedi recensione completa

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The ability of being able to assign tasks to other users within my team as well as track progress made by each individual task has been very useful! I think there are some limitations with how you can view your calendar from mobile devices but this could be an upgrade rather then limiting it down if they can provide something like google calendars or outlook integration? Definitely worth looking into - we have had success using it so far. We're solving problems around tracking daily activities across multiple projects (2) while also creating actionable reports back up top line managers/CEO's etc. Vedi recensione completa

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I like that there are many features to utilize, from shipping labels, tracking number creation, etc. There is also an API available if you need your own customizations built in as well. It's difficult to find out where certain things can be found within all of the different areas/sections of the platform. If you're looking for a great cart management system with tons of options, this might not be the right fit for you. We have used x as our main cart software because it was easy enough to train employees on (and then we realized how much they liked using it). Our customers love being able to track their orders at any time, which helps us ship more efficiently while keeping them informed throughout the process.Vedi recensione completa

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The ability to have all employees in one place for my leadership development, performance management & coaching sessions! I love how easy it was to navigate through each employee's profile page with their information available at any time via mobile device or computer browser!! It would be great if there were more templates/designs so we could create our own pages as well (but this may just take some additional training). If you are looking for an effective tool for creating goals around individual growth then definitely check out My Objectifes. We've been able to set up goal sheets easily using different types of objectives such as "be better" vs."do something". This helps us keep track of what needs improvement from individuals who need help reaching those specific personal milestones throughout the year.Vedi recensione completa

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Etekcity Bathroom Weighing Bluetooth Electronic

The world is changing rapidly: electronic money, smartphones, smart homes, robotic vacuum cleaners, smart TVs and, finally, smart scales. The principle of their action is that a light discharge of current is passed through the body, which is reflected in different ways from bones, water and fat. Those who go to the gym with such weights, I think, are already familiar. It is imperative to weigh yourself barefoot for the above reasons. I ordered these scales for my mother, but I could not resist and also play this toy. Ordered on Ozone, after deducted points "Thank you" their cost dropped to 1400 rubles. The total cost is about 2300 rubles. The scales are small and light. This is what it looks like without the box. The legs must be set correctly, otherwise all the readings are down the drain). Both on the box itself and on the back of the scales there is a QR code that allows the application on the smartphone to connect with the scales. In addition to the scales themselves, only instructions are in the package. The scales run on batteries that are included. First of all, you need to install the application. Since without it, the scales show only kilograms. All other information you can see only in the application. After the application is installed, you need to add all users there, as well as their gender, height, age. After that, you need to turn on the scales with a light touch and connect to the scales via bluetooth. When everything is ready, take the phone, enter under your nickname and press weigh. Then step on the scales. A few seconds and all the information in your smartphone. I hope the moderators don't delete the screenshots of the phone. In the application, you will have a bunch of indicators up to metabolic age. Dynamics will also be visible. I doubt that these data can be trusted, but the weight is shown correctly. Slightly obese, or maybe already not easy to eat. I was a little upset by the metabolic age)) But what is, is. To be honest, for me it's just a toy. But mom loves it. Is it worth buying something like this? Why not. The price is reasonable, it can be used both as a regular scale and as a smart one. Vedi recensione completa

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The ability of creating different reports with drill downs is very useful for data analysis in our business process improvement projects as well! I can't see any specific dislike about this tool at all so far except that we need more space while storing large amount or files/documents since it's not scalable enough like other cloud storage providers (iCloud). It has helped us solve problems related project management by providing easy way using dashboards which displays information from multiple sources such an individual tasks list & time tracking etc., The ability for managers/supervisors in an organization can track their employees performance with ease by setting goals which will be tracked daily via steers dashboard or mobile app through push notifications as well! I have nothing against this product but it is not intuitive enough at all times especially when new users use them first time so some of us may need additional training before using these tools effectively.- easy way tracking employee's work -easy reporting system.Vedi recensione completa

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I like how easy it was to use for my team of employees with different skill sets within our organization! It has helped us stay focused in order to achieve success both at work as well as personally outside of work hours!! We have been able help keep everyone accountable by using this software throughout each month we meet together during monthly check ins or just general meetings if needed. Nothing so far but would love more features/tools included such as creating custom reports which could be shared easily between peers who might not all know what they're looking over when reviewing other's progress. Have used Culture Easy since beginning working here about 1 year ago now.Vedi recensione completa

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Lysol Bleach Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner

Good morning! If you need to clean something from plaque and rust, take anything but not this tool. The container itself with the product is blue, like the gel itself, it doesn’t clean anything at all, just hang it on the edges of the bathtub and toilet bowl and rinse off, you can use it as a fragrance for these rooms, nothing more. I didn’t see the result, I’ll say moreover that I didn’t expect it, since I bought this product in stores of a network called Svetofor. A tool for 34 rubles, what could you want from him? The manufacturer does not understand why it was released to the market of detergents and cleaners at all, and what is this active gel ?? Excuse me, this is not even a liquid gel, but the liquid water is blue For convenience, this is his nose! Vedi recensione completa

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I like how easy it was to use and navigate through. It's very user friendly and has all of your needs covered when using this software. There are few things i dislike about it. The customer service could be better in terms of speed and quality. They need more employees with technical knowledge. Also there should be an option for multiple users within one account so you don't have to log into each individual person's accounts separately if they used different computers or devices. This helped us keep track of our staff members, their hours worked as well as their billable time which we were able to calculate at the end of every month. Vedi recensione completa

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