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It's an easy way for my team to manage our portfolio of different types of projects. The ability to add notes is really nice too. I wish there was more reporting options available in order to find trends or patterns within portfolios so we can make better decisions about what work to do next and which ones not to. We're able to track all of our various projects and have them organized into portfolios so that they can be monitored along with other similar type projects. This allows us to easily see how much time has been spent working on each individual item and also gives us a good idea as to where we need to focus our attention next. Vedi recensione completa

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Scissors Taotree Multipurpose Comfort Grip Stainless

Good day to all friends and guests of the site . There is already very little left and the school year will end and the long-awaited vacations will begin, and in September school will start again and my second child will also go to school. I have already started small purchases for the school, these are mainly office goods, and the first thing my daughter asked me to go to school for these scissors. For my daughter I chose simple, bright scissors especially for the office. Material - steel and plastic. Producer - China. Small and neat scissors, very light in weight and there are no difficulties when working with them, as they cut paper, cardboard and not only well, they even tried fabric and everything is fine too. On the steel itself there is also a small ruler of five centimeters, but it is somehow not located correctly, because if you want to use scissors for the place of the ruler, you will have to draw a line under the scissors, which will not be convenient for the child, this is not for us adults how much, but for children, yes, it is difficult. Other than that, my daughter loves it and is happy with it. And I recommend buying. Thank you all for your attention to my review. Vedi recensione completa

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The ability to create boards with multiple columns (i.e. lists) really helps when you are trying to organize your tasks in an efficient way! There isn't too much I dislike about this tool yet but it would be helpful if there were more board layouts that could be used as well. We primarily use this software for our team's project planning where we can break down each of our projects into smaller subcategories and assign them individual boards. It makes things easier than having all of these tasks in one place so we don't have to search through several different places throughout our office just to find what we need. Vedi recensione completa

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I love how easy it is to create campaigns, track results & get insights into your customers' behavior! It's not as robust or feature-rich as some of our competitors (eCommerce Marketing Platforms) but that doesn't mean we can just ignore them - they're still very useful for basic marketing needs. We use this tool primarily because their team has been super helpful in solving any issues with shipping/delivery related questions from my account manager at Shopify Plus. They've also helped us set up custom fields so now when someone orders an item through ShipStation there are additional columns showing what was purchased specifically by each customer which helps me see trends more easily than before.Vedi recensione completa

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Internet Dispatcher

The ability to use the software in conjunction with our ETA/ETA2 system gives us the ability to do some really cool things like have an employee pick up a package from a customer's house and deliver it to another location. I wish it would be able to handle a lot of packages at once so we could get them all out in one day instead of having to spread them out over several days. It works great when a new shipment comes in and we can't immediately dispatch it. We can easily pull info off of the tracking number and then send an email to the customer letting them know their package has been delivered.Vedi recensione completa

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The best part of this app is that it's very easy to use as well - all you have to do after downloading/installing and enabling your phone number from their website in order to get started with using city slim! I like everything about cityslim so far including how they are constantly improving and adding more features over time which makes me happy since i'm always looking forward into what new update comes out next or maybe even better than previous one :) This has helped my business immensely by increasing our sales drastically without having any extra expenses incurred aside form providing good service at an affordable price range compared to competitors such us UberEATS etc.,. Vedi recensione completa

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Crochet Hooks Crochet Kit Crochet Accessories Crochet Needle Ergonomic Crochet Hook Set

Good day! Winter is coming and I wanted to knit myself a warm snood scarf, which is now very popular. Having bought a suitable yarn, I did not forget about the hook. I knitted with such a thick hook for the first time and was pleasantly surprised. The hook is metal with a special coating, it holds well in the hand, does not slip, it is convenient to hold and knit, it does not cling to the yarn. Here it is my assistant: The pattern lays down exactly: Of course, I am a beginner in knitting, but I can safely advise both beginners and professionals in knitting to choose Gamma hooks for knitting warm clothes. With them, the knitting process will turn into a real pleasure! Vedi recensione completa

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I like how simple it makes creating goals really easy for our sales team to complete their tasks each day! It would be great if you could set up custom fields or checkbox options with more detail than what's available out-of-the box! Also having all my objectives together into one place helps me stay organized when setting them as well, which saves time throughout the week especially since they are there already within another tool that takes some work just looking at multiple different sheets. Being able to update/edit those same goals from anywhere using mobile devices allows us so much flexibility while traveling through events such as trade shows where we need access even outside of normal business hours.Vedi recensione completa

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BetyBedy Knitting Carbonized 2 0Mm 10 0Mm Handmade

Those who knit do not have many knitting needles. I bought bamboo knitting needles, most of all guided by their appearance. I thought how nice they would look in a knitting basket))) Then I started knitting and realized that working with such a tool is a pleasure. To begin with, this is a natural material with its warmth and charm. Wood is always nicer, more alive to the touch than iron or plastic. The needles are well machined, there are no notches. But there is no super-smoothness either, for lovers of knitting a tight, dense fabric, it is better to choose slippery polished metal. The working tips are quite sharp and thin, they catch loops well. On the other end, each spoke has a limiter and a mark on its thickness. This is convenient when there is a whole bunch of different-sized knitting needles in the house. Since bamboo needles are beige, they work well with dark threads. On their light background, the loops are more clearly visible, it is easier for the eyes. Bamboo knitting needles also have a drawback - they are quite fragile, they cannot be compared with metal. If you forget, it used to be, knitting on the sofa and one of the household flops without understanding, the most unpleasant thing that will happen is bent knitting needles. Bamboo in this case will definitely break, so I became more careful))) I was very pleased to work with bamboo knitting needles, I advise both beginners and experienced knitters to try it. Vedi recensione completa

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Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Smart Countdown Pregnancy & Maternity in Family Planning Tests

I bought this test in addition to the usual pregnancy strip test, as it was very interesting to compare my guesses about the timing of my long-awaited pregnancy with the real result. Here's what the packaging looks like: Inside there is an instruction how to carry out the test. I chose the same method as when conducting a regular test. And here is the test itself. There is a sampler under the blue cap. You don't need to press anything. After carrying out the procedure known to women, within a minute, confirmation or denial of pregnancy (plus or minus) will first appear on the screen. You have to wait a little while the test determines the gestational age. An hourglass icon will appear on the left side of the screen. Waiting will not take much time - also within a minute. I remember that for me then these minutes of measurements seemed very long! I really wanted to see the exciting result as soon as possible! And this is how the result of pregnancy terms is reflected on the screen: The numbers represent weeks. The test gives "acceleration" per week, that is, 1-2,2-3 or 3-4 weeks. I liked the test! The price is around 200 rubles. Of course, you can do without it, but not every day in a woman's life pregnancy happens, so I think you can treat yourself and your husband to it! Vedi recensione completa

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