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It's almost impossible to find anyone willing to give you help if something goes wrong. The product has too many downsides that no one wants to talk about. I've used other products of this nature before but they were way better. There are much better alternatives out there. I highly recommend avoidiVedi recensione completa

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I like that this software allows me to set up my own hours for each day so it's easy to adjust when needed. It also has helpful tools to help ensure all scheduled time is completed successfully (such as reminders). This program does not have a mobile app which would be nice if you were out in publicVedi recensione completa

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Easy time clock entry as well as easy attendance data storage/tracking is great! It's simple but also very user friendly with lots of useful features including multiple departments which I like a lot. A little confusing at times when entering your access code it will ask you if you need your passworVedi recensione completa

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I love how it allows me to create my own templates, assign hours for each job within an organization so that when time comes up they can be easily entered into their system without having any issues from someone not knowing what was supposed to have been done. The only issue is with being able get tVedi recensione completa

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I like that it's very customizable to fit our business needs! We are able to customize reports so we can see exactly what we need when needed without having too many options or tools available at one view point in order to be useful. It would help if there was more training provided as well; this doVedi recensione completa

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The best part I like about this service provider's team was their attitude to help me find issues quickly so that they could fix those asap without my delay! Nothing too much from them though except great customer services!! This can be helpful even when people are looking up or finding more informaVedi recensione completa

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I like that it has an easy drag & drop feature, so there's no manual work involved while designing my own website or eCommerce store which helps me save time! Sometimes you can't find what exactly your customers would want from certain design elements of websites (like header colors). This tool willVedi recensione completa

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The features are very simple but extremely effective for large teams or projects in which there may be multiple contributors who don't know each other at all! It's really easy to use once you understand its principles of operation (the video tutorials do an amazing job explaining this). I'm not too Vedi recensione completa

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The best thing about ping pad was that I could access it from anywhere, even while working offline! It also integrated well with other tools like Trello but unfortunately they didn't support its development anymore as of now :( So we had no option than migrating our workflows back into slack itself Vedi recensione completa

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The ability for me, as an individual in my business, to be able to create graphics without having any prior knowledge of graphic design software! I have used other programs but they were not user friendly or allowed flexibility with images such as sizing them down so smaller versions could fit into Vedi recensione completa

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The software allows you to keep track of all your projects, including scheduling them in advance with ease! I can't think what else there really would be that i dislike about this piece o' work- it's great!! There are so many other programs out their which offer similar features but nothing beats coVedi recensione completa

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I like that it is very customizable so you can set up your own workflows as well if needed or wanted! It's easy enough but not too simple where there isn't much thought put into how things are done in terms of adding features/functionality (which could be helpful). They have added new functionality Vedi recensione completa

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I like that it's very user friendly with many options for customization in terms of how you want your process set up as well as what kind or style file types can be used when working together online via our internal network at my organization called "The Cloud". It has helped me streamline some manuVedi recensione completa

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The customer service team has always gone above & beyond! They really care about my business which makes me think that they are here because of their love not just money (haha). I have never had any issues or concerns when it comes time/money transfers from ACH in regards purchasing equipment througVedi recensione completa

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I like how this software can be used to help solve problems with emails, calendar management etc. It's easy enough for my colleagues who are not tech savvy as well. The UI could have been better but it was good overall. Nothing atm! We're currently looking into other solutions which we will probablyVedi recensione completa

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I like that it runs through several processes at once - so we don't have much downtime waiting between things! There are some other products where they're all one big monolith, but not this product which is very modular/easy extensibility-wise (which was nice). Also makes monitoring of servers with Vedi recensione completa

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The dashboard is easy for me as an admin, I can easily manage everything from one place. It's not bad at all but it has some minor bugs that need fixing. They should offer more features like adding multiple domains or subdomains so they could expand their reach in SEO world. If u're looking forward Vedi recensione completa

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The ability to manage multiple devices from one console was very helpful when we needed it most. Sometimes there were issues with connectivity but that's because I believe they are improving their product every day. A lot has been improved since our previous version so this program definitely deservVedi recensione completa

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I like it's easy to use for small companies as well but still has all of your accounting features if you need them! The interface is not always clear so sometimes when i'm looking at something in my database or data entry form that should be there - its missing somewhere else (especially since we'reVedi recensione completa

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I like that you can move blocks around in any way to make your designs, but it also has some more basic features such as sizing of items which is great if you're just starting out. Some things are hard to find so be prepared! For example I couldn't find a button that would let me rotate an item 90 dVedi recensione completa

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