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EstonianGood day revainers the exchange I'll be discussing today is B2BX. The Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit has a regulated cryptocurrency platform for trading. This is a very good exchange which accepts crypto asset as well as fiat. B2bx is also a decentralized exchange. One good thing about this exchange I like about this exchange is that the security protocol here is topnotch. And they are legally regulated. This exchange also has about 26 trading pairs and volume of about 10 million. B2bx exchange is also fast, reliable, efficient and can be ready recommended. This exchange also has a nice interface and it is user friendly. IThis Another thing to note here is that they accept fist in united state dollar, great Britain pounds. I can recommend this exchange but also make your own research before putting funds.Good day revainers the exchange I'll be discussing today is B2BX. The Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit has a regulated cryptocurrency platform for tradレビュー全文を見る



Good day everyone on this platform. The crypto exchange I'm going to be giving a review on is Alterdice. Alterdice is a centralized exchange that started in 2018, has a spot market where you can trade with more than thirty crypto asset. The trading fees in alterdice is very high unlike other exchanges. Alterdice provides a demo account to practice and gets to understand the platform. They also have up to hundred trading pairs and volume of twenty one million. The design of the interface is quite good and unique and it also gives a complex graphics for expert who are accustomed to the exchange, there is also a list of cryptocurrencies which its accept. Alterdice security is topnotch and worthy of emulation, has a double form of security and has a data back up system on its servers. Alterdice is fast, effective and reliable with simple features which makes it user friendly. Although I noticed they only have an app on android but not on iOS. But the exchange is good.レビュー全文を見る


N. Exchange

good day to everyone. the crypto currency exchange platform i will be talking about is called n. exchange N dot exchange has an effective and efficient platform where traders and N dot exchange is based on england, this exchange has a well design interface which is easy to use . N dot exchange also supports fiat currencies like USD and EUR where users Can buy and sell cryptocurrencies. One thing I like about this exchange is the speed at which it execute transactions. N dot exchanges offers users multiple cryptocurrencies to choose from. Another thing i noticed about N dot exchanges was that the exchange has a high trading fee of about 0.5% for traders, and this was very disappointing because users won't pick a high trading fee over a low one, and this is not good for an exchange because it will drive potential traders away. The customer service at n dot exchanges is relatively slow but they are guaranteed. レビュー全文を見る


Midas Investment

Midas Investment is a fast and reliable exchange platform which was founded in 2018. It allows users buy, sell, deposit fiat and earn coin fast and effectively. This exchange is based in russia. Personally i have not encountered any issues with the Exchange since when I signed up. At first it was difficult to understand but continuous using of the exchange you will get familiar to its interface and and it will get easier to use. Midas investment supports more than fifty different coins which allows traders to invest in any coin of their choice. It is always advisable to do your own research though. Their customer service is recommendable as they are quite fast in dressing customer complaints. Midas investment is fast, reliable and effective but not very popular. My advise to people using this exchange is to be very cautious and have full information before going into this exchange. Above all it is a good exchange.レビュー全文を見る



CoinDCX is a fast and reliable exchange established in India on 7 April 2018, the exchange can be used to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. CoinDCX is an amazing exchange and a few of those that has a working mobile application that makes transactions and trading easier you don't also need a digital wallet to access and trade. Compare to other exchanges, I can confirm the easiness in investment procedures and other aspect. Although this exchange has KYC which i find very strenuous and to sign up to have to go through a long list of long processes which is tiring. This Exchange has over 123 trading pairs and volume of more than two million. The exchange also accept fiat currency also accept bank transfer. Another noticeable thing was that before I could withdraw my Bitcoin I had to pay 0.001 per Bitcoin. It is also a decentralized exchange, what I also like about exchange is the speed at which you can buy and sell cryptos. The security in the exchange is very good so no need to レビュー全文を見る



As the cryptocurrency industry continue to grow everyday, the number of platforms that provides different innovations is getting bigger. One of these high rising platforms is BAKKT. BAKKT is a platform that was created to allow traders to buy sell and store fiat or digital currency without any fear of loss. One of the goals and objectives of BAKKT is to increase efficiency and security of digital property. The platform was launched by the same company that initiated the New York Stock Exchange. BAKKT has the support and back up of big and huge companies, this step is taken to partner with big companies also helps the platform to gain popularity. BAKKT is a corporate exchange so for the time being I might not use it, however it can be trusted because of them parenting with large companies to gain their trust.レビュー全文を見る



It is regrettable that UPEX trading, launched in 2018, is not really a welcoming idea when customers think of trading. It is a regulated trade approved by the central bank of Bahrain. It might be advisable to use the mobile app, their platform has a very poor interface, not used friendly. UPEX trading is a decentralized trade that originated from the middle east. At inception, all controls were directed to the middle east. UPEX exchange has 48 trading pairs alongside 631 million USD as trading volume, going with these statistics, trading on their platform will be very strenuous. Trading on UPEX seems so impossible because you have to get a referrer which is also another problem. In conclusion, I didn't have a great time using the exchange.レビュー全文を見る



Bitseven exchange is a centralized exchange. It is a leverage trading platform where you can trade a couple of cryptocurrencies. The amount of trade that go on in this exchange is so small to give it a good and deep liquidity. The exchange has a simple and easy interface though the effectiveness is good but the website is dull. Some of the interesting features i like about this exchange is the numerous language at which you can select from so language barrier isn't a problem here. But there is something displeasing about this exchange, the exchange only allows you to deposit and withdraw in bitcoin which means you have to deposit in bitcoin and convert it to whatever token you want to trade. This trade can't be fully trusted because it has a low social media presence. My advise for you is that make your own thorough research before putting your funds in it.レビュー全文を見る


Trade has transform, many exchanges do more than just buying and selling of fiat and digital currencies. Producers has come up with exchange that offers divers option to traders. Some of them which can be used for storing of currencies like wallets, transaction payments and lot more. Xbond is setting the standard for other exchanges, although the exchange is still young so its not well known but it is very reliable and efficient and they give update and information through their various social media platforms where you can keep track of the latest trends. As good as this trade seem, I recommend you use it for instant trading. Peer to peer is not advisable here. If you're looking for information on the various currencies they support, you can login on their website, go to the dashboard, all the information are displayed there. Their platform is really easy to navigate to search for whatever you're looking for but more work needs to be done on their website. Aboレビュー全文を見る


ZT Exchange

ZT exchange is one of the fast rising exchange and it is indeed something to look out for. They are fast and reliable, also easy to use and very effective for daily trading. ZT exchange accept both fiat and crypto so as to carry everyone along. ZT exchange which originated from China but can be accessible from anywhere globally. ZT exchange has made it easy for everyone by having various languages already in store for you to pick any. When I was introduced to the exchange by a friend I was a bit skeptical at first but after using the exchange for a few transactions, I can say they are one of the best. This exchange has it all, a well construction platform, user friendly, low transaction fee but I think they are working on their social media platforms since no information has been passed across.レビュー全文を見る


ABIT is an exchange platform, it has a strong day to say activity that allows users perform well, they are not really popular and they are always on time to respond to users. ABIT is known for their high security protocol and they also have high liquidity for different countries. ABIT was founded in Australia, one thing I love about the company is that they show real time charts and recent market offers ABIT has trading market with support to more than 10 different tokens, where you can trade Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptos, have an improved website although they are not well known. Another thing to note is that, there are very secure, effective, fast and efficient and very easy to utilize. On this platform you can buy and sell crypto instantly which keeps you in charge of the digital world. Their network security is top notch, no need to worry about your investment. The product is also user friendly for easy and effective usage. With this platform youレビュー全文を見る

bdc consultingロゴ

BDC Consulting

BDC consulting provides user with marketing and consulting services. BDC consulting started since 2011, so far they have excelled in customer needs and feedback. The company main activity is consulting and implementing projects, gathering information, providing candid advise to public and private clients. BDC consulting is user friendly, has an excellent website design, has high level of customer service. The company has a team with over 148 years of experience in digital marketing, their research is top notch and they are one of the best in terms of consulting. If you're in need of a consulting agency I'll advise you go for BDC consulting. レビュー全文を見る


BinanceKR was launched on 2nd April 2020 in korea, which is a subsidiary of binance, its offered their users a crypto-to-crypto trading platform. It was stated on their website that all operations regarding this exchange has been closed starting from December 23rd 2020, lasting for only eight months. It was also stated that the reason for closure was due to low trading volume of its BKRW trading pairs and low use of exchange. Agticeeforuseusers.  Termination of all trading services took effect on January 10 2021, while delisting of all BKRW pairs followed on January 29 2021ailure to heed to the above deadlines might result in trades losing their digital currencies. y advise will be to steer clear from this exchange.レビュー全文を見る

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