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Věra FilipováによるUAG Designed For IPhone 11 [6のレビュー

My favorite and most used case for iPhone


The cases for iPhones are necessary thing to own and it is important to choose wisely - check the materials, shape, lining etc. The price is also important. I have tried many cases and I have been switching them one for another eventually but my first buy and most used case was from UAG. The product from UAG are high quality projects. It is better to use plastic made than leather made cases. The UAG case fits perfectly, it covers from back to the side. For years it has held my iPhone safe. I have tested the case in many falls of the phone in the past years. For the set price is a really good buy which I would recommend to everybody who own iPhone. It is quite coincidence that my first buy was the best one.

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  • best fit
  • hard enough
  • covers well
  • no


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8月 31, 2022
I am glad that there is a review for the Apple accessories. The case is one of the first to buy alongside your iPhone. I have never heard about the UAG case but I will definitely try it.