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Věra FilipováによるTrezor One Cryptocurrency Protection Includingのレビュー

The best hardware wallet in the market


First of all let me start with explanation that I am proud that the Trezor by SatoshiLabs is made in the small country Czech Republic without any huge marketing and it is focusing more on development than sales (always a good sign). We are now in really difficult times where crypto is tanking, lot of hacks, falling of big exchanges such as FTX but still there is a hope that eventually all of these will be flushed away and we will change the course to the surge and we will see BTC in 60 000 USD again. How to avoid further losses? In the meantime it is very crucial how you will secure your crypto (at least this can help but not the price). As we can see from recent events it is not so much great solution to pass the custody of your crypto coins to some company (exchange or others). It is always best solution to use your own wallet and to control your private keys on your own. But which wallet to use? It is quite convenient to use the hot wallet which is for example installed in your browser or on your mobile phone but you are sacrificing security for convenience. I would rather choose more secure options which is hardware wallet. There are plenty of hardware wallets on the market so it is quite hard to chose the right one. For me personally I would suggest to look for the solutions which are proved by time, that means which are on the market for longer period of time and are without any issue. Take for example Ledger as one of the long standing solution. The issue is that the company was hacked and information about customers were leaked. On the other hand - Trezor or SatoshiLabs were never hacked, no information were leaked and there is no problem at all (at least I am aware of). They are improving their solution with recent updates and pushing for the development. They have two options of the hardware wallet Model One and Model T. I would prefer Model One as it is cheaper and actually more convenient (smaller, for me also easier to navigate as it is better to use the PIN on the Suite than on the display of the wallet). The software - the Suite - is great, the whole project is open source, easy to understand and navigate. There are lot of options in settings. You can use your own node which I strongly suggest (as they call "trust but verify").

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There is a great opportunity as I have checked today that Model One has 30 % discount as there is Black Friday sale. I have never seen it for such low price. This is the best spared money you can have right now.

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  • secure
  • cheap
  • great development
  • great custody
  • could have more of them :)

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11月 29, 2022
I have done the review for seed backup by Keystone. This one is worth to check if you wish. These are crucial times for hardware wallets. I like the Trezor as being somehow ethalon and compering it to others such as Ledger, Keystone, SafePal.