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The ease of creating pages with their drag & drop editor makes it very easy for new users like myself who don't have much experience in website creation. There are many options available and you can easily customize almost anything that needs customization from fonts to colors or even layout changes as well! I love how customizable this software really is. It's not too difficult at all but if there was more information provided about some features we would need additional training before using them so they could be explained better. If someone just wants something simple then go ahead because maybe one page will do it. However if you want something complex which has multiple pages/sections etc., perhaps get other people involved since its easier having several minds working together instead of only 1 person doing everything themselves. We use floccampsite primarily as our membership management platform where we manage events such as birthday parties, family reunions and weddings.전체 리뷰보기

straight electric clipper scissors livestocktool 로고

Straight Electric Clipper Scissors Livestocktool

Update. They helped me get it back in this attempt. Thanks very much! I tried to return because they DO NOT FIT and I emailed them after I started returning them and they never responded. very disappointed with customer service.전체 리뷰보기

kaytee supreme bird food parrots 로고

Kaytee Supreme Bird Food Parrots

After reading all the reviews on here about moths I decided to order anyway as my sunny kennel loves kaytee seeds and regular forti -Diet always adds less sunflower when I order it. I put the bag in the freezer for a full week immediately upon delivery to ensure anything living or growing in it would die. When I opened the bag a week later, I was horrified and completely outraged by what I saw. the membranes. all together with the inner lining of the bag. Rough. This proves that there is definitely some kind of infestation in the bag. However, after a week in the freezer, how can I be sure that what grew in it is dead? I can't be 100% so now I have to throw it in the trash and get $15. I am adding pictures to show the straps. Such inferior bird seed should never be sent to customers. UPDATE: Petco refunded me in full which was the seller and they asked for the numbers on the package to see which factory made it and agreed it was unacceptable and promised to clear up.전체 리뷰보기

cool runners hugging constricting agility 로고

Cool Runners Hugging Constricting Agility

Good tunnel holders

Was looking for inexpensive agility tunnel sandbags for my dogs. So far I like them very much. .- They are not difficult to fill at all - find the manufacturer's website and follow the instructions. Short version: put a plastic bag in, fill the bag, tie it more difficult to put a plastic bag in the compartment, if you really have big hands). See how well the grips hold up to 25 pounds of sand (recommended max) over time. I didn't think it would hold up, but tucking the bags into the bottom of the tunnel well, the ends of the tunnel were rock solid for multiple passages through each of my small to medium sized dogs - even with the bags stretched out a bit. - The harness doesn't compress the tunnel, nothing to enter or snag - I don't see any safety issues. So far I've only used mine on grass - they also can't stay in place on other surfaces - like artificial grass (which is inherently slippery). If you have big dogs that hit the tunnel entrance like a ton of bricks, you probably need something heavier. But for small to medium sized dogs or "more sensible" sized dogs, this is a good deal.전체 리뷰보기

babyltrl adjustable training comfort release 로고

BABYLTRL Adjustable Training Comfort Release

Well made collar!

Very pleasantly surprised by the quality of this collar! Delivery was very fast and came with 2 extra links and extra rubber tips. The links are very thick and heavy, comparable to Herm Sprenger 3.25mm links. You can take them apart by hand if you have good hand strength, but it's difficult and that's a good thing! Seems very safe. The ends of the tines that touch the neck are beveled and smooth very well, you don't even need the rubber tips provided unless your dog has a metal allergy, but they glide on very easily and hold securely. Given the durability of the links, double loop closure and locking plastic quick release buckle, I find it safe enough for even very large breeds (I've used it on a 140lb St. Bernard), although I always recommend using a backup, like a carabiner for added security. The only caveat is that the collar doesn't have the martingale action that gives the standard collar correction an edge, but instead works under pressure. This makes it the best tool for sensitive dogs or for maintaining manners in dogs that have already been trained to wear a spiked collar. Stubborn dogs may need a collar with a sharper correction. Overall a very strong collar, very easy to put on and take off and a good option for most dogs!전체 리뷰보기

eqyss premier spray marigold scent 로고

Eqyss Premier Spray Marigold Scent

Why did EQYSS change the formula? EQYSS used a mixture of calendula, which was excellent as a mosquito repellent. We sprayed it on our five long haired dogs. The mosquitoes hovered about a foot above the dogs but did not land. I have also used it on myself. Why did EQYSS discontinue this product? I bought mosquito repellent from a local saddle shop in 2002 as it was made for horses, but it was recommended to me by a pack owner who also used it on her dogs. The 2019 product smells nice but I'm not sure of its purpose. If it's designed to repel dirt, it doesn't do the job very well.전체 리뷰보기

zenport z116 trimming twin blade 7 5 inch 로고

Zenport Z116 Trimming Twin Blade 7 5 Inch

Good product!

I think nobody has to cut branches! Bought it for our goat hooves (hadn't used it for that yet) but ran into some problems over Christmas trying to trim larger branches. Nothing worked and the branch broke or the tree trimmer happened to be still on the counter so we tried them and they worked better than all of our more expensive clippers.전체 리뷰보기

puppia blake harness navy m 로고

Puppia Blake Harness Navy M

pink not tan

People keep confusing my male with a girl because the harness looks pink. It doesn't matter, but it just doesn't look like what I expected. Although the quality is always the same.전체 리뷰보기

flukers bamboo bars reptile enclosures 로고

Flukers Bamboo Bars Reptile Enclosures

OK article.

I've been making this for years with bamboo cut to aquarium size and with suction cups on the end. I saw these and decided to try them. I like them but the suction cups are not very good. They stay for a few weeks and then fall off. If 2 of my geckos try to climb it at the same time, they will fall too. Luckily we only go in one direction. I bought the best suction cups at Walmart, placed them underneath and stacked them on top of each other and now they stay. I also wish they were about an inch longer, which weighs on the bets. It's overpriced for what you get and I'm worried the nib will rust if it gets wet. You are also limited by the length of how you place them. I leave them where they are, but I leave mine at home.전체 리뷰보기

tropiclean flea tick repellent collar 로고

TropiClean Flea Tick Repellent Collar

Great idea.

. Not sure if it works, although it might! (We will never go back to "poison flea and tick collars" - we did this last year and our cat had a horrific reaction that took months to recover from.) We don't live in a heavily flea infested country Area. . Our cats are fine, no signs of ticks or fleas. Most importantly, none of our three cats who used this collar had any major reactions. That's a relief. We use essential oils for ourselves, so we are already convinced of their effectiveness. It's been over 2 months since they were added to our favorites, so maybe it's working! We would buy again.전체 리뷰보기

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